NH Libertarian Camping Event “Forkfest” Launches Into Second Year, Runs Through Monday!

Liberty-oriented campers hanging out by the LRN.FM broadcast tent, Day One of Forkfest 2018

Liberty-oriented campers hanging out by the LRN.FM broadcast tent, Day One of Forkfest 2018

Forkfest 2018, the decentralized liberty camping event has started small but strong, kicking off yesterday at Roger’s Campground in the beautiful White Mountains of Lancaster, New Hampshire.

Like the first event last year, this year started slow on Thursday while many are still at work. By my estimates, more are here already this year than were here last year by this time. Not only that, the geographic variety of attendees is more pronounced. This year already has visitors from Lithuania and the United Kingdom as well as a couple from Virginia. Plus many others have indicated they intend to be here no later than Saturday.

What’s happening at Forkfest 2018? Good question! Parties, athletic events, a wedding, a letter-writing event for Ross Ulbricht, a Mesh Networking session, and others have been announced by various attendees. Of course, plenty of socializing and just hanging out by a campfire. There are already a couple of competing calendars that have popped up for attendees to use to promote whatever events they’re involved with. You can find those calendars via the unofficial Forkfest Forum.

Tavern Owner Laura Hardiman Poses with the Anypay App and Cryptocurrency-Loving Forkfest Attendees

Tavern Owner Laura Hardiman Poses with the Anypay App and Cryptocurrency-Loving Forkfest Attendees

If you’re in the area, come on up to Lancaster and join us. There are no tickets to Forkfest (and no organizers or board of directors)! Your only expenses to enjoy your time with other libertarians, voluntarists, and liberty-loving anarchists are your camping costs from Rogers Campground.

Or, stay in the hotel down the street, where the new hotel restaurant, ‘The Olde Bostonian Tavern & Grill” has started taking cryptocurrency including Bitcoin and DASH! A group of about ten of us went out to eat and several of us paid with crypto, mostly using DASH. The owner was super-excited to receive her first cryptocurrency transactions!

Forkfest continues through Monday the 18th and is expected to grow throughout the weekend. Of course, it’s not going to be the size of the fifteen year event that it was spawned from, the Porcupine Freedom Festival (aka Porcfest), which begins on Tuesday the 19th at noon and runs through Sunday the 25th

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  1. “Forkfest” Ian’s solution to being kicked out of porkfest. How was the owner of where you ate excited about receiving DASH for payment? I think the funniest is “Athletics” Rolling a joint isn’t an athletic sport Ian and carrying a picket sign isn’t either. I can’t wait for your next article about this event. I’d like to know how many people were there and of course you will add your usual inflated numbers.

  2. A bunch of liberty-loving folks going out camping really is a disgrace, isn’t it Jacks? But you know pookums, instead of grumbling about your rivals on Ian’s blog, maybe you could throw a picnic yourself and show these guttersnipes how these things are done? Invite our dear friends over at Stop Free Keene! I’m sure they wouldn’t miss that for the world – you being such a swell guy and all.

  3. Say Jacks, have you given that picnic idea of mine any thought yet? Just think of it! You could have BBQ’d ribs, potato salad, s’mores, and maybe even a small tofu spread for any of Stop Free Keene’s communists who decide to show up.Boy, that would really show Ian and his minions what’s what, wouldn’t it pookums?

  4. Say Jacks, do you know where the word “picnic” comes from? Apparently it’s from the French word “pique-nique.” No one seems to know where the French got it from though. It’s all quite a mystery. But they are a lot of fun, aren’t they pookums? You and our dear friends over at Stop Free Keene should get together and have one, don’t you think?

  5. Very cool. Porcfest needs a fork.

  6. You know Jacks, maybe after you’re finished whipping yourself into a frenzy scouring Yahoo Finance for bad news about Bitcoin, maybe you should consider inviting Ian and his minions over for that picnic we were talking about? You know, and let bygones be bygones? Now I know you’re still mad at him for all of this activism he loves so much, but I’m thinking a picnic might be just the thing to help you two bury the hatchet! Come on pookums, show everyone what a swell guy you are!

  7. The problem is jacks treats crypto currency as an investment rather than as a tool to conduct business. He assumes everybody is into crypto for a return on it as if it were an “investment”. After all everybody knows it’s not possible to use it as a currency! It’s just too unstable for that! No business would ever accept it either. And my numerous points about it reducing the transactional costs of doing business or lowering prices. Well, we’ll just ignore that.

  8. Jacks: Being conservative at least 2/3 of Porcfest attendees seem to be supportive of Ian Freeman and (probably closer to 8-9/10) aren’t happy about the FSP’s behavior in that regard. It’s not however the only thing that pushed things over the edge. Vendors have been fleeing for a number of years and many have boycotted Porcfest (not everyone knew about Somalia Fest last year nor about Forkfest this year). So attendance is way down, and more people are attending Forkfest instead than before. Most of the people who have moved to New Hampshire as part of the Free State Project would attribute it to Ian Freeman or something he’s directly responsible for such as Free Talk Live, etc! The FSP’s biggest mistake was distancing itself from Ian. Ian can recover from this. I don’t know about the FSP. The FSP has this idea that tiny shows with barely a radio station can somehow make up for the loss of the relationship between Free Talk Live and Porcfest. Reality check: it can’t. FTL is on 190 radio stations and all the other libertarian radio shows are at best on one or a small number of stations.

  9. It goes much deeper than that, fff. You see, Jacks is very uncomfortable with the idea of self-determination. He much prefers the regimentation that only bureaucracies can give him, and he sees his political rivals’ adoption of cryptocurrencies as a threat to that. It’s tragic, isn’t it?

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