NH is Cryptocurrency Mecca : Panel Discussion

Earlier this month, the 2nd annual Free State Blockchain Digital Assets Conference took place in Portsmouth. The event was a success, intimate and informative. In addition to broadcasting my radio show, Free Talk Live from the event, I was also given the privilege of moderating a very important panel which we called “NH is Crypto Mecca“.

Any Bitcoin conference can have big names in the industry come speak, but only this conference could have this panel. As longtime readers here know, New Hampshire is a special place due to our global lead in real-life cryptocurrency acceptance. The reason is because of the concentration of libertarian crypto activists we have here that are doing the boots-on-the-ground work to make amazing thing happen here, thanks to the ongoing NH Freedom Migration.

For my expert activist panelists I selected Chris Rietmann of the new Bitcoin Embassy New Hampshire, and my fellow Free Keene bloggers Darryl W Perry and Derrick J Freeman, so we had activists representing both of NH’s crypto hotspots, Keene and Portsmouth. The guys did an amazing panel and I think it gives an excellent taste of what it’s like to be here in Crypto Mecca. You can watch the full hour-long panel here:

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  1. What a bunch of garbage. Ian’s constant “hot spot” theories have never been proven. What did Darryl really say? Just a bunch of gibberish, None of you have college degrees so how can you be taken seriously?

  2. They don’t have college degrees, Jacks? How scandalous!

    Say Jacks, since we’re on the subject, just what happened to all of your harping on about how crypto is the surest way to financial ruin? You used to bring up this sort of nonsense all the time. I can’t begin to tell you how much I’ve missed it, pookums. Maybe next time you could post a link about Bitcoin’s impending doom? You know, for old times’ sake?

  3. Jacks: I don’t believe you are correct, but I know your wrong overall given I have a degree and I know a lot of other free staters in NH and Keene specifically that have degrees. I would agree that a lot of people including those with degrees are not fans of the public education system or education systems more common period.

  4. And your undue concern with trivial matters is pretty typical of YOU, now isn’t it Jacks? I mean really dear, cheering on the arrest of someone for having a machete in his trunk? Have you ever even been to NH before, pookie bear?

  5. Oh, and kk? I don’t know if you already know this, but our dear friend Jacks here has professed to having an advanced degree as well. You should ask him about it sometime. He’s very, very proud of it you know.

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