Bitcoin Embassy NH Opens Doors, Offers Free “Bitcoin 101” Classes – Covered by Sentinel, NHPR, and Shopper News

"Bitcoin 101" Class at Bitcoin Embassy NH

Chris Rietmann Gives “Bitcoin 101” Class at Bitcoin Embassy NH

Keene, New Hampshire has already established itself as a world leader in real-life businesses accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies at their cash register. Now local area cryptocurrency advocates have taken the next step and opened an educational center to help people learn about crypto – the Bitcoin Embassy New Hampshire.

The Bitcoin Embassy NH joins others around the globe, and is the second in the United States. The first Bitcoin Embassy in the US was Atlanta Bitcoin Embassy, which opened earlier this year.

With the goals of education, networking, and inspiration, head ambassador and instructor Chris Rietmann opened the doors to the Bitcoin Embassy NH in October and has already created a “Bitcoin 101” class that is free to take! Though, donations are certainly welcomed if you find the class valuable. Classes are also available for those looking to learn how to accept crypto at their businesses.

Already the Embassy has received coverage in the Keene Sentinel, NH Public Radio, and a front page feature in the Monadnock Shopper News.

The Bitcoin Embassy New Hampshire is open six days a week, Tuesday through Sunday and is located inside Route 101 Local Goods at 661 Marlboro St. in Keene, NH.

Of course, the Bitcoin Embassy NH is just the latest development in the area. We already have an active Meetup group with meetings every six days and Telegram chat room, so please connect with either or both of those to join the cryptocurrency community in the Monadnock region.

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  1. Isn’t this being held at a freekeene store? Bitcoin remains volatile. Don’t forget, the government can pose restrictions on the use of bitcoin. Saying the government can’t do anything regarding bitcoin is a lie. With all the hackers out there breaking into bitcoin wallets etc… people are losing millions of dollars in bitcoin. There is no getting that back. Once it’s gone it’s gone. The only reason why the Sentinel and shopper’s guide wrote a story because you called them.

  2. Jacks my sweets, do you like calling bitcoin “volatile” because you think it makes you sound like an authority on the subject? You might want to stop that, pookums. That word really doesn’t mean what you think it means.

    Oh, and Jacks? Remember when this and this happened? Boy, those pesky hackers sure are in just about EVERYONE’S business these days, now aren’t they? Maybe the government should do something about the hackers instead? You know, the actual perpetrators of the crime? Does that sound more reasonable to you, Jacks? I’ll bet it doesn’t. You’re funny that way, aren’t you puddin’?

  3. “Isn’t this being held at a freekeene store?”

    There is no such thing. Anything you think we support must automatically be a “freekeene” thing. The majority of people in New Hampshire lean libertarian jacks. Your actually the outcast here. it’s why New Hampshire was selected as the destination for like-minded people to migrate. Most voters are undeclared. The democrats and republicans in the state aren’t representative of the majority of republican or democrats elsewhere either.

    “Bitcoin remains volatile.”

    If you used it you’d know it’s actually been very usable and stable for the past several months. The Canadian dollar also dropped 40% over four years relative to the US dollar. The reality is fiat currencies fluctuate in value relative to other currencies as well. End of story. Though they tend to become worth less over time by design whereas Bitcoin has tended to go upward.

    “Don’t forget, the government can pose restrictions on the use of bitcoin.”

    Of course they can and it’ll be as effective as banning drug use. Just because the government does it doesn’t mean they control it. Have you ever heard of the underground economy? It’s quite significant. Cash has worked well for hundreds of years to hide transactions from governments.

    “Saying the government can’t do anything regarding bitcoin is a lie”

    Well, while that is sort of true it’s misleading. There is no way to effectively stop or hinder Bitcoin via law. Bitcoin isn’t a centralized thing. Assuming every American stopped using Bitcoin when a law was passed it would still continue to be used everywhere else.

    “With all the hackers out there breaking into bitcoin wallets etc…”

    No. They aren’t. They are gaining access to trading accounts which hold Bitcoin on behalf of an individual. This is via weak security protections of the trading companies systems and manipulation of telecommunication company personal.

    ” people are losing millions of dollars in bitcoin.”

    This is not an issue for people holding/spending/receiving Bitcoin. It’s an issue for people “investing” in Bitcoin.

    “There is no getting that back. Once it’s gone it’s gone. ”

    That isn’t always entirely true either. People have been able to recover funds or part thereof in some cases depending on the particular situation. It’s little different than putting your money into a bank account that gets hacked. You are trusting someone else with your money ultimately and it depends on a particular company’s policies, systems, and laws under which they operate, and decisions made what happens in a given circumstance.

    “The only reason why the Sentinel and shopper’s guide wrote a story because you called them.”

    Where do you think the “news” comes from? Most stories are little more than press releases written up by public relations people of one government agency, corporation, or similar. If a story gets written it’s because of this. Sometimes they outright publish the press release even!

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