Nobody’s Campaign for Mayor Hits Major Media with Boston Globe Story

Boston Globe Article about Nobody

Boston Globe Article about Nobody

After Nobody officially announced his campaign for mayor of Keene, New Hampshire in August, the news only grabbed headlines at the Keene Sentinel and the Union Leader. Though, the Union Leader surprisingly wrote an editorial endorsing him, the story didn’t get picked up by any other media.

Until now.

This morning’s Boston Globe has a Metro section front-page story featuring Nobody!

Already this morning, Nobody has received a request for interview from a major Boston television station. This could be the beginning of a major media blowup! Please do share the story on your social media and don’t forget Nobody’s official campaign site,

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  1. So jacks, ya still think our little stunts are futile? Every time a story about free stater hits the national or world news a few more libertarians discover the free state project and move up here to NH. A rally with a few dozen people may seem like nothing, but when it hits the Boston Globe it’s no longer nothing.

    Nice job Nobody! If anybody ever calls you a nobody just remind them your the reason libertarians rule NH,

  2. but doesnt changing your name cause problems and hassles…

  3. Nobody ever said achieving a free state would be easy David. Free staters do what it takes to win though even if its a little inconvenient. If you want freedom you got to fight for it and fighting is inconvenient.

  4. o one asked you KK..and of course you know zip about changing your name because u never short…stfu

  5. David: Sure sounded like you were asking. While it is true I have no changed my name legally I have been to name change hearings and have an idea of the process. To say I know nothing is to make assumptions about be you do not have a clue about.

  6. No one endorses him. No one ever has. Just like in the article, he is a convicted felon with a serious drug problems. They mostly touched on that in the article. Who is really going to move to NH with people like him and the freekeeners trying to show what misfits they are?

    The Boston Globe article is a joke. It makes Keene a laughing stock which is sad for Keene and the people who live in the city. After people wipe their noses from laughing so hard after reading the article, they see it as a joke and and shuffle it off as such. Good attempt at making yourself look stupid.

  7. yea i was asking what problems come up…which your “answer” didnt address at ALL…Please no more ty

  8. Wow Jacks, that’s an awful lot of self-righteous indignation – even for you! Boy, I’ll bet your head is about to burst just thinking about all the high fives you’ll be getting for this one!

  9. We need to send JJ to a gynecologist.

    It’s gotta suck having that much sand in your vagina.


  10. “No one endorses him. No one ever has.”

    You are a fucking retard. You can’t read. Dumb ass. We already told you that you he didn’t do it to win and the story says this much. He did it for the sake of obtaining publicity and for the migration movement. It doesn’t matter if anyone endorses him. He’s gotten more national attention than ANY of the other candidates.

    “Just like in the article, he is a convicted felon”

    That is a badge of pride for an activist and is seen as such by other libertarians. Your warped perception jacks really baffles me. You can’t see pay this idea that not everybody agrees with you or sees things your way. A conviction among those who understand the system is rigged don’t look down on Nobody. He is an example of what to look up to and someone to follow.

    ” with a serious drug problems.”

    No one here believes your BS accusations against Nobody. Some of us actually know the guy. Smoking a little weed does not make one have a “drug problem”. I say that as someone who doesn’t smoke or even drink coffee. Selling weed isn’t worthy of a felony conviction and the majority in many states would agree with this given they have already legalized the sale and/or use.

    “Who is really going to move to NH with people like him and the freekeeners trying to show what misfits they are?”

    IDK. Me? THOUSANDS of others have already moved too and 10s of thousands more are working on it. We regularly greet new movers to Keene. And unlike previously more and more people are buying property. We had something like 5x as many homes purchased in the last 3 years than in the prior 10 in Keene.

    “as a joke and and shuffle it off as such. Good attempt at making yourself look stupid.”

    None of us care about the retards like you who think we’re a joke or look stupid. In some respects though it is stupid shit, but you sir are retarded for not seeing past that for the humor in it. People of normal intelligence realize that it’s a joke. It’s only you who takes this shit seriously and then think we’re the retards. Even the story says its a play on words. See jacks- you can’t read.

  11. Now, now, kk. You should be more sensitive. The problem isn’t that Jacks can’t read. He can do that just fine. But only if it’s at a second grade level. Sad, huh?

    Anyway, I have a fun fact about Jacks. Did you know that he’s an NPD practitioner? He specializes in drug abuse counselling. He even owns a handful of rehabilitation centers. He’s very proud of this.

  12. Drac: Now whose being mean? Your sarcasm of jacks exaggerated claims of importance might push him over the edge. Do you really have state what we already know about him anyway? It’s not like there are any newbies here that don’t know he’s really just staff at an old persons home. Ya know the kind that rub old men down.

  13. Now, now kk. My brand of sarcasm is fashioned solely for Jacks’s benefit, not for you chaps.

    Anyway, you needn’t worry about Jacks, dear. He lives a great life. And he lives it to the fullest. Just ask him.

  14. nobody – What do you know about female anatomy? Did hookers and cellmates teach you this stuff?

  15. kk – Again your name calling and infantile logic shows you live a sheltered life. The rest of it falls on deaf ears……………………………………….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  16. Jacks: I’d call your argument pathetic and weak, but you don’t actually make any. Thus the name calling. I can do the same as you.

  17. A satisfactory effort, Kk. But for some reason Jacks’s reply seems to drip more disdain than yours does. I think it’s because he has a lot more z’s in his. Anyway, maybe in your next one you could bring up Jacks’s fat mother? I’ll bet that’ll get his goat! You do have a fat mother, now don’t you Jacks?

  18. Just curious, what are the “granted powers” of a Keene mayor ? Preside over city council meetings ?

    Hire and fire or is that a “City Manager” function in concert with bureacratic department heads ?

    Is there a salary and how will Nobody handle that, if elected ?

  19. they can vote if a tie needs to be broken.. thus deciding the issue..odk what else, besides just being the face of keene etc..

  20. yes they get $ ..less than five k i believe

  21. Thank you for the reply David.

    I’m still curious if Nobody will accept money, if Nobody is elected.

    I understand that “the City of Keene” may insist on paying him, accuse him of “bribing” voters etc. if he won’t take the money, but fundamentally it seems like an important point to consider, given how the money is derived.

  22. kk – when have I called you names? I’ve made observations of your behaviors but that is it. Of course, you will take it the way you think it can make you a victim.

  23. kk – By the way, Ian, Rich ” nobody” Paul, and Conan did not advance to the general election. What a surprise…….

  24. Bravo, Jacks! By the way, the guys over here just love your bargain-basement brand of internet psychiatry! Maybe you should be entrepreneurial about it and turn this into a paying business? Then you can earn money AND high-fives!

  25. a paper in the UK did a article

  26. We all know Drac is now a 101 year old washed up Romanian refugee that has two grandchildren in the FSP.

  27. Bbsizzle my boy! So how’s tricks? We’ve all missed you terribly over here. Shame about that foreclosure, eh? Anyway, how’s Boston been treating you? I hear you’ve had to move in with your parents. Oh well. Que será, será, right buddy?

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