Though Physically Caged, Ademo Freeman Remains Mentally Free

As many readers of are aware, Ademo Freeman’s physical body is now caged. His crime? Well, there is none, as ‘crime’ implies a violation of the law. Ademo did not do that — he did not cause harm to another person. He is, however, guilty of violating legalese — the arbitrary, convoluted dictates penned by some busy bodies and enforced by an unthinking chain of their colleagues.

As Ian Freeman wrote here on over 16 months ago:

Cop Block founder and Free Keene blogger Ademo Freeman has been arrested while driving in Lebanon, Ohio by Ohio State Police. Despite Ademo not consenting to a search, trooper Jeffrey Martin claimed that because he allegedly smelled the odor of cannabis, that he had probable cause to search.

After that road pirate interaction, in which over 20 pounds of cannabis were discovered in the vehicle Ademo was driving, he was threatened with the prospect of spending decades caged. After weighing his options, on April 10th of this year, Ademo took a plea deal. The ‘distribution’ charge hanging over his head was tossed and he pled guilty to possessing cannabis. He’s due to be free(r) on November 27th of this year.

During Ademo’s less-than 10 minute legal land appearance in April even Robert S. Fischer — the person donning a black robe that some refer to as ‘your honor’ — agreed with Ademo’s statement that he didn’t deserve to be in a cage. Sadly, Fischer acted otherwise and directed his colleagues to transport Ademo to exactly such a place. Yet the fact that enforcers of this legalese are speaking against it so matter-of-factly speaks volumes. Due to decades of pushback this senseless war on drugs / war on people / war on an individuals’ right to alter their conscience seems to be reaching its terminus.*

In a 2014 interview with Wired Edward Snowden said that we can end mass surveillance today — not through politics, but through use of encryption. It’s why I use the email service Tutanota and the smarthphone app Signal and find value in the site Yet, sending some love to Ademo, who I’ve shared many adventures with since we first met almost a decade ago, was worthy of a plain text exception.

So a couple weeks back I sent Ademo a letter. Knowing full well that his captors may help themselves to the prose, I was sure to include some content that I hoped would resonate with them. Not by being accusatory or demeaning but, akin to the tact taken at, by plainly recognizing and unpacking the structure and incentives of the system to which they currently lend their allegiance. To hopefully, in some small way, act as a bellows to the flame of their conscience and motivate internal reflection.

Last week I got a response from Ademo. He too took the opportunity to present his captors with a perspective to consider — a quote attributed to Gandhi on the envelope:

Despite his physical confinement, Ademo sounds like he’s a good place. He has been reading, working out, and not too surprising due to his outgoing personality, befriending others. Indeed, he’s been using the opportunity to grow, to better himself both physically and mentally. Indeed, a better response could not have been received.

If you have the time and interest to exchange some thoughts with Ademo there are two ways to go about it:

  1. Via email. Visit, create a profile, fund your account, and locate Ademo via his ID: A743397. Note that his birth name is Adam Mueller.
  2. Via snail mail. Send your letter to:

Adam Mueller #743397
Noble Correctional Institution
15708 McConnelsville Road
Caldwell, OH 43724

Ademo may be moved to a halfway house in the future. When that happens this post will be updated with his new address. UPDATE: Ademo is slated to be moved to a halfway house on July 10, 2018. Please do not send him mail to the address above. When his new mailing address is known it will be updated here.

It has been heartening to hear others, including Ian Freeman and Joshua Scott Hotchkin, have already written to Ademo. Thanks in advance to those of you who make the effort!



*The harm caused by people obeying draconian prohibitionist policies has not just harmed millions within the political boundaries of the U.S. but has had negative unintended consequences elsewhere. Consider just two examples: the 17+ year occupation of folks wearing U.S. flag-laden outfits in Afghanistan who seek to control opium production and distribution and the fact that in less than 10 years over 100,000 in Mexico have lost their lives as lucrative supply routes are fought over. Ted Galen Carpenter’s Bad Neighbor Policy goes more in-depth on this topic concerning Central and South America. For a broader look at the far-reaching, meddling impact of these DC-based criminals see William Blum’s Killing Hope.

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  1. Jacks, are you going to write a letter to Ademo? I’m sure he would really appreciate it.

  2. Ademo put himself in jail. Having 20lbs of marijuana is a crime. He could have been nailed for selling it and really spend some time behind bars. By the way Pete, yes, he did break the law. Not to mention Ademo took a plea agreement. Something he is always telling everyone not to do. He is a hypocrite and he should be on his knees thanking God he didn’t get more time. I’m sure he will be spending some times on his knees anyhow. HE was convicted of another felony. Now he has 5 or 6 felonies after his name. He’s a big time loser.

  3. Jacks, Jacks, Jacks, I shouldn’t have to point out the obvious here, but you’re not the righteous and law-abiding person you believe yourself to be when you openly express a desire for another person to be raped in prison. That sort of punishment shouldn’t be applauded by anyone, particularly when it’s for an offense as harmless as Ademo’s was. You’re showing everyone what a monster you are, pookums. You’d be best served trying to keep that side of your personality on a short leash – especially if you want to successfully convince everyone else that your ideas are the best ones.

  4. More properly by a government, Jacks my love. Florida is just one state, you know. And there are still plenty of other states in the union perfectly content to stay out of the way. New Hampshire is one of them. That fact is leaving a really bitter taste in your mouth, isn’t it pookums?

    Oh, and Jacks? There’s some more news showing that bitcoin isn’t dead yet. I posted a link for your reading enjoyment.

    Scary, huh?

  5. Uh oh, Jacks! I have some bad news for you! Our dear, dear government expert in cybersecurity, Rob Royce, told a CNBC reporter that legislation around cryptocurrencies is unlikely to materialize anytime soon. Isn’t that absolutely scandalous, pookums? Maybe while you’re saying your prayers tonight you could ask God to order one of His faithful to rape this guy? I’m sure that’ll teach him a valuable lesson and get him back on the righteous path where he belongs!

  6. But Jacks, Brian Stutland of CME Group and Anthony Grisanti of NYMEX both believe that crypto might be due for a bounce! And Allianz’s Mohamed El-Erian doesn’t believe bitcoin’s future is especially bleak either! Who should we believe? They’re all such a decent bunch of fellas, you know! If only the Lord would listen to those prayers of yours and send someone to rape them, right pookums?

  7. Everyone, Jacks? But the Winklevoss twins bought $11M worth of them in 2013 – back when they were only worth $100 apiece! Why that’s a 6000% profit in only seven years, now isn’t it? Your four drug rehabilitation centers haven’t yielded that much return, now have they pookums?

    Oh, and Jacks? While you were on your knees praying for the Lord to rain unspeakable horrors upon your rivals, Bitcoin’s value jumped 7.4%! You know pookums, it’s a right shame that you didn’t have the good judgment to ask the Lord yesterday whether you should buy some bitcoins instead. If you had, you’d be 7.4% richer today, now wouldn’t you?

  8. Good news, Jacks! Bitcoin’s showing recovery signs! If you’re smart, pookums, you’ll snatch up a few before the prices start going back up.

    Keep your eyes on the prize, Jacks! 6,000%! Or maybe even more! Who knows? But just think of all the terrible things you could do to your rivals with all that money once our dear friends in the government take their half!

  9. It’s humorous jacks ignore the significant rise which has far outpaced its fall over the years. A Bitcoin is still worth far more than it was last year despite any fall over this same period of time. I’m not suggesting everybody throw all they got into crypto currencies as an investment. However I would encourage people to adopt, accept, and spend crypto currencies. Crypto currencies have remarkable properties like reducing the transaction costs when purchasing goods. Where credit cards and probably even US dollars increase the price everyone pays by about 6-12% crypto currencies reduce this number to near 0%. The profit margins on some of my companies products have a high investment cost and low margin. If it were for crypto currencies and being able to take advantage of liquidity in the market that comes from crypto currencies we might not be doing phenomenally well. Compare that to our competitors who are literally going out of business right and left.

  10. Jacks knows all of this, fff. But since his enemies are making use of crypto, he’s concluded that that makes crypto dangerous to his way of life. Hence he opposes its use, and has even ramped up his disapproving comments lately despite the fact that its value and popularity have continued to rise right before his very eyes. He’s a peculiar sort of creature, isn’t he fff?

  11. I don’t think the Kochs are going to hire either one of you clowns back into their front groups.

  12. And , Cop Block was a Koch funded pro private police front group turned White Supremacist clownshow

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