Two Year Bitcoin Cash Retrospective @ Bitcoin Embassy New Hampshire

Last month, Bitcoin Cash turned two years old and it’s as controversial as it has ever been. Chris Rietmann recently held a presentation and discussion at the Bitcoin Embassy New Hampshire, about the last two years of Bitcoin Cash. Here’s the full video of that two-year retrospective:

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  1. Fiction can be fun.

  2. Say Jacks, so what do you do for fun? Because it seems to us that being wrong all the time – and you do that very, very well, by the way – must get really boring.

  3. It seems early on Bitcoin Cash was at a bit of a disadvantage relative to Dash, but as time has progressed Bitcoin Cash has come out on top. As a heavy crypto user I can say it’s accepted everywhere that Bitcoin and/or any other cryptocurrencies are. Dash just isn’t. Dash effectively helped crypto survive the Bitcoin apocalypse where Bitcoin fees made it untenable for real world use. Things aren’t nearly as bad today with Bitcoin, but it’s lost favor with real world crypto users. By real world I’m not talking about the brick and mortar realm, but people actually utilizing crypto to conduct business transactions relative to those who are just trading it. Trading volume is meaningless when you can’t or don’t distinguish between real transactions and mere trades.

  4. i remember when it was pennies for a bitcoin….i could have got a ton for 30 bucks

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