Rich Paul’s Triumphant Return to the 420 Rally He Created

In 2010, Rich Paul founded the yearly mass civil disobedience event on April 20th in front of the state house steps in Concord where cannabis users come to toke up in full public view. After taking a year off from activism in New Hampshire, he has returned to retake his role as the emcee of the well-attended rally where thus far, no one has ever been arrested. Here are some highlights from his speeches at last week’s 420 celebration:

Smoke ’em if you got ’em!

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  1. “Rich Paul’s triumphant return”? That is quite amusing. He failed as a taxi driver in Michigan and has now come back to Keene because his dysfunctional life and trying to be a thug for freekeene resides there. He more than likely left Keene because he had some charges against him and now the statute of limitations has kicked in and he doesn’t have to face those charges. You know, the same thing Derrick Horton and Ademo did a couple of years ago. Of course Ademo just got himself into major trouble transporting a lot of weed across state lines. Yeah, it looks like the little rascals are back in town. I’m sure it won’t be long and the arrests will come.

  2. Oh Jacks, you’re just so adorable! You’re not still yentering on about harmless little old Rich, now are you? After all, it’s not like Rich’s argument isn’t very convincing. Why there’s already thirty states (and the District of Columbia) who have already broadly legalized cannabis use in some form or other. Clearly, the marketplace of ideas is siding with personal freedom these days and there’s nothing you can do about it but sit back and watch. You like to watch, don’t you Jacks?

  3. Rich Paul is back in town? I was wondering what that smell was.

  4. How do you know he failed as a taxi driver? I don’t use marijuana but I am more than happy to allow people to own their own lives, which is what this protest is about. It is important to me that the government stop thinking they know better than my myself what is good for me or not. And I will never use marijuana or any drug, but that’s my choice and not the governments. Rich Paul is not smoking pot in my house, so I have absolutely no problem with him, other than appreciating him reminding us that the government would like to entrude in our lives.

  5. But David, Jacks knows what’s best for everyone as well. Just ask him.

  6. Mr. Paul when can we meet up? Dracoff said we should. Why don’t you get in touch with him so we can all get together? Wouldn’t that be fantastic?

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