Ron Paul’s No Chicken – Speaks at Anarchapulco Despite Recent Murder

Ron Paul and Ian Freeman wearing a Pho Keene Great hat.

Ron Paul and Ian Freeman wearing a Pho Keene Great hat.

Hello from the second night of the fifth annual Anarchapulco in Acapulco, Mexico! It’s my third year broadcasting my talk show from the event, which I last year said had surpassed Porcfest as the must-attend annual liberty event.

Unfortunately, this year’s event received quite a bit of bad press in the couple weeks prior. A self-proclaimed anarchist, John Galton was shot to death. Galton had been living in the area after allegedly escaping prosecution for cannabis “crimes” by the US Federal gang. Despite the murder having nothing to do with Anarchapulco as Galton was co-organizer of a different and now-canceled event called Anarchaforko, Anarchapulco was targeted by the media anyway.

No one knows the real story behind the murder. Various theories abound. Was the murder an inside job, a cartel killing, or something else? Would Anarchapulco founder Jeff Berwick be gunned down during his own event? This had the liberty community buzzing away before Anarchapulco 2019 began. Would the speakers show up? Would the attendees? I even heard that some craven busybodies had been contacting speakers and encouraging them to cancel.

Anarchapulco 2019 Logo

Anarchapulco 2019 Logo

Turns out, the event is a major success, with excellent attendance, likely more than last year, which was a sellout. This year the organizers rented the entire resort and it seems to have been worth it. They’re already planning for 2020.

That said, it is likely some attendees chose to stay home due to fear. According to one participant, Anarchapulco tickets were allegedly being offered for sale before the event at a very low price on some facebook group. There was discussion by some over what, if any, extra security would be provided. This, despite no credible threat being made against the event.

It’s true that some speakers didn’t make it either, but that happens at any convention, especially one the size and complexity of Anarchapulco, where there are several stages operating simultaneously. It’s inevitable cancellations will occur. Shit happens.

The real test was Dr. Ron Paul, who was scheduled to speak this evening as the event keynote. If he didn’t show, I think the tone of the event would have shifted to depressed and negative from excited and positive.

Lyn Ulbricht chats with Ron Paul at Anarchapulco 2019

Lyn Ulbricht chats with Ron Paul at Anarchapulco 2019

Not only did Ron Paul show up and give a great, uplifting speech, he came in the front like a boss, rather than slipping in the back, and spent plenty of time with his fans on his leisurely pace to the main event stage. He stopped many times for long periods to chat and pose for photos. Afterwards, there was a special dinner with Dr. Paul and he hung around to spend even more time with regular event attendees both before and after the dinner, in different parts of the hotel. We just kept seeing him over and over posing with people for photos. It was great.

There’s a reason Ron Paul is a libertarian hero and people flock to see him speak. He has always stood for his beliefs, whether in D.C., Texas, or in Acapulco. He’s never backed down.

When some suggested we at Free Talk Live not attend at all and even my co-host Mark Edge proffered we hide away broadcasting in a green room, I said no way. I don’t live in fear. I’m glad and honored to have Ron Paul at my side – literally.

Thanks for coming to Anarchapulco 2019, Ron. You rock.

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  1. Ron Paul? I’m sure he was glad that someone wanted to listen to his BS and paranoid ideas. Did he wear his aluminum foil hat so the government won’t shoot rays into his brain and make him a Democrat?

    John Galton – was messing with drug cartels. Of course he was going to get killed. HE chose his life and death.

  2. @Jumping Jacks – what exactly does Ron Paul say that is paranoid? To all reading, recognize that this is an obvious attack that is tirelessly used against libertarian thought. They can’t win on logic, so immediately revert to social influence. “Crazy. Nuts. Paranoid. Conspiracy.” These are all terms you can see used.

    Wtch out for the next angle when our counter against this becomes more widely known.

  3. Translating Jacksese into plain English is as easy as pie, isn’t it LiveFree?

  4. Ron paul is a constititionalist, everything he says is word for word in the constitution of the united states. And let me remind you that the constitution of the united states is the supreme law of the land. So if you’re against what ron paul is saying, then you’re against the constitution and therefore the united states. If you dont like the constitution of the united states, then move somewhere else. I guess you’re an illiterate, misinformed cretin coming out of the brainwashed public school system in the united states and it shows. No real cohesive arguments, just baselessattacks and claims.

  5. Ron Paul one of the few politicians who actually cares about the people after all he wanted to abolish the income tax can you imagine a life with out income tax? Most of our financial problems would be gone

  6. Yea- to let fear rule you is to let your opponents win. Be it one gang like those that call themselves the government, or another, like the cartel that killed our friend. I’m glad to hear the event went well and Jacks is more or less here I think to give us a good laugh. There are those who are libertarian and then those who sneak in with the libertarians. The former wouldn’t let fear rule them. The later attempt to compromise and undermine a movement.

  7. I am a crackpot and people who defend me are complete imbeciles. I just just laugh all the way to the bank and can’t wait to see my son, and enjoy the money from morons as well.

  8. Hi Ron. AOC here. Like, you’re a doctor, right? That means you’re really, really rich! Could you explain to me how tax breaks work? Racist, right-wing, Russian pendejos have been running train on me on Twitter over this Amazon thing and I don’t want to look stupid any more.

  9. I know this is hard for you to bear Jacks my sweets, but we really are a lot smarter than you.

    We figured out long ago that voting for your heroes will only yield us higher taxes, fewer choices, and a lower standard of living. So when one of our own is elected, we like nothing better when they do everything they can to hamstring your heroes’ efforts in destroying our way of life.

    This sort of thing leaves a really bad taste in your mouth, doesn’t it pookums?

  10. Makes me wonder if JJs comment means he’s a commie-fascist. No doubt Ron Paul’s (Mises) philosophy led to the tea party movement, and accidentally led to Trump. But to call RP paranoid is naive. 2008 happened, pot laws have changed, and Rand just got laws changed on maximum sentencing which his father with Kucinich tried to push through. Ron Paul was anti-establishment, I guess JJ is pro establishment? Why is JJ even posting on this site?

  11. Jacks is neither clever, nor emotionally stable enough to discuss ideas that are different from his own, Michael. Shit posting allows him to experience a catharsis of sorts.

  12. Dr ron Paul is the reason we don’t have Hillary Clinton. He was the voice who awakened the american people(white people) to the deep state gaggle of corrupt bankers/globalists/jewws.

  13. First I want to thank all my crazy loyal fans especially. I admitted i was crazy and have many different personalities. About 10 hours ago i pretended to be AOC, now iI’back to being a racist doctor who doesn’t understand taxes and our Constitution.

    Please give me money and I’ll ramble on and my cult like followers will give me more money

  14. Wait.

    You aren’t Ron Paul! You’re like one of those Russian colluders we’ve been talking all about! I can tell!

    Now you listen to me, cabron! It’s not wise to troll a member of a chamber of government who has the power to subpoena you! So you’d better start being nice to me, ok?

    Now explain to me how tax breaks work. And don’t hold back on the big words, pendejo! I have a degree in economics from BU!

  15. Looks like Ron Paul and Lynn albretch are best of friends.theyre not. They hardly know each other. And Ross doesn’t even have the privacy to jack off anymore. That’s how prison works idiots!

  16. I have to apologise on behalf of my father.

    He likes to pretend to be other people and will even use racial slurs whole doing so.

    He is very senile and has been all his life, but we are all very grateful for the morons who give us money on a daily basis and have no clue how the Constitution works or how Government works.

  17. AOC in the house! Woop! Woop!

    Now listen, pendejo. Like, I don’t know if you Russian hackers have been watching my news interviews and stuff, but the world’s about to end in twelve years! And I won’t be able to save it until someone explains to me how tax breaks work! Come on, girlfriend! This is our World War II!

  18. What is it with all the anti-libertarian nut jobs. Why are you all so scared of us that you feel the need to come here and shit over all of our successes? I just don’t get it. Maybe the left would be hurt by such comments, but it has no impact on us libertarians. We’re the rational logical type and we don’t really care about the insults. We don’t run off and cry to mommy because someone hurt our feels. We don’t need protecting. We’re not weak like you.

  19. Ron paul? Hero of the leftists. I should be banned from this site just like how i got banned from the LRN discord. For good reasons. I must say. I should keep my mouth shut.

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