Freedom Voters Guide for Today’s Keene Municipal Primary Election

Elect Nobody Sign

Elect Nobody Sign

Today, Tuesday October 8th, is the Keene municipal primary. As you already know, the ballot is rife with candidates who want to make the expensive Keene city government even bigger and more invasive. However, there are a few candidates who want to reduce the government in Keene. Here are my recommendations for the 2019 Keene primary ballot:

Mayor- “Nobody” Yes, Nobody is actually going to be on your ballot!

City Council – At Large:
John Theriault
Matthew “Matt” Roach
Ian Freeman

City Council – Ward 2:
James “AriaDiMezzo” Baker

City Council – Ward 4:
Robert J Call

City Council – Ward 4 – two-year term
Conan Salada

Remember that in races where you can vote for more than one person, just voting for the candidates you support most is called “bullet voting”, which helps those candidates just a little more, because you aren’t using whatever votes that you have remaining to increase the totals of their competition.

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  1. i forgot it was voting day,if i knew……P.S. MEATBALLS ARE THE. BEST HEALTH FOOD, FYI

  2. voting for Ian is dumb because he always says he wont follow through and do/dont do , the job. Whats the point if he doesnt sit with those other stuffed shirts , night after night after night after night after night after night after night after night after night after night after night after night after night?

  3. also Nobody loves u when you’re down and out

  4. There are always comic reliefs running for town council. That you for pointing those out for me.

  5. I’m sure if anybody got elected they would show up for work. You are twisting or misrecollecting what Ian says about running and why he does it. Effectively he doesn’t think he can win, because he doesn’t spend money on campaigning, but he knows how to get publicity for talking points and the libertarian migration movement. That can impact politics. If any of these people were to win I’d be shocked if they didn’t show up to work. However nobody expects Ian to win. That wasn’t the point. I’m not sure anybody expects anyone else to win either. Again- that isn’t the point. You have to start somewhere and little things like this get free and/or cheap publicity which draws more libertarians to the state because it demonstrates that there are people here doing something. And in time we can take control and/or majorly impact politics here.

    That said libertarians are already winning in NH as a whole even if the people running for Keene city elections aren’t winning. We’re just winning at the state house and elsewhere. We’re winning in Alstead and other towns. There was a libertarian from Keene in the state house recently. To say we’re not extraordinarily successful is a bit of misdirection. We’ve got 20x as many people in the state house as there are libertarians in any other state.

    Libertarians also are having a disproportionate impact in terms of representation in NH. While thus far we make up less than 1% of the population we control about 5% percent of the votes in the state house via our elected libertarian candidates.

    Our opponents fear us because they see our increasingly successful erosion of there power. The democrats don’t fear the republicans and the republicans don’t fear the democrats, but the democrats AND the republicans do fear the libertarians. If they didn’t they wouldn’t be continuing to work so hard and throw so much money in attack campaigns against a minority party. They organize against us. If we didn’t matter they’d just ignore us.

  6. no wonder aria changed her name..

  7. kk – What publicity? What has his publicity stunts ever done? Nothing.

  8. so i voted; I voted for Mr Nobody; I voted for Mr Ian; An i wrote in Nancey Wilkinson

  9. What if Nobody wins? Sandie

  10. @Sandra: If Nobody wins, I guarantee I’ll show you some shit you have not seen before. 🙂

  11. JJ: ohh maybe just maybe it resulted in new people discovering and or being reminded that there is a state in which they can join among other like minded individuals and actually make a real difference. The work of Ian and othsrs like Nobody has resulted in thousands of people moving to the state over the past 10 years and there were twice as many people who moved last year than the prior. So we must be doing something right.

  12. Mr Nobody candidacy made radio news in WPB Fla

  13. Are there any places to write in James Wittekind at?

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