New Hampshire Youth Strike for the Climate

A group of about a hundred students took off from school today to attend an event in Prescott Park in Portsmouth, New Hampshire today as part of a larger day of action across the state and beyond. They brought signs, listened to speeches, and signed clipboards offered to them by political campaigners visiting from Massachusetts. Below is the video I captured from the event. It features interviews from young people explaining why they attended today and what they want their opposition to know.


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  1. I’m not pro-pollution, but I couldn’t watch much of this. At least one of the speeches was making me yawn. The best arguments to get me on board with some sort of action aren’t even argued. Like your pollution is infringing on my property rights. Or the subsidies given to certain energy projects that either are or potentially are environmental disasters waiting to happen which will infringe on my property rights.

  2. This happened all over the world. Very organized I admire all those who stepped out and rallied for this cause.

  3. Say Jacks, haven’t you always expressed disapproval in using the younger generations for trumpeting propaganda? I wonder what’s changed your mind about all of this, pookums?

  4. JJ Just doesn’t get that libertarians aren’t conservatives and on some issues we might actually agree. He’s likely just follow the mob here cause he thinks it’ll piss us off though. Jacks doesn’t really care about the environment. Then again neither do a lot of people who went out to protest. If they did any research at all they’d realize they’re actually having little to no impact or pushing things that aren’t actually going to help. If it takes environmental damage to produce the things that’ll save us why on earth would you be pushing those things???? There may be good arguments to be made for some “green” measures. For instance even if solar panels have a greater environmental damage if they create energy independence and decentralize control over energy production maybe that is worth the additional environmental damage. However that isn’t what they get up and say so you have to wonder “WTF, who is behind this BS and what is there objective?”. If I had to guess it is probably people getting into “green” technologies who are looking to profit off a naive and ignorant population. It’s like selling water pills where the only gain is in the hands of those at the top pushing the sales reps to push it (and who never actually get paid).

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