Helping the Developmentally Disabled: Why Libertarian Solutions are the Most Compassionate

Monadnock Developmental Services Logo

Monadnock Developmental Services Logo

Yesterday evening I was invited along with other Libertarian candidates Darryl W Perry and Jilletta Jarvis to Monadnock Developmental Services for a presentation to political candidates about the frustrations that families with children who have developmental disabilities have with state “assistance” programs. Multiple family members presented their difficult stories to a couple dozen state reps and candidates for office.

I didn’t feel like I was asked there to comment, so I was there just to listen. However afterwards Darryl and I returned to the Keene-based studio of LRN.FM, the Liberty Radio Network, where we were joined by Conan Salada for our live nightly libertarian talk show, Free Talk Live, where we discussed the issues raised in great detail.

If you want, compassionate solutions to healthcare issues that don’t rely on institutionalized violence, you really need to listen to the first hour of last night’s Free Talk Live to find out why Libertarianism and the non-aggression principle is the best way to help our neighbors in need. Here’s the archive:

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  1. I would argue socialists are cold hearted, but the reality is they are mostly just ignorant and refuse to educate themselves about the issues which come about from planned economies that could otherwise be solved via free market capitalism. Not exactly something we have today. We have something more akin to crony capitalism mixed in with limited socialism.

  2. You know nothing about working with the developmentally disabled and their needs. You are just there for a dog and pony show. There are many governmental agencies and programs that are set up to help. Yes it can get frustrating when a special needs person needs something and you have to go through channels and yes they could work to fix somethings that maybe redundant but libertarian ideas are so unrealistic they aren’t compatible with any solution.

    Libertarians don’t do anything for the public that is free. They take without giving back.

  3. That’s not true, Jacks. When I was up there, libertarians such as Ian and Darryl helped me and others in a lot of ways without expecting anything in return. Some of them are very giving and charitable. Have you heard of Shire Sharing? If it wasn’t for the astronomical taxes that people pay in America, they would have more money to give to charities.

  4. Boy Jacks, it’s a good thing we have elected politicians and voters like yourself to flippantly tell these parents to just shut up and go through the proper channels. I wonder how they’d respond to such pomposity if they had the option to take their money elsewhere?

  5. David Freeman – So a couple of friends helped you out. How is that saying libertarians are so giving? Their track record has shown the programs and bills they try to push through are thrown out because they are unrealistic and hurt people by trying to cut important programs so they don’t have to pay some taxes. That is not charity. To say if it weren’t for the taxes they would give more to charities is a farce. You have no proof of such a thing. Libertarians are the step children of politics. By the way, Ian never gives of himself without expecting something in return whether it’s publicity or some other monetary means

  6. When you “give” other peoples stuff, without their individual explicit consent. It’s not giving, it’s stealing. Real charity to be charity doesn’t use guns (or laws) to forcibly redistribute.

  7. Weeda Claus – Libertarians don’t give back to the public. They use what ever means to pursue unrealistic ideas no matter who they would hurt.

  8. Don’t lie, Jacks my love. You know perfectly well that libertarians aren’t hurting anyone. The problem here isn’t us, pookums. It’s you. You and your selfish notion that everyone else’s money belongs only to you and the people who think like you.

    Fortunately for us, Jacks, you don’t live in NH. And there are 4,392 Free Staters just itching to vote out politicians who love taxes and social assistance programs just as much as you. I’ll bet that’s leaving a bad taste in your mouth, isn’t it pookums?

  9. To brand libertarians as anti social programs is not only wrong but deceptive. What libertarians are against is government programs that redistribute other people’s wealth without there consent. Voluntary programs and charity are the solution once you eliminated all government wealth redistribution schemes.

  10. ok so if voluntary giving is the solution to everything…why OH WHY did programs get put into place? It’s because of dickens type poverty and biblical type poverty……old people dying because of havin no one… there was people back then and the voluntary giving didn’t cut it

  11. I don’t know if Mary Ruart addresses this BUT…Libertarians are all about themselves in their philosophy.. But IN MY VIEW that is a contradiction to saying voluntary charity rather than welly. IMO they might be like oil and water or matter andd anti-matter… they just can’t exist together

  12. I really dont think biblical poverty is created by government. That seems to be the retort sometimes,by libertarians. I think it is the result of survival of the fittest aka the free market : Does anyone say that survival of the fittest isn’t the libertarian way aka free market. Well the result of survival of the fittest is dickens and biblical poverty.

  13. and dickens and biblical poverty is what created the welfare state

  14. So basically the free market created the welfare state. So in conclusion libertarians created the welfare state. : WAY TO GO GUYS!

  15. And now poor people are completely dependent upon these entitlements, David. And with no easy way to phase them out, unscrupulous politicians can continue to use them as bargaining chips to buy votes. Puts things into perspective, doesn’t it?

  16. im just tryin to figure things out I really don’t know..i do think libertarian voice is the antidote to much of the problems …so thats why I’m one

  17. It’s too bad the provocateurs who post here from time to time don’t hold the same regard for such things, isn’t it David?

  18. true

  19. Poverty is largely the result of stupidity. While there are exceptions if you make up excuses for why you need to steal other people’s money you are part of the problem. There are jobs out there and you may have to move to do well and if you don’t do a cost of living vs wage analysis you deserve what you get and have nobody but your self to blame. Charity should be for those that actually need it not lazy college graduates who refuse to go where the jobs pay well and actually cover the cost of living. There are many ways to help people and if you have that humanities degree and make $23,000 a year and live in Sans Fransisco you are part of the problem. Nobody owes you a dime. You may have a right to bitch, but only about the regulations that have resulted in out of control housing and living costs. Not about minimum wage laws.

  20. kk :your comment out of the gate is complete crap …it doesn’t portent well for whats to come after it. Nor does it entice the reader to read further because why would anyone wanna read crap?

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