Free Talk Live Host Gets Hair Dyed for Charity!

With the help of Free Talk Live‘s generous listeners and the Shire Free Church, we successfully raising over $30,000 to buy some land to be used by a Ugandan orphanage! As an incentive, FTL host Mark Edge had promised he’d get his hair dyed. Here’s a time-lapse video of the active parts of the 2.5 hour salon visit (I cut out a lot of the waiting around). You can learn more about the fundraiser and orphanage at

Special thanks to the cryptocurrency-accepting Moda Suo Studio Hair Salon in Keene, NH!

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  1. Very interesting Where will this Ugandan orphanage be located?

  2. Maybe you should actually watch the video rather than expect people to tell you everything?

  3. Ian, most of your videos are boring and ridiculous. If you were really excited about this you would have just answered my question.

  4. The video’s only 8 minutes long, Jacks. And you can always double the playback speed if you don’t want to sit through it for that long. Talk about lazy!

  5. Nice hair color especially for a murderer. It’s a hark back to the joker. So who’s going to be Batman? Perhaps it could be Ian the Pedophile Bernard?

  6. Well, I’m a little disappointed that Mark shaved off most of it the next day though.

  7. I enjoyed the video. This was a heartwarming cause. Thank you Mark and Ian.

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