“Fuck You, Feds!” – Pro Independence Manchester NH Senate Candidate at 420 Rally

Carla Gericke, recently profiled along with me in a detailed piece by NHPR, made an appearance with me and other liberty activists yesterday at the annual Concord, NH 420 rally.

Carla’s the former president of the Free State Project and the current president of the Foundation for New Hampshire Independence, an outreach group that promotes New Hampshire’s peaceful exit from the United States. She didn’t hold back in her short-but-sweet speech at the 420 celebration at the state house steps, telling the federal government, “Fuck you”, as she announced her second attempt at running as a “pro-gun, anti-war” republican for the Manchester NH senate seat against a longtime incumbent democrat.

In the video, I also included the full video of her longer speech from 2017, since last year’s coverage only included highlights and I dropped the ball on finishing production of the full speeches. Here are both of Carla’s excellent speeches from 2018 and 2017’s 420 rallies at the Concord state house:

She looks great, by the way – you can really see a positive change in her between the two rallies. She told me she’s been off alcohol completely for six months – congrats!

More video is coming from other speakers at the rally, including the triumphant return of Rich Paul to the rally he created, so do subscribe to the Free Keene Youtube channel for the latest.

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  1. Too funny. You have one of the biggest alcoholic losers in New Hampshire. Triumphant return of “Rich Paul”? He couldn’t make it in Michigan so he slithered back to NH. By the way no one would vote for her but enjoy the delusions marijuana provides.


  2. You know Jacks, your busybodying would be much more impactful if you didn’t rely so much on making personal attacks.

    Oh, and Jacks? Did you know that marijuana users are likely to have higher than average IQs? Scary, huh?

  3. Jumping Jacks: Nobody cares about your pathetic attacks. Give it up already.

  4. Ohh- and great speech Carla! While I won’t be able to vote for you as a Keene resident I firmly support your run.

  5. Don’t be too harsh on our dear friend Jacks here, fff. You see, Jacks feels he’s justified in his behavior because he continually operates under the presumption that everyone who disagrees with him is a bad person. This allows Jacks to safely condemn his rivals while at the same time excusing him of any intellectual responsibility. Isn’t that neat?

  6. Jacks honey, had you actually taken the time to read the article you posted (instead of just glancing at the headline), you would have found out that the results of the study published in PNAS (2013) determined that test subjects who had indulged in recreational cannabis use while they were teenagers showed no statistically significant declines in their arithmetic and other non-verbal intelligence scores when they were tested again twenty years later. And as for their diminished verbal scores? That might have been due to the fact that the test subjects were out of practice taking vocabulary and spelling exams. Anyway, thanks for making my argument for me, pookums! I just knew I could count on you!

  7. I’d like some answers about your site’s relationship with Chris Cantwell.
    So years ago, Christopher Cantwell claims he’s a Libertarian and moves to New Hampshire.
    He’s got a long list of prior convictions, including possession of stolen property,
    DWI. He worked as a landscaper in Long Island. No college education. He made violent threats to his parents
    when he was living at home into his thirties.
    He’s already spent time in jail. So he moves to Keene, where this psychopath
    is instantly embraced by other Libertarians in Keene. Never mind that he fits
    the profile of an Agent Provacateur (Hal Turner, anyone?). No one asks any questions,
    but instead he’s promoted by the Keene folks on You Tube, radio and so forth. Cantwell
    appears on national TV as part of a segment on the Colbert report. I can understand now why
    you don’t want to talk about him, but really. Don’t you guys ever ask any questions like
    “Who is this guy?” Now, Cantwell says he’s an FBI informant, but chances are he was already
    one when he moved to Keene. And his internet radio show now is very much like Hal Turner’s.
    What you have to say about all this?

  8. If you had bothered to do more research instead of concern trolling you would know that Ian’s addressed the issue of Cantwell on the Free Keene site in the past.

  9. Don’t panic, Jacks. The world you knew isn’t really that much different just because you know the truth now.

  10. So, Steven my dear. Did you know that Andrea Parkhurst Whitcomb’s dear husband Gregg pled guilty to check fraud in 2013? I for one would like to know why he thought that writing bad checks was a sound action plan? It’s not like he couldn’t be an adult and try to persuade his debtors to give him more time to pay, now is it? Maybe you could run along and ask him what was going through his head at the time? Let me know what you find out!

  11. What’s the matter Steven my dear? You don’t need more time to finish interviewing our dear friend Gregg, now do you sweetie?

  12. I finished my degree, Jumping Jacks, you idiot.

    Why would I stay in Michigan after that?

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