State Prosecutes, Convicts NH Cop Blocker for Harboring “Illegal”

Think you have a right to privacy? Think again. These bureaucrats think they own your dog and will prosecute you over a $4 dog license in New Hampshire to prove it. Cop Blockers Michael and Angie Gordon of Alstead took a ticket for an “illegal” unlicensed dog to Keene District Court. They lost, but made the bureaucrats work to get their coerced money. Kudos to them for standing up against the oppressive police state where not even dogs are safe from state regulation. Here’s the full video:

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  1. Wow, you guys are so off the beam. Everyone has to pay for a dog license. What if you lose your dog. how would anyone identify it? The stupidity of a person taking this to trial just shows the hypocrisy of freekeeners and other activists who claim the courts spend to much money yet you take a $4.00 fine to the courts and lose wasting taxpayer money.

  2. Dragging a mother and her newborn baby into court for stupid dog papers. Plus exposing the newborn baby to the highly contagious disease of statism. How wicked can tyrannical government possibly get? Well, besides the terrorism and theft and murder and other countless crimes they engage in against humanity all over the world.

  3. Jacks asks “What if you lose your dog. how would anyone identify it?”
    They could post flyers in the neighborhood. Knock doors in the neighborhood asking if anyone has seen the dog. Announce the lost dog on websites such as Craigslist and Nextdoor.

  4. Now, now Jacks. You’re not really trying to suggest that the taxes we’re forced to pay are only to be used for the benefit of government actors, now are you? I think you know better than this. I mean really, pookums, if a taxpayer exercises his lawful right to have his case heard in a government court, then he’s really not wasting any taxpayer money at all, now is he?

  5. “What if you lose your dog. how would anyone identify it
    Are you serious? You haven’t put much thought into this, have you? For one, I bought a 1 dollar tag at a pet store with my dog’s name, address and my phone number on it. Second, you get your dog implanted with an RFID chip that stores the identifying info and can be scanned by most veterinarian offices, for which they can then charge the owner. The market has already provided for this if you were actually serious about solving the problem efficiently. Most dog owners are doing this voluntarily because it works and pets are being recovered and returned daily. I, for one, would spend hundreds attempting to find my dog, so a small fee from a vet for using their services seems like a deal. And they charge me ONLY WHEN I USE THEIR SERVICE. Now how do I find my catbirdsnakehampster?

  6. It’s telling, by the way, that you would cast someone in a negative light who exercises his or her RIGHT to a trial. God forbid you ever find yourself charged with something you didn’t do or some asinine and archaic law governing your bathroom habits on a Sunday. I pray that the arresting agent isn’t your judge, jury and executioner as you seem to be arguing for.

  7. ^ What Lester said. ^ I didn’t even think of the tag, collar, and RFID chip. Silly me.

  8. David Jurist – That is a ridiculous reply. You wouldn’t know where the dog went to and you don’t know if it was stolen. There is a number on the dog tag that identifies your dog. Lester – You are a major hypocrite.

  9. If being a responsible pet owner makes me a hypocrite (I don’t see it) then so be it. My border collie doesn’t care. He only wants safety, companionship and a ton of exercise. He knows I would move heaven and earth to be reunited with him and/or protect him and I suspect he’d do the same for me.

    Perhaps you misunderstood. I bought a tag with my actual phone number for him, not a tag with a random integer that some bureaucrat has to reference between the hours of 9am-12p and 1p-3p. No, with my method my neighbors can know who the owner is, the dog’s address and my phone number which is far more convenient for everybody. Should that fail, he can be brought to a veterinary facility and scanned and the same information will pop up in the computer. If he gets stolen, then I’ve lost him but nobody is going to call the dog catcher to report that they stole an animal and they need it identified. So your state solution doesn’t address that either.

  10. You know Jacks, when I read that link you posted, it gave me the distinct impression that the government pests in Manchester believe your dog actually belongs to them. It’s quite impudent of those guys to be charging rent on a dog that was bought with someone else’s money, don’t you think pookums?

    Oh, and Jacks? There are other opinions on this matter as well. I think it would benefit you greatly to consider some of them, pookums. I posted one such for your reading enjoyment. It’s a shame you won’t be able to build up enough courage to read any of it, isn’t it?

  11. Oh, by the way Jacks, I really must compliment you on the way you handled David and Lester here. Labeling David’s reply “ridiculous” and calling Lester a “major hypocrite” is quite possibly the cleverest thing I’ve ever read from you. Will you be huffing a few more cans of paint tonight in celebration of your victory?

  12. i think birds should be licensed; like just go catch all the birds and license them…they’ll probably be glad

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