New “Bitcoin Embassy NH” Featured on Front Page of Monadnock Shopper News

Monadnock Shopper News' Front Page Article About Bitcoin Embassy NH

Front Page Article About Bitcoin Embassy NH

Last year, the Monadnock Shopper News, a weekly paper delivered by mail to 40,000 households in Cheshire County, ran a front page story about Bitcoin’s growing popularity in the region at local businesses. This week, the Shopper News once again is featuring Bitcoin on the front page, announcing the major news that New Hampshire now has its own Bitcoin Embassy!

If you live in Cheshire County, NH you probably already have a print copy at your house, but you can also download the PDF of the front page, above-the-fold feature story here.

Bitcoin Embassy New Hampshire, which recently launched inside Route 101 Local Goods at 661 Marlboro Street in Keene, is not the first Bitcoin Embassy in the United States, but it is the second one! The first was opened earlier this year in Atlanta. There are others in various parts of the world but Bitcoin Embassy New Hampshire is the only one in the Northeast part of North America.

The Bitcoin Embassy will be a place for learning, with “Bitcoin 101” classes already available, teaching the basics of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Classes are pay-what-you-can-afford, which means if you can’t afford to pay, you can still attend for free. Drop in to take a tour at 661 Marlboro St in Keene and sign up for a class, or visit online at

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  1. You know Jacks, that link you klndly posted for us really doesn’t help your argument in any way at all. In fact, if anything, it makes it perfectly clear right off the bat that the ONLY thing falling with bitcoin these days IS its volatility. You do understand why that’s not necessarily a bad thing, now don’t you my sweets?

  2. Jacks & Dracs get a room already

  3. Jacks really is a swell guy, isn’t he ZX81? But I just don’t see how any of that is possible. Especially now that Jacks has gone back to his old habit of not responding to my “rants, childish raves, and basically stupid statements.” It’s absolutely heartbreaking, isn’t it?

  4. Jacks o jacks. I’m still doing wayyyy better with my Bitcoin holdings than I ever did with dollars. Dollars only go down. Bitcoin tends to go up over time. Stupid people like you will be easily deprived of wealth and demand theft thinking you’ll personally gain from other peoples hard work. The reality is you are better off NOT stealing from other people, but your too stupid to realize this. When you demand the government steal to support whatever social cause you have some private entities benefit most and what you could of done for yourself now costs more as you pay for it via taxes. It’s particularly bad for the poorest in our society and yet these people stupidly demand more of it. Now I wouldn’t invest in Bitcoin or crypto generally, but that’s another story. Other crypto currencies like Dash are great for daily use and Bitcoin still seems optimal online. You can benefit from crypto currencies without being an “investor”.

  5. With Jack’s distraction I forgot to say nice! I’m glad to hear the embassy is open. I’ve checked it out myself the other day and there is a lot of cool crypto merchandise available for sale too. I got myself a Bitcoin jacket, some tech books, a few t-shirts, and other swag. I’m glad to see the enthusiasm for freedom and prosperity is alive and well in Keene in spite of the authoritarian socialist scum who run our town and drive businesses and people away.

  6. kk – bitcoin is volatile. It’s worth has decreased and continued to decrease for several months. There is no proof it will climb back to what it was. User fees are going up and this type of currency is only good for those who have computers. If you want to do the crypto thing it doesn’t bother me. The rest of your rants, raves and insults fall on deaf ears..

  7. Jacks my sweets, does this sentence look familiar to you?

    “The bitcoin market is experiencing the lowest volatility it’s seen for 18 months.”

    It should. It’s the first sentence in that Coindesk article you posted for us on Friday.

    I’m surprised you’re not applauding this recent development, Jacks. It’s giving me the sneaking suspicion that you don’t know what “volatility” actually is, pookums.

  8. Now now Drac. Don’t be too hard on jacks. You know full well he is retarded and such big words he won’t understand.


    “bitcoin is volatile.”

    Yes- that is a fair statement. However keeping things in perspective the Canadian dollar fell 40% in four years to the US dollar. Numerous other countries have seen hyper inflation as well. The difference here is Bitcoin has over the long haul gone up over time so even if you lost some money here or there those who continue to use it will have gained far more than they have lost over the long haul. Can’t say that for any hard currency that I’m aware of in the modern era.

    “It’s worth has decreased and continued to decrease for several months.”

    It’s actually been very stable for quite a long time now. You see jacks that tends to be how things go. Things tend to remain pretty stable for long periods of time and then go up or down depending on whats happening in the world.

    “There is no proof it will climb back to what it was.”

    Correct. There is also no proof that the US dollar won’t collapse. Not sure what your point is with this. While history is no guarantee of future results those have placed there bets on crypto long term haven’t done poorly.

    “User fees are going up ”

    Actually they aren’t. Your conflating what happened a long while back over a handful of months. Things settled back down and while fees are still higher on Bitcoin they aren’t significant for most transactions. Certainly less than the taxes in many places and really nobody is using Bitcoin for local purchases anyway. It’s been all Dash now in NH for quite some time. Which has fees of a penny at best.

    “and this type of currency is only good for those who have computers.”

    Technically you are correct. 95%+ of Americans and 65% of the worlds population today have access to a computer. It’s called a cell phone. And guess what jacks. That’s exactly what you need to utilize crypto currencies. Do you lack a cell phone? Is that why you are so anti crypto? How old are you jacks? Have your parents not let you get one yet? Maybe if you improve your behavior a bit they’ll change there mind.

    “If you want to do the crypto thing it doesn’t bother me. ”

    Sure seems like it does. You care enough to stand by and comment on a site that is heavily focused on it and New Hampshire when you don’t live in the state and you don’t like anything that gives people more freedom.

    “The rest of your rants, raves and insults fall on deaf ears..”

    Clearly. You haven’t understood a word of anything anybody here has said. It’s like you aren’t even able to read.

  9. Hmmm, Bit-coin farms, Hmmm?

  10. That’s right Mr. Hmmm! Bitcoin farms! Now you’re getting it!

  11. Personally, kk, I get quite a kick out of watching Jacks’s level of apprehension rise every time an article is posted about bitcoin. He absolutely hates the fact that his political rivals are doing well financially, you know.

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