Nobody Interviewed on WAAF-FM & WHDH-TV + Receives International Media Coverage for Campaign

Mike Hsu, the afternoon drive host on WAAF-FM in Massachusetts had Nobody on for a nearly ten minute live interview last week. Here’s video of the whole thing in case you missed it on-air. In it, Nobody officially announces his campaign for governor of New Hampshire!

He also had an interview on WHDH-TV channel 7 in Boston:

Plus, over the last couple of weeks leading up to the Keene mayoral primary election – where Nobody received 2% of the vote – he received coverage in a variety of places, including overseas. Here’s a rundown of some of the media we spotted:

Stay tuned here to Free Keene for the latest on Nobody’s campaign for New Hampshire governor in 2020.

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  1. when i grew up an live in boston we had all them stations..AND WCOZ WBCN…..those r rock ones

  2. Hilarious!! I love listening to RNP shovel his ideas across the media only showing his very low IQ.

    So how did RNP pay for all the filing fees?

    What did he put down for statement of intent? I seriously doubt he has much of a decent credit rating. He was begging people for money all the time. Especially last year when he stated he needed a lawyer. My guess is his campaign money comes from his so called “church” I wonder if that’s legal? The guy is a multiple felon and the list goes on.

    Regards to separation of church and state, How can this self proclaimed “preacher” run for office? It sounds like lines would be crossed.

    Like I said, I love listening to his drug induced fantasies. Pure entertainment at is best.

  3. That’s right, Jacks! You tell that filthy hippy what’s what! After all, Nobody prizes cannabis, cryptocurrency, and especially freedom for Heaven’s sake! So Nobody should be making important decisions for the people of NH! Get with the program, folks!

  4. Its a good thing you don’t live here then isn’t it jacks?

    It is really amazing how much interest and press his campaign is getting considering the name change took all of 15 min.

  5. kk – As usual, hen freekeeners want attention, they contact these media stations and since the candidate is quirky the media will more than likely pick up a story written by freekeeners. They have done this for a number of years.

  6. kk- From what I hear, Rich would have been better served to use that 15 minutes in the shower.

  7. You tell him, Jacks! There’s nothing worse than waking up to the sight of a filthy hippy getting unearned attention on the TV! We need better gatekeeping efforts from these media station guys! After all, journalism is a sacred institution, not a sideshow!

  8. Drac: where have you been for the past 30ish years? Did you just come out of a bomb shelter? The media is a joke.

  9. Haven’t you been paying attention to Jacks’s recent sermons here, kk? Journalisming is never a joke. That’s why we need gatekeeping. It’s sure to protect us from all those scary ideas these filthy hippies are trying to spread. We can’t let them mock our election process, people!


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