BREAKING: Auto Dealership Accepts DASH Cryptocurrency for Cars in Tax-Free New Hampshire

The first car purchased at a dealership directly for Dash | AutoFair Nashua

Something big happened this week.

The famous “Bitcoin Pizza” story was overshadowed by a punky, lesser-known cryptocurrency quietly occupying the number 12 spot on CoinMarketCap. The implications of this week’s event will be felt for decades and change the way the mainstream views cryptocurrencies forever.

One question plagues cryptocurrency users everywhere. Whenever you talk with doubters about the numerous advantages of using digital cash over fiat, invariably the response comes:

“But what can I buy with it?”

This question drives you nuts. You explain that at first, there was nothing you could buy with it. Then, there was pizza. Then coffee shops and yoga studios started accepting it. Then you could use a handful of janky websites to buy some (sometimes expired) digital gift cards. But now there is something much more real. More tangible. More serious.

A brand new car.

Yeah, you read that right. This week, the largest chain of auto dealerships in New Hampshire, AutoFair, sold a vehicle off one of their lots in exchange for DASH (digital cash).

The event took place with no fanfare, no trumpeting of horns. Just the sound of jingling coins hitting the digital cash register app Anypay on the car dealership’s iPad. A smile and a handshake from the salesman, Doug Weisberg, sealed the deal, and I was off to sign the paperwork.

Easy. Just like cash. Because it is cash. Nowhere is that better understood than New Hampshire, where everybody knows cash is King. NH is first for many things. First to secede from England. First to vote in the primaries. First to legislate gay marriage. And now in the 21st century New Hampshire is the first to fully embrace cryptocurrency, to the point where per capita, it is the most crypto-dense place on earth.

So when are YOU going to buy your car with Dash in tax-free New Hampshire? Or maybe you prefer using a privacy coin like ZCash? The dealership uses Anypay to process its crypto payments, and Anypay supports multiple cryptocurrencies, so it is possible that if you ask, they will say yes. Reach out to the resident AutoFair expert in crypto, Doug Weisberg ( He is the salesperson who sold the first DASH car. He said this about the transaction:

“What we did was demonstrate how easy and good using crypto is. It is no longer strange. Now it is: ‘Yeah, we can do that!'”

Steven Zeiler, CEO of ANYPAY, the world’s most popular DASH payment processor, said of the historic transaction:

“Buying a vehicle with Dash signifies the next phase of digital currency adoption as we transition to a world where permanent, durable, expensive capital goods can be purchased with private digital cash. Contrast that with the bitcoin pizza of infamy or restaurants, theater tickets — ephemeral, low-price goods. The next phase is access to financing with cryptocurrency. Financing homes, apartment buildings, cars, and other capital equipment.”

In a time when many accuse dinosaur Bitcoin of losing its way, DASH throws down some serious competition for the world’s best money.

Video of the historic transaction:

ANYPAY CEO Steven Zeiler and AutoFair sales rep, Doug Weisberg


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  1. Nice! I’m so tempted to do a trade in and buy a new car. In all honesty it just needs a few minor repairs currently so I’ll probably end up just taking it to Steve Wilder Automotive in Keene, NH. BUT next time I need a new car I know exactly where I’m going.

  2. Interesting. You need prior approval and most of the freekeeners don’t have the money to buy a new car.

  3. Say Jacks, I don’t know if you’ve been keeping up with the cryptomarkets lately, but did you know that bitcoins are still holding strong at $6.5K? Boy, that’s exciting, isn’t it pookie bear? I’m sure all of those Bitcoin millionaires in the FSP think it is too!

  4. Very cool

  5. Oh, and Jacks my love? Some of us are altogether baffled about this strange notion of yours that customers somehow need “prior approval” to purchase an automobile. I don’t think any of us here have ever heard of such a thing before!

    Oh! Wait! You’re not pointing out the obvious by saying that the dealership needs to agree to accept the method of payment being offered, now are you? Well that seems like a rather silly to mention, don’t you think? I mean really Jacks, wouldn’t prior agreement be needed with ANY form of payment? I don’t know if you’ve heard my dear, but there are some dealerships out there that won’t even take personal checks or cold hard cash from people these days! Isn’t that absolutely scandalous?

    Anyway pookums, I don’t suppose you could elaborate further on this, now could you?

  6. Wait- wtf- a dealer who only takes plastic is insane. Credit card fees are like 3%.

  7. It’s either plastic or a cashier’s check. Either way you pay a fee. WTF indeed, kk.

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