Longtime Campus Convenience Store Now Accepting Cryptocurrency + Bitcoin Magazine Coverage

My Campus Convenience

My Campus Convenience, Keene – Now Accepting Cryptocurrencies!

As of last week, Keene now has two well-known and busy convenience stores that are accepting multiple cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin (BTC), DASH, and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Corner News, the Main Street icon for over 100 years has been accepting crypto since 2013 for various convenience items and smoking accessories, but they now have a crypto-accepting competitor in the form of My Campus Convenience.

“CampCo” has been in business a long time and is very conveniently located to the Keene State College campus, located at its northwestern end, at 152 Winchester Street in Keene, right across from Thirsty Owl, a crypto-accepting bar. Thirsty Owl’s owner, Darren Humphrey, recently took over management of My Campus Convenience and immediately implemented accepting cryptocurrencies as one of his first changes.

It’s a no-brainer. Humphrey has obviously had a good experience with cryptocurrency acceptance at the Owl. Taking crypto from customers means a business gets 100% of every sale, unlike credit cards that take away about 3% of every sale, and an even larger percentage of your profit. Unlike US Dollars or other fiat currency that go down in value due to constant inflation, Cryptocurrency also has the potential of going up – or down – in value, so many local business owners like Humphrey are holding it for the long-term. Though it’s not difficult to turn cryptocurrency into US Dollars, if that’s what the business owner wants to do.

The new addition of Campus Convenience to the growing roster of crypto-accepting Keene-area businesses solidifies our place as one of the top few cities in the world for businesses-per-capita that are accepting crypto. We beat even the “Bitcoin Cash City” of Townsville, Australia where a conference will be held this week to promote that area.

Stickers at My Campus Convenience

Crypto Stickers at My Campus Convenience

There’s no doubt what Townsville’s crypto community have accomplished is impressive, but their city’s population is over 178,000, while Keene’s is about 23,000. That means with 78 BCH-accepting businesses, according to the “Marco Coino” app, Townsville has one business for every 2,293 people while Keene’s 14 BCH-accepting locations gives it a ratio of one business for every 1,642 people. That’s great, but we are bested in the Bitcoin Cash acceptance category by Ljubljana, Slovenia where a payment processor called Elipay is having tremendous success getting allegedly as many as 220 area businesses including at least one grocery store to accept cryptocurrency including Bitcoin Cash. With 279,631 in population, that gives Ljubljana a ratio of one business for every 1,271 people.

The other main crypto spent on-the-ground here in Keene is DASH, which has been accepted by businesses across Keene since 2017. It was with DASH that New Hampshire-based Anypay pioneered their “DASH-Back” program , which pretty consistently gives instant 10% rebates to customers making a purchase at merchants who run the Anypay system. In Keene almost every business that accepts cryptocurrency from customers in real life is using Anypay’s point-of-sale. Eventually, Anypay launched a Bitcoin Cash-back system as well. Both of their crypto rebate robots are funded by donations and are active at the time of this writing.

Finally, big thanks to Bitcoin Magazine’s Colin Harper for this feature-length piece about how unfriendly the banking system is to cryptocurrency users. He interviewed both me and local liberty activist Aria DiMezzo who is the top seller at Local.Bitcoin.com – the online Bitcoin Cash marketplace.

Stay tuned to Free Keene for the latest from Crypto Mecca, as more liberty-loving crypto fans move here thanks to the ongoing NH Freedom Migration, the crypto economy here will keep getting better. And don’t forget to drop in to Campus Convenience for smoking accessories, CBD, alcohol, snacks, and more – all for cryptocurrency. Plus here’s a cool map from Anypay that not only shows you where crypto is accepted in Keene, but also when the last time was that someone bought with cryptocurrency.

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  1. Wow- competition! Who would have thought. The only downside to this is all the crypto competition among smoke shops in Keene is making it real hard for me to kick the habit. I love it! No, not smoking. Energy Drinks! lol

  2. does the article zay they sell kratom? bc they do

  3. hey everybody! Time to pack it in:JJ isnt going to use it so, obviously it’s done…plus it goes up and dow so…that means its no good

  4. Uh oh! Now it’s at $10,543.40 (+0.054949%), Jacks! Say, you don’t think there might be somebody out there “manipulating” this stuff, now do you?

  5. Seriously JJ? Your an idiot and I have no problem repeatedly that every time you say something idiotic. My business does accept crypto and it works so well that we actually have been incentivizing people to pay with it over the alternative options. Pay us with cryptocurrencies and we save significant amounts in transaction fees and it reduces our cost to acquire cryptocurrencies which help us to lower our merchandiser acquisitions costs (again lower transaction fees and other substantial discounts).

  6. That stuff’s all going to go way over Jacks’s head, kk. You see, the only thing Jacks understands about emerging technologies like crypto is that it’s new and really, really scary. He’s funny that way, isn’t he?

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