Video of Insane Militarized Police State Response to Alleged Armed Man in Keene Home

A few weeks ago in Keene there was a standoff in West Keene to which dozens of cops and state police responded. They brought out the BEARCAT, MRAP, a bomb robot, all kinds of cruisers and trucks, and apparently every state cop from all over – in full camouflage, plus Keene police and Cheshire Sheriffs.

What was this tremendous militarized response regarding (at who knows what taxpayer cost)? A man who’d allegedly brandished and fired a weapon, according to the Keene Sentinel. That’s it.

Luckily independent journalist Vincent Freeman of Shire Free Media was on-the-scene and captured video of the militarized police state insanity. Overreaction? You decide.

To their credit, the cops didn’t hurt the man in the home this time, but they didn’t need to respond like this. This is a scary level of police militarization and very dangerous to liberty.

Think this was the first time something like this has happened in Keene? Think again. In 2012 police had a similarly ridiculous response to an even less-threatening domestic incident in West Keene where a man stormed off into the woods while armed. Oh and don’t forget the lockdown of part of Downtown prior to that in 2010 over an abandoned backpack full of beer. More recently, who could forget the ridiculous response to the Pumpkinfest Riots the police created in the first place by raiding peaceful day parties.

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  1. There you have it. Last year Ian was trying to convince me that the so-called free state isn’t a police state. Really? If I had stayed in New Hampshire, I’d probably be in a cage or dead right now for peaceful activism.

  2. Ian playing Monday morning quarterback again. The guy fired two shots at some people. How do you think the PD is going to respond? Those bearcats have saved countless officer and civilian lives. Obviously you don’t do your homework Ian. If you think you know better then the PD, why don’t you join up and show them how you think it should be done. You talk a good game but you don’t have the balls to follow through. I believe you would call it education. By the way, no one cares you pay taxes to support the bear cat. If you pay at all.

  3. Jacks do you have anything to back up all the bullshit you typed out? Did a bearcat save the women and children who were burned alive in Waco after the ATF set the compound ablaze? And David the entire country (and planet) is a prison, New Hampshire’s wardens just decided to give the inmates a little bit more leeway and freedom than other places.

  4. Very true about the entire world being a prison, Vincent. There are many other places that are safer and have way more freedom than New Hampshire. It was a terrible choice for the Free State Project.

  5. Jacks isn’t particularly detail-oriented, I;’m afraid. That’s why he gets so many things wrong. He’s funny that way, isn’t he Vincent?

  6. well the bearcats r sitting there so…i doubt they will … sell them . though ive suggested it. i guess its ok to use em seein as they are there anyway……i do wish they were gone though; just for fear that such military stuff just makes a person more aggressive

  7. it does speak to the over spending on military stuff when there is so much that they have to get em to the police …i guess thats sorta the the usa with food too… so much just gets thrown away… because there is too much

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