Death Penalty to End in NH as House & Senate Override Governor’s Veto!

ACLU Sign to End Death Penalty in NH

ACLU Sign to End Death Penalty in NH – Photographed in Keene

New Hampshire today became the 21st state to abolish the death penalty, as the state Senate and House have now both voted to override the governor’s veto. Despite the death penalty having no deterrent effect on violent crime, governor Sununu stood firmly with the police, as he has foolishly done on cannabis legalization, and against the overwhelming tide of history.

It’s refreshing to see some level of compassion win the day and see the police state taken down, even if it’s only symbolic. New Hampshire hasn’t actually put someone to death since 1939 and though one man is currently in state prison with a death sentence, according to the Washington Post, the state prison system has no plan to acquire any lethal injection drugs.

According to one anonymous state rep, bloodthirsty Republican legislative leadership apparently cranked up political pressure in their attempt to stop more compassionate Republicans from voting along with Democrats to end the insanity of the death penalty. While they were successful in changing some votes to back the governor, they ultimately failed as many Republicans followed their conscience instead of party dictates. The bill first passed the House in March by a vote of 279 to 88, while the House’s veto override passed last week by a closer 247 to 123 vote. In April, the NH Senate voted 17 to 6 to abolish the death penalty while its veto override today passed 16 to 8.

All the New England states now no longer have the death penalty! Kudos to all liberty reps who did the right thing and shame on any who sided with the cop-loving governor.

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  1. That’ a good thing. I am against the death penalty. But don’t hold your breath to long, sometimes the proponents of the death penalty are able to sway things down the road.

  2. Say Jacks, any idea why you always have to be the guy who spoils the mood?

  3. “NH can live” — technically true. The state will survive. But innocent people who’ve never been anywhere near a jail will pay for this change with their lives.

    Thanks for demonstrating yet again that libertarianoids are really just ‘liberals’ beneath the surface.

  4. Libertarians also rejoiced when NH went back to being a constitutional carry state. There’s nothing liberal about that, now is there Nelson?

  5. Holy shit, JJ agreed with something on Free Keene! Stop the presses!

  6. Indeed Ian. It’s just too bad Jacks has to be the glass is half empty sort of guy when he does it.

  7. Nelson: I doubt there are many cases you can point to of someone being convicted of murder, sentenced to a lengthy prison sentence, and then committing murder again after being released. While there is no doubt that serial murder is a thing it’s super rare and generally even when it happens they don’t actually succeed at killing that many people. The real mass murderers are the guys who are in positions of power. You know the politicians, military, etc. The government kills far more people than the combined number of people killed by murderers period (excluding government committed murder that is).

  8. amen.. . the Congress of dunces . .. reversed what they did wrong. .. thank you Jesus!

  9. Ian , go to the jail and do a video interview if the one person that was on death row in NH . .IF you want clicks. . I’m guessing that would d do it

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