NH’s Top Police Chief Resigns After Attacking Own Son

No-longer-a-cop Richard Crate

NH’s top cop has resigned over physical abuse of son – Photo from Valley News’ Jennifer Hauck

Enfield police chief Richard Crate, until recently was the longtime president of the New Hampshire Association of Chiefs of Police. He was a regular figure at state house hearings to decriminalize medical and recreational cannabis. Crate publicly opposed those proposals every step of the way – on behalf of police chiefs across New Hampshire. Here’s some of his testimony on cannabis decrim where he predicted a “wave of devastation”. Needless to say, now a full year since decrim – said devastation hasn’t occurred.

Now it looks like Crate should have take up the habit of consuming cannabis. Maybe a joint at the end of his work day would have helped him calm down and deal with his anger issues that appear to have led him to attacking his own son. Crate resigned earlier this year to avoid prosecution by the state’s attorney general’s office, agreeing that he’ll undergo counseling, apologize to his son, and not seek recertification as a police officer, according to the Union Leader.

Don’t think for a moment that Crate is unusual. In fact, he’s not the first police chief to be embroiled in corruption and controversy. Just last year a police chief from Cheshire county was convicted of rape of an actual child (not a teenager). Don’t forget the New London, NH chief who allegedly coerced college girls to take nude photos in the police basement when they were arrested for some victimless crime or another. Or how about the Canterbury, NH chief who allegedly used his position of power to engage in sexual acts with a female teen police explorer? There’s the Haverhill, NH chief who resigned after being busted for DUI. The list just keeps getting longer and longer – does anyone actually still trust these guys?

Of course, if I were to try to catalog the known corruption news regarding the rank-and-file officers, it would be a much more difficult task. Here’s one of the more recent stories involving two now-fired Manchester detectives, Darren Murphy and Aaron Brown, that allegedly used their badges to coerce a woman into sex in order to avoid criminal charges. According to witnesses, the forced sex allegations are just the tip of the iceberg with those guys.

Given the corruption is endless with people in power, how do we stop or reduce it? The answer is that taxes need to be voluntary. If police are not guaranteed a budget every year regardless of the satisfaction of the people they allegedly “serve”, we should not be surprised when they behave poorly. If people were free to stop funding the police, then they’d have to shape up and become more accountable to the people who pay their paychecks. If you could say “no” to their “service”, maybe they’d start being more service oriented and focus on catching real violent criminals instead of college kids who just want to have a good time. Crazy, right?

Hmm, I wonder if because he resigned to avoid prosecution rather than being charged and fired, is Crate still eligible for that sweet police pension?

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  1. You know he will be eligible for the pension. The system is corrupt. We know the police need to be abolished not just “reformed”. When you give people power they become corrupt. To solve that is hard because you need the people who you have given that power to agree to relinquish it.

  2. What a great idea: make them earn their funding by impressing the communities that they serve. That would be ideal.

  3. Um I guess the news of it was months ago …It doesn’t say the age on the child(?) . Maybe I missed it..are we talkin aboot a toddler or a adult or a teenager.

  4. The article barely touches on the chief stepping down. It’s rants and raves about a couple other officers. No, the police will never be abolished. There are some bad apples in any position. He’s stepping down. It was his decision.

  5. Most, if not all cops, are psychopaths and sociopaths. They’re also domestic terrorists and not obligated to protect you. Resist Blue ISIS.

  6. This occurred in April 2018. You must be desperate for stories. By stepping down, he doesn’t have to admit guilt. He is stepping down from the police force in New Hampshire. He can still go and be hired in anther police agency out of state. funny how you left that one out Ian.

  7. Jacks my love, you said it yourself – Mr. Crate took a plea. He admitted to committing an assault against his son and his superiors higher up in the Hero Caste let him off with little more than a slap on the wrist. And your answer to all of this is to put forth the suggestion that he ignore the terms of his plea deal and seek employment ELSEWHERE as an armed government worker? Boy, our heroes really can’t do anything wrong in your eyes, now can they pookie bear?

  8. If I’m not mistaken I do believe that the plea agreement prohibits him from taking up employment as a police officer for a certain period of time anywhere. That is what is meant by the certification bit I believe.

    While I do think the article is lacking on info the reality is he probably was guilty beyond a doubt. Normally I’d give an accused the benefit of the doubt, as the system is setup to make sure you plead guilty or otherwise face persecution by an unreasonable and one-sided government with unlimited resources, but given how this gang treats its other gang members when caught it must have been a situation they couldn’t easily sweep under the rug like they prefer to do for there own.

  9. Tinfoil in the hat creepers looking to abolish the police and taxes, you guys rock! Makes complete sense. Anything else shitty to stay about someone you don’t know and could not hold a candle to?

  10. kk – No, he can take up employment as a police officer or chief of police anywhere at anytime outside of New Hampshire. Also, He stepped down. His choice. He doesn’t have to admit guilt and he hasn’t. I seriously doubt any of this will show up on his work record because he chose to step down and no charges were filed against him.

  11. Say David, you’re not suggesting that independent journalists get out of the business of holding our government employees accountable, now are you? Because that sort of thing sounds like a really, really bad idea.

  12. Jacks my love, in the past you’ve always maintained that anyone accepting a plea deal is admitting guilt. I wonder why you’ve suddenly changed your mind about all of this?

  13. David G. Breed, there is no such thing as a good cop in Police State America today. They all terrorize, kidnap, cage, and ruin countless lives of peaceful people every day for victimless crimes and sometimes no crimes at all.

  14. JJ – you haven’t addressed the main point of the blog post: make taxes voluntary! You’re right, we may never be rid of the police. We will never be rid of coffee shops or insurance companies or big box department stores. But what keeps them from turning into organizations that cover up rape and bully their customers is that WE ARE NOT FORCED TO PAY FOR THEM. How can you see the corruption and yet still say that it’s our duty to pay taxes. It’s our duty to feed our abusers? If they are so good, then the money will continue to flow in to them. It’s that simple.

  15. Michael Fraker – We would all like to not pay taxes but that will never happen. You know what taxes pay for. You use several governmental agencies each day. post office, etc…. The media likes to focus on the negative to get a reaction from the public. You make general claims about police officers that are far from true. To lump all police officers into one group is laughable. Yes, there have been a few bad apples. It’s unfortunate but it happens. Activists who play Monday morning quarterback over exaggerate and think the red carpet should be rolled out to activists every time they encounter the PD. What are you guilty of? How about the rest of the freekeeners? It’s funny how activists bash police officers yet should one little thing happen they call the police immediately. Hypocrites. Police officers enforce the law. Not everyone likes getting tickets or arrested but you have a court to argue your points. Trying to make a police officers job more difficult doesn’t help. I suggest all activists rethink their misguided beliefs. Chances are, a police officer saved your life today by arresting the DUI that could have run into you or family and friends. Or stopped drugs and human trafficking. etc…… By the way, you don’t have to pay taxes if you truly believe your statements.

  16. Post office? Post office, Jacks? Funny you should bring that up. The United State Postal Service is self-sustaining. This means it operates like a private business without taxpayer funding. It’s not a taxpayer funded government benefit. So you can’t call me a hypocrite for using them. Oh and I never ever call Blue ISIS for anything. Even when I’m the victim of a real crime. There are many principled libertarians who do that same. Education, and lots of it, is how you prevent dangerous behavior such as drunk driving. Not more police state. Not more victimless crime laws. When will you ever learn?

  17. You know what taxes pay for. You use several governmental agencies each day. post office, etc
    All other businesses provide services that are paid for in voluntary means. None of them force you to pay for services you don’t use. If you don’t like the way the service is paid for, you can choose to forgo the service or find a different provider. Not so with government “service”. The only other organizations that forces you to pay for their service whether you use it or not is a mafia. Are you saying people should go to jail if they don’t want to pay for a government “service” they don’t want or think actually hurts them, like the military for example. Or even support it at a level less than what the government thinks you should support it at. Why do the service providers of a service we don’t want or know about determine what we have to pay for it?

    To lump all police officers into one group is laughable.
    It’s not about that. It’s about the liberty to choose what you pay for. You can love the police but hate the environmental regulation authority. So you should have the freedom to pay for the police but not the other authority.

    By the way, you don’t have to pay taxes if you truly believe your statements.
    This line of arguing = slaves weren’t really slaves because they could risk life, limb, and family to escape their captivity. As long as you have some chance of escaping, no matter how small, all abuses laid on you are just fine.

  18. You use the mail. Part of your taxes pay for that. You are paying for all EMS. Ambulance, police, fire etc… If your apartment is on fire and you have chosen not to pay for fire, what right do you have to burn my place down? How about people who pose violent acts on others. So if you are walking down the street and a thug beats you half to death and takes your money, then what? You just lay there as a curb for people to walk around because you refused to pay for police, fire and ambulance.

    Society doesn’t work like that. Yes, freedom does cost money. Being antisocial and not paying taxes wouldn’t work for you or anyone.

    To compare paying taxes to slavery is pathetic at best. Activist make these statements all the time without thinking what being a slave was really about.

  19. Say Jacks, you weren’t educated in a government school by any chance, now were you? Because using the USPS as an example of why government services are better than private ones is absolutely inspiring!

  20. David Jurist. Your rants and raves are only self serving, You are a hypocrite because you use government assisted programs and services. I wonder how many freekeeners and activists are on SSDI.

  21. Where is your evidence, Jacks? What taxpayer funded socialist benefits am I currently collecting or using? Again, USPS doesn’t count because it’s self-sustaining and receives no taxpayer funding. Muh roads is a tough one. However I do pay fuel tax at the gas stations which helps pay for muh roads. When was the last time I called Blue ISIS for anything? I will agree with you that some so-called anarchists and libertarians out there are hypocrites. They give us genuine principled libertarians a bad name. They vote, get marriage licenses, use Socialist Slave Numbers, work on W-2, collect government benefits, and many other things. A few of us actually walk our talk and set the example for others to follow.

  22. But Jacks honey, it’s not like any of us have any choice in the matter. All of us are FORCED to use government services after all. You included! I can’t tell you how many of us over here wished that that weren’t the case. After all pookums, just look at what that government school education has done to you!

  23. Jacks: Your logic is flawed beyond comprehension. There are places without any police forces (Mexico) and in some of these places there are other violent gangs with people getting killed. While its true some of these places you wouldn’t want to live it doesn’t mean that the bodies never get removed from the road after people are literally killed. One humorous thing about your claim here is that a police officer does cleanups like this. They don’t. At most a police officer is going to investigate a scene. It’s not there job to clean up after. Police also don’t maintain the roads either. They don’t stop crime. At best they might deter it- but that is jumping to conclusions because there is no scientific basis to conclude in reality that laws deter crime. People generally don’t commit crimes when they are thinking straight so there existing a law against something doesn’t generally lead to reduced crime.

    Also – you assume that because people aren’t being forced to pay a monopoly (government via taxes) that they wouldn’t voluntarily pay for different critical or essential services. There are private housing developments across the United States which frequently take care of trash pickup, swimming pool maintenance, snow, and other essentials. Then there are people who don’t live in town and live on large swaths of private property in some parts. It’s not like these people can’t get around when it snows. They hire someone or otherwise plow these private roads themselves. Don’t get confused either by the use of the word private. It’s not necessarily the case that a private road is inaccessible or unusable by the public. Many private roads have businesses on them.

  24. Have you noticed how Jacks’s posts always betray a single underlying theme, kk? He repeats the same phrases or opinions over and over again, never once contributing anything that resembles an original thought. He’s the perfect foil, isn’t he? I certainly hope he never figures out how useful he is to us.

  25. kk – Let’s say you use a police department you like. Where would they be located? Certainly not in your town. How would you be able to afford them? If they are only getting a couple of customers, it wouldn’t be possible to stay in business. Not too mention how much you would have to pay for that service. No, not everyone can get around when it snows. What about the elderly or disabled who use a transport service to get to their shopping, Dr. appointments. etc. Those buses are funded by government money.

    I suggest you educated yourself on the topics at hand.

  26. So Jacks, what you’re saying here is that you’re worried there will be towns out there with people in them who might decide they don’t need any police protection? Well I really don’t understand what you’re finding so controversial about this, pookums. After all, it’s not like every town has a sprawling shopping mall in them either.

    But you’re right, Jacks. Expensive police forces probably wouldn’t be a priority to anyone living in such towns. But then, that makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? Because such towns generally have less crime as well! Wouldn’t you think an ELECTED county sheriff would be more than enough to handle the occasional petty crime in such places?

  27. “Where would they be located? Certainly not in your town. How would you be able to afford them? ”

    Why not in your town? There are already private security forces in Keene. Did you know that many businesses hire private security or outsource to private companies already? How would one pay for such services you ask? Well, lets see. The government steals around $8,000.00 from me in property taxes a year. Even if the private entity charges me a few hundred a month for security that is still significantly less than the $8,000.00 I pay government currently for these “essential” services.

    “If they are only getting a couple of customers, it wouldn’t be possible to stay in business. Not too mention how much you would have to pay for that service.”

    Well, these companies already exist even alongside police so I’m not entirely sure how you can conclude there wouldn’t be enough business for them to operate. You most likely would pay for that service with a check or money order made out to private security services llc every month just like normal people do for other bills. It’s really not that hard jacks. If you have problems writing checks you can typically also supply a bank account for automatic withdrawals of the fees.

    “No, not everyone can get around when it snows.”

    umm OK. That doesn’t actually help your argument in any way shape or form.. but… whether government does it or not someone does it.

    “What about the elderly or disabled who use a transport service to get to their shopping, Dr. appointments. etc. Those buses are funded by government money.”

    Maybe the same way people survived for thousands of year prior to the modern day? They relied on family, friends, neighbors, hired help, charity, etc.

    When the government isn’t off stealing ones money one need not rely on government to cover the costs of such services. People would be twice as wealthy as they are now because they would be able to properly allocate resources in a way no centralized government can. Twice as wealthy is a little misleading. Because ultimately it will cost more to get around as an elderly person, but one will have those funds, assuming they managed there wealthy wisely.

  28. Actually kk, Jacks is quite correct. There most certainly would be towns where a full time private police force would be impossible to fund.

    What Jacks is unprepared to admit is that there are ALREADY towns like this. And because of the narrow tax bases available to them, these towns’ heroes must fund their operations in other ways – mostly by writing tickets instead. Jacks and his heroes think this is something taxpayers should welcome. Boy, they’re such a swell bunch of guys, aren’t they kk?

  29. kk – You are struggling to keep your ideas alive and they unfortunately makes no sense. I admire the commitment to your ideas but there are some impossibilities that cannot be over looks. To many to list here.

  30. Gee whiz Jacks, it’s very sweet of you to keep this long list of swell ideas all to yourself. But the truth of the matter is we all know very well what these “impossibilities” of yours actually means. You see pookums, when our side disagrees with your swell ideas, your side responds with threats of incarceration or death. Now of course your side could just move forward on your own and make do with the people agreeing to participate in your grand visions, but then you wouldn’t have the fun of bashing in the skulls of those who’d rather go about peacefully doing things their own way, right Jacks?

  31. Hmmm, Copblock, Hmmm?!

  32. That’s right, Mr. Hmmmm. Cop Block indeed.

  33. Drac Vermell: Doesn’t jacks argument completely miss the point though? Jacks remains wrong in that these towns can’t afford a police department because federal and state taxes have deprived local populations of the funds to maintain a public police force. Even arguing that this wouldn’t solve the problem which seems highly unlikely to me small towns may not have a big need for a police force to begin with. If the cops are merely writing tickets to sustain an unnecessary police force it should simply be gotten rid of. There are lots of people who live in the middle of nowhere just fine without a large police force presence. Frequently people maintain arms and other weapons of self defense in cases of crime in place of a police force. But even that is largely unnecessary or rarely needed at least. Or against people anyway. The smaller a towns population is the more likely it is and easier it is to find and/or identify the perpetrator. While technically speaking you could find yourself in a situation where a crime is perpetrated by a person passing through that tends to be super rare. Most crime is local. Even ‘crossing the tracks’ can lead one to an area with significantly less crime. I’m certainly living in a part of Keen as an example that doesn’t see that crime. If you want to see more crime I know where to go- but it’s not where I’m living in the very same town.

  34. People won’t generally pay for things they don’t need, kk. And there are plenty of small towns out there who don’t need police. For instance, my town has local police, state police, AND a sheriff’s office – but practically no crime. It makes no sense to have all of this, particularly since all they do is write traffic tickets all day. A sheriff and maybe a deputy or two would do us just fine. So given the choice, I doubt the rest of the town would want to pay for additional police services, private or otherwise. I know I wouldn’t.

  35. Or the – now deceased- former UNH police chief who preyed upon a young man who turned to him for advice and help. That was in the 90’s. Their seems to be a pattern here.

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