MADD vs Libertarians at NH Senate Hearing on Prohibiting DUI Checkpoints

HB 1283 would prohibit DUI checkpoints in NH. It has already passed the house. This is full video of the senate judiciary hearing on the bill, featuring libertarian rebuttals to the head of Mothers Against Drunk Driving!

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  1. I believe these checkpoints work. I’m sure the bill will be repealed when a drunk driver smashes into a vehicle full of teenagers and kills them. Even one drunk driver taken off the road can mean the difference between a tragedy and public safety.

  2. You repeal a law, Jacks. Not a bill. You’re never one to come in here prepared, now are you?

    That said Jacks, checkpoints are very effective – at least when they’re used by our heroes-in-blue for catching drivers with lapsed vehicle registrations or the like. But not so much for catching impaired drivers as it turns out. Take a look at Chicago, for instance.

    Oh, and by the way Jacks, don’t you think it’s especially dishonest for our heroes to be calling these things “DUI Checkpoints,” when motor vehicle citations make up over 95% of the violations? Maybe they should be renamed to something that more accurately describes their purpose? “Fourth Amendment Exception Zones” has a nice ring to it. No? How about “Laviishly Generous Overtime Pay For Our Heroes-in-Blue Zones?” Too long? What do you think, Jacks?

  3. fucking stone didnt show up for the Senate hearing of this bill… the guy standing in for him so far, seems to represent poorly mo

  4. they should eliminate the senate… there’s less of them and they win sometimes..they arent better… they think they are better.. they are just jamokes just like the reps… what is the point of them

  5. im at the point where the lady from Connecticut is telling how to do things..i guess she took the time to ferret out this bill and come to nh and save us.. i wish i had gone…because so far its worse than listening to trolly car wheels screech…shoot me now.. someone

  6. well ian did very well,its too bad he had to counteract all the tediousness before him.. Ian did real good..i hope he made the congress people look more soberly at it . Dan Haynes did good too..

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  9. It’s sad how few people turned out to advocate for this bill. There are a lot of people protesting against these checkpoints and the cops are expert manipulators and emotional pleas from arrogant and manipulative persons are hard to avoid. Most people are emotional rather than rational logical folk. They’ll shoot themselves in the foot even if you want them of the danger.

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