Immigration Checkpoint Know-Your-Rights Presentation by ACLU-NH

Gilles Bissonnette, the head attorney for the New Hampshire ACLU gave an excellent presentation to a packed room in Concord, NH this week. He talked about what CPB (Customs and Border Patrol) internal checkpoints are legally allowed to do, how far out of bounds they’ve been going, and what you can do when you’re there to non-cooperate. He fielded many questions from an engaged and interested audience. Here’s full video of the presentation:

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  1. Too funny. Crossing the border from Canada or Mexico is going to require you to answer the boarder patrols questions and submit to vehicle searches. It’s not the ACLU that will go to jail or be detained, it will be you and the ACLU won’t be there for you with their fantasy rules.

  2. Don’t drive or fly there. Walk, swim, kayak, or sail across the border. That’s what I do.

  3. Guess who else is a child rapist here?

  4. Boy O’Boy! I just love guessing games! What will you give me if I guess it right, Oksure?

  5. July 26, 2018
    To all Free Stators and Others

    Finally getting to post comments. Have not watch the video due to lousy sound. Commenting from the introduction. ’Internal checkpoints are legally allowed to do’. This is so far from the truth, a repeated lie the ill informed or low IQ are lead to believe. This concept is nowhere to be found in Our Constitutions, period. While Gilles Bissonnette has done a good job in defending against these checkpoints and the consequences, not good enough. It is a job. Remember Mr. Bissonnette is a BAR Union Member supported by George Soros. This whole Constitution Exempt Area is the brainchild of one District Judge Edward Korman.

    Edward Korman is the son of an Ukrainian immigrant. A very intelligent man but cannot read and understand the Fourth Amendment. Remember also Edward Korman is/was a BAR Union Member. If it is not in the Constitution cannot be done.

    Check points for any reason is violation of Our Bill of Rights. Doesn’t anyone understand their Oath.

    What Edward Korman has structured is the same as where is parents migrated from.
    Papers Please. .


  6. Jumping Jacks: You are a fucking retard. He’s talking about internal checkpoints- not boarder crossings.

  7. get the aclu the f out of new hampshire and the US for that matter…we have the right to be safe, if immigrants/illegal immigrants don’t like go back to your fabulous countries…tough shit..

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