2018 General Election voting recommendations

The 2018 General Election is approaching in less than 2 weeks. Per state law, the Libertarian Party candidate for Governor, Jilletta Jarvis, needs at least 4% for the Libertarian Party to retain ballot access. This will be difficult since Jarvis and the Libertarian candidates for Congress haves been excluded from the upcoming Granite State Debates hosted by WMUR and the Union Leader. I encourage everyone who wants to keep NH tri-partisan to vote Libertarian in the upcoming election!
Governor: Jilletta Jarvis
Congress: Justin O’Donnell
State Senate: Ian Freeman
State House Cheshire 7: Robert J Call
State House Cheshire 16: Darryl W Perry
Sheriff: AriaDiMezzo Baker
Treasurer: Kenneth Kelly III
Register of Deeds: Darlene Lester
Register of Probate: Jacqueline Mason (write-in)

Amendment 1: YES
Amendment 2: YES

Sample ballots for Keene available here:
Ward 1
Ward 2
Ward 3
Ward 4
Ward 5

You can find your polling precinct, and a sample ballot here

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  1. Now that is entertaining. If you want to drive a state into civil war and poverty people would vote for these fools. Thank God the people are not sheep to follow you into demise.

  2. But Jacks, it’s way better this way, don’t you think? After all, a lot of us really don’t want go back to the way things were before. You know, those dark times when the only options we had were the fools YOU prefer to vote for?

  3. i thought you already posted this darryl… you never do postings ; then you do the same posting twice.. I guess your votes are really in demand or you think so anyway

  4. Thanks for all the work you guys do in informing us mere mortals of libertarian candidates out there working for greater freedom. Jacks: Some of us are working toward civil war if all else fails. Better to die fighting for freedom than to live a slave. Fortunately not everyone’s first priority is financial. For some of us value freedom above wealth- but should that be endangered we’ll certainly fund a revolution if no other option exists/or is working.

  5. the other election-related post was Primary Election recommendations. This is a separate election, thus a separate post!

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