Paying with Cryptocurrency in Keene is Easy!

Thomas Parisi of Cheshire TV pays a visit to Route 101 Local Goods in Keene, NH to buy something in the store with cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or DASH, to show you just how easy it can be:

Thanks to the NH-based company Anypay who provides Route 101’s Point-of-Sale system for crypto-acceptance, it’s super-easy and fast to pay with cryptocurrency in various businesses across Keene! Reasons to accept it at your business, and more can be found at

Before he paid for his DASH coaster, Thomas purchased $20 worth of DASH at the Crypto Vending Machine, also at Route 101 Local Goods. You can see that video here.

You can also see a longer interview with Route 101’s proprietor, Chris Rietmann here on Thomas’ latest episode of his show, NightSVP.

Sadly, the DASH-Back feature announced in this video is currently experiencing an outage. I hope it comes back soon!

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  1. So he bought a bunch of junk from a freekeene business? Makes sense.

  2. They actually have some nice stuff in there, Jacks. You should check it out.

  3. Not junk, Jacks. Goods. Local goods in fact. I thought you patriotic types preferred that people bought things local? In fact, hasn’t your alter ego been droning on for weeks now about “giving back?” My stars, Jacks! Now you’re actually getting what you want and you’re still complaining? You should be more thankful, pookums. It’s what winners do, you know.

  4. Good job on the video!

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