NH Libertarian Party Candidates Excluded from WMUR’s Debates via Insurmountable Rules?

WMUR's Fake Debates Exclude Libertarians

WMUR’s Fake Debates Exclude Libertarians

The fix appears to be in. Despite attaining major party ballot access in New Hampshire for the first time in twenty years, the Libertarian Party of NH has been unfairly excluded from the biggest debates – those hosted by WMUR-TV. How? According to the rules the ABC affiliate announced last month, in order to be invited to their debates, the candidate must be polling at over 12%.

Guess what? There have been no polls that have included the libertarian candidates!

It’s not like WMUR and their newspaper partner the Union Leader can use the excuse that without their rules there would be too many candidates on stage. There are three ballot qualified candidates for governor in New Hampshire. There are three candidates each in the two US House races.

Oh yeah, and they want the candidate to have $25,000 in the bank. So, only wealthy candidates may apply.

Is there any doubt the WMUR debate organizers are working hand-in-hand with the republicans and democrats to exclude the libertarians? Thankfully, many of NH’s local media like newspapers and radio have been fair to the libertarian candidates, like the Keene Sentinel, whose editorial board recently interviewed Jilletta Jarvis.

Libertarian Jilletta Jarvis Announces Run for NH Governor in 2018

Libertarian Jilletta Jarvis Announces Run for NH Governor in 2018

According to Jarvis, if she’s invited to a debate, the other candidates will protest. She told me that North Country Community Radio recently invited all three gubernatorial candidates to debate. Incumbent republican Chris Sununu responded and declined the station’s invitation and democrat Molly Kelly ignored their invite entirely. Instead of the planned debate, the station gave a two hour interview to Jarvis and reminded their audience of the major candidates’ conspicuous absence.

Though Jarvis was told personally by WMUR’s Political Director Adam Sexton that the Libertarian candidate for governor WOULD be invited to debate, News Director Alisha McDevitt later told Jarvis that Sexton was not authorized to make that promise on behalf of WMUR. Sexton by the way, HAS been fair to the Libertarians in his various coverage – kudos to him for that.

If you’re upset by these blatantly biased rules, please reach out to the debate organizers at WMUR and the Union Leader and let them know how you feel. NH congressional district two candidate Justin O’Donnell has created a petition you can sign here. Jilletta Jarvis, the LP’s gubernatorial candidate has set up a page from which you can send an email to the News Director at WMUR, Alisha McDevitt.

Hopefully your input can help Ms. McDevitt change her mind, do the right thing, and invite the Libertarians to debate the two-party duopoly, giving the people of New Hampshire an actual choice.

Interestingly, Jarvis’ campaign has raised more than any other LP candidate for governor since 1994, but she’s still $16,000 short of WMUR’s $25,000 campaign finance goal. You can donate to her campaign here.

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  1. Donated. Unfortunately it won’t help her get into a debate that is rigged to insure that violent thugs get elected by excluding the completion through absurd requirements and outright lies.

  2. Now it is true that there are employers out there who require their applicants to have good credit scores, Jacks. Bank employees, for instance, come to mind. But if you’ve ever been asked how much money you have in your bank account… and during an interview of all places! …I hope you weren’t stupid enough to answer!

    Oh, and Jacks? I just LOVED that Quora link you posted! The first three answers in particular (the ones be Dennis Pratt, Steve Dutch, and Rob Weir respectively) were particularly well-thought-out and detailed. I hope your intention wasn’t to sour the opinions of your readers against libertarians, pookie bear, because THAT Quora entry won’t help your side in any way! Thanks again for posting it!

  3. Libertarians have had limited success because we don’t promise to steal money from one group of people for the benefit of another. That reduces donations for political campaigns. We also don’t utilize FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) like the conservatives / republicans / socialists. Libertarians appeal to intelligent logical sort- rather than the emotional masses- and those who have experienced the abuse of the state first hand. Who is going to take care of the rights of the poor? Well, when you aren’t stealing from them jacks they’ll have the resources to put a defense. Right now it doesn’t matter who you are the state/powerful near always “win” (legal issues more often than not result in losses all around so nobody wins). A win for all would be less government period.

  4. The two party establishment will continue placing all these roadblocks to allowing voters to be informed, but libertarians and the Libertarian Party are not going away. How do you eat an elephant? — One bite at a time.

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