The Fourth Annual Forkfest 2020 to Include Independence Day! Jun 29th – Jul 5th

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Unofficial Forkfest Logo

Have you been to Forkfest yet?  If you have, you already know how great it was and are likely planning to return.  If you haven’t been yet, you won’t want to miss Forkfest 2020.  Forkfest is a libertarian decentralized camping festival, with no board of directors or organizer, so there’s nothing official about it in any way, but this week, Rogers Campground‘s owner Crosby Peck has “officially” welcomed Forkfesters back for the fourth annual festival happening in 2020 from June 29th through July 5th.

Of course, those are just some arbitrary dates chosen by some Forkfest old timers, who this year decided that Forkfest 2020 would move and expand to the entire week after the Porcupine Freedom Festival. Though Porcfest has yet to officially announce their dates, we have no reason to wait. For the first time ever, Forkfest will coincide with Independence Day weekend!

Rogers Campground for decades has been known for having a well-attended Indpendence Day weekend, complete with a fireworks show.  Rumor is the fireworks professional Rogers has hired for years is retiring soon, but there’s a good chance Crosby will be hiring someone else to keep the longstanding tradition going. Whatever happens with the campground’s fireworks show, Forkfest will surely be a perfect event to happen during that timeframe. Many Forkfest attendees are big secession fans who love the idea of New Hampshire independence.

Given the point of Forkfest is that attendees create the event they want without asking permission, it should be interesting to see the variety of ways independence will be celebrated across the week, leading up to Independence Day that Saturday July 4th, which happens to also be the final night of Forkfest 2020.

Pirates’ Big Gay Somalian Road Builders Disco 2019

Pirates’ Big Gay Somalian Road Builders Disco at Forkfest 2019

Something else Forkfest attendees seemed highly interested in this year was cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, DASH, and Bitcoin Cash. All the food vendors at Forkfest this year were offering their wares for those three cryptos, at least. As a result, this year’s Forkfest felt like a libertarian crypto festival, held in the woods. At one time, Porcfest felt similarly, when people like Roger Ver, Charlie Shrem, and Erik Voorhees all attending the event during Bitcoin’s earlier years. I don’t like predictions, but think it’s safe to say the crypto aspect of the event will continue and perhaps even grow stronger at Forkfest 2020.

If you want to attend, keep in mind that the demand for camping, RV sites, and hotel rooms will likely be even higher in 2020, not just because Forkfest grew significantly on its own from 2018 to 2019, but also because in 2020 we’ll be mixing with the regular Independence Day weekend campers.  Plus, since Forkfest will be following Porcfest in 2020 and it was heavily marketed to Porcfesters this year, you can expect more people to stay on if they were already attending Porcfest. Make sure you lock-in your reservations for June 29th through July 5th as soon as possible. You can visit Rogers Campground’s website and call them at 603-788-4885.

Want an excuse to stay in the Shire even longer? The long-running Porcupine Freedom Festival aka Porcfest will be happening before Forkfest in 2020, though you do have to buy a ticket to attend Porcfest, while there is no ticket required or even available for Forkfest, as there’s no organization to support. Forkfest is New Hampshire’s decentralized libertarian camping festival.  No one is in charge, so everyone is.  Hope to see you at Forkfest 2020!

Meanwhile, you may also want to connect with other past and future Forkfest attendees. It’s easy to do that with the popular unofficial Forkfest Telegram channel and also the Forkfest forum at the Shire Forums.  Want to show the world you are planning to attend?  RSVP on the event here and then share it on your favorite social media!

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Unofficial Forkfest Wide Logo

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  1. Why did the Forcupine cross the road ? To get away from the “liberty chickens” .

  2. Another get together for people to act stupid, get drunk, and do illegal drugs. Isn’t this Ian’s festival he created because he was kicked out of pork fest?

  3. Except for a period of time in NH there were no “illegal controlled drugs” because one of the highly paid bureaucrats in NH failed to follow the entire drug law and law on publication of the imaginary “controlled drugs schedule” in NH.

    Of course if you buy alcohol from the forcibly controlled State alcohol monopoly, getting drunk IS completely legal…as long as you give the State money, nearly anything can magically transform into a good thing.

    Speaking of stupid the state will locate it’s liquor stores right on big ass highways, the same highways they patrol to gather “revenue” from people who may or may not have had too much to drink to drive safely. Isn’t that a gas ?

  4. Will you ever stop being a stick-in-the-mud, Jacks?

  5. i think its kinda Kookoo to have a festival for s eating utensil..

  6. “Another get together for people to act stupid, get drunk, and do illegal drugs. Isn’t this Ian’s festival he created because he was kicked out of pork fest?”

    Great. I take it you won’t be joining us then a? But seriously jacks Everybody might be doing drugs, but that doesn’t mean everybody is doing them. I most likely won’t be. Believe it or not jacks there is a small make up of people at these events that utilize drugs and then there are a bunch more that don’t.

    As far as why the festival was created it came down to the FSP inc turning the event into a government orchestrated thing that as a group we all despise. Forkfest is effectively putting into practice what we’ve been preaching for the last decade: Decentralization, freedom, where nobody is in control. While we may believe in the right of property owners to ban people that doesn’t mean as libertarians we should. Particularly from libertarian events like this. Those of us who want freedom get that we have to accept that there will be opinions out there that we don’t agree with (sometimes even libertarian ones, while a libertarian may be a plus, it isn’t the highest moral standard one should strive to achieve, but no government should utilize violence to achieve that higher moral standard) and the answer to those opinions we don’t agree with is words, not banning people. When the FSP, inc started banning people many of us were not happy. Many or even most of us might have agreed that we didn’t find the thoughts or opinions of some as being very tasteful, but that didn’t mean we thought that banning was the appropriate answer. Thus what I am saying is this didn’t start with Ian. It just ended with Ian because Ian is the line that they crossed for which we would no longer tolerate this shit. I don’t like Christopher Cantwell, or that “child molester” (I don’t think he was actually molesting children, just advocating for it or something like that) they banned years ago, but so long as no one is using violence (at least without consent) no one should be getting banned from a genuine libertarian event. All such actions do is result in us becoming the enemy we despise. Without an act of non-consensual violence there should be no crime/ban.

  7. Jacks has listened to the FTL segment in question, kk. It’s just that all the high fives he’s sure to get are far more important to him than telling the truth. Disgraceful, isn’t it?

  8. kk – As far as the festival goes, It was created because Ian got kicked out of porcfest. This was his knee jerk reaction to keep himself looking positive in his minions eyes.

  9. Wow, Jacks. That’s a lot of hyperbole crammed into one post. So how many high fives do you’ll think you’ll get for this one?

  10. Jumping Jacks: That’s a half-truth which entirely ignores all the other people who were kicked out and shouldn’t have been. There were plenty of people boycotting Porcfest before Ian was banned. There were just more people who said enough is enough after. Not everybody is an Ian-fanboy that follows hims every word that intimately though. It’s taken years for some to come to realize just whats been happening and as people have realized it Forkfest has grown. Forkfest attendance will likely outnumber Porcfest this year. It came very close last year.

  11. kk – Who were all the other people who were kicked out of porcfest? Just how many boycotted porcfest? Ian was kicked out because of his behaviors and he was being investigated for child porn.

    How do you know Forkfest will be bigger then porcfest? Ian says no one is running forkfest so you really can’t count the numbers.

    ” It’s taken years for some to come to realize just whats been happening and as people have realized it Forkfest has grown”. So what has been happening? I haven’t heard of anything. Fill me in

  12. JJ: You are wrong. Ian was kicked out prior to the FBI raids over slander and there was never any evidence they were investigating Ian specifically. Stories wrongly attributed (probably intentionally so) the investigation to Ian merely based on the bill for the internet connection for the building being in his name. They raided the studio as well as multiple tenants in the building. On top of this hundreds of activists had access to that same internet connection at the time of the supposed incident. Raiding a building housing an activist center, studio, and having multiple tenants near a year after the fact leads one with any intelligence to believe this was nothing but a political attack on Ian’s reputation. Your left-wing extremist propaganda at its best.

    You have to be a moron to think that there is no way to estimate the number of attendees for Forkfest merely because there are no ticket sales. The numbers for Porcfest have also had to be estimated at times due to the FSP inc’s refusal to release numbers during down years.

    There are a number of different methods one can utilize to estimate these numbers. For Porcfest you can take a year where there are a known number of ticket sales. In 2014 there were 1759 ticket sales and the photo for that year had 1212 people. From that we get 1.45. In 2016 there were 1029 people in the photo. Multiply 1.45 * 1029 and we get 1,493 ticket sales. * this is not actual ticket sales or people in photos from either year. Just a demonstration on how you can extrapolate an estimate of ticket sales based on the photos using known figures on years when you don’t have known ticket sales. Others have compared campground rentals from different years and utilized the difference in sales from one year to the next to estimate Forkfest attendees. This works if you had no event the one year and you did have the event in next. It’s a little more complicated than this, but you get the idea. You can also get estimates using other methods or a combination thereof.

    Of course you haven’t “realized whats been happening Jacks. Your not part of our community. you haven’t been going to Forkfest or Porcfest. You also have heard about whats been happening. Your just ignoring the evidence. People have been upset with the FSP inc or really certain people thereof as well as some organizers for years. I’ve already told you about the 3-4 other people that were kicked out. It’s not just that… but other things as well. Certain people going around acting like they own the place. Last years Porkfest was much better and we didn’t see anywhere near as much animosity toward the organizers, but it was also organized by different people, and those people did a better job. None of that changes the fact that the FSP inc isn’t the optimal solution to organizing a camping festival. The decentralized solution is much better particularly among a group that has issues with authority. With Forkfest there is no organization to ban people. There are not ticket sales. Nobody can demand or expect anything beyond what they might pay for individual events at Forkfest and getting upset at one event doesn’t result in you being banned from Forkfest. It can’t. Nobody exists to ban anyone. The worst thing that happens is your not welcome to one organizer or another event at the larger event. It solves the divide and conqueror problem fostered by authoritarian infiltrators.

    Left wing radicals who want to demand someone be banned or otherwise sabotage the movement have no one to turn to to demand a ban. You want to ban Ian over non-existant claims or fabricated claims? Sorry- your barking up a tree that doesn’t exist. Forkfest can’t apologize for anyone’s views or distance itself from views it doesn’t agree with because there is no Forkfest organization. Those who want to promote it will. Those who don’t won’t. Those who don’t get it won’t attend and we’re all the better off for it.

    I will welcome Christopher Cantwell, even if I don’t agree with his views. If you don’t get why that is important this event isn’t for you.

  13. kk – Yes, he was being investigated by the FBI for child porn. They took all his electronic devices.

    He also believes Adults should be able to have sexual relations with children.

    Do you honestly believe there won’t be problems at Ian’s forkfest because of no leadership. I never banned Ian from anything. He can do what ever he wants.

    For the past forkfest attendance, I really believe you are grasping at straws to come up with those numbers.

    “If you don’t get why that is important this event isn’t for you”. You are correct, this event is not for me. I have a practice to think about and I know the drugs will be flowing like water. Just think of what would happen if one of the those in attendance over doses and worse suffers serious injury or death. Ian would be held responsible.

  14. Jacks: Your twisting the facts here. Again! Not that anybody should be surprised. Your kind does that. It wasn’t just Ian’s electronics they took. Acting as though it is when know that isn’t is disingenuous. You have a bias against Ian facts be dammed.

    His opinions on age of consent have nothing to do with the raid. Even if Ian had been advocating for adults to have sex with children it wouldn’t have been a crime. Ian however never advocated for anybody to have sex with children. You idiots twisted an experience Ian shared about being molested as a child by an older boy as him advocating sex with children. Ian recognizes that the age of consent laws are harming young people and ruining the lives of innocent people who are not predators. This is not akin to advocating sex with children. Pointing out the flaws in the laws which lead to 2/3 of people on sex offender lists having never been involved in a non-consensual sexual act should sound pretty fucked up to any sane person. Almost all of this is the result of absurdly written age of consent laws. Two young people of the same approximate age having sex with each other after passing some arbitrary number can and does regularly result in jail time and sex offender status. Why should it be not be OK for that 17 year old to have sex with his girlfriend just after he turns 17 when it was legal a couple days prior? That is just retarded. How is pissing in a garbage can a sex offense? It is by the way in some places. Criticizing bad laws doesn’t make one a child molester or a pedophile. It does in most cases on the other hand make one a libertarian because it’s only the libertarians who have the balls to step out and speak up against hypocritical retards like you.

    What you linked to is a mishmash of Ian discussing those issues on the radio with others. However it isn’t as you advertise it. Ian got that video restored after Mark Edge had it taken down explicitly because Ian believes in free speech. He stands by his statements even though someone twisted things into something it wasn’t. That is honorable and only makes him a martyr for sane people.

    He is not only right about the age of consent being retarded, but he backpedaled a bit too much to please you dick wads who can’t comprehend a saner more complex explanation or understand why these laws are harming children and NOT protecting them from predators. These laws result in the imprisonment of the very CHILDREN your claiming to want to protect. Taking things out of context and telling outright lies to mislead people is libel. A 13 year old should not end up in a jail sell for sending a naked picture of themselves to a significant other. That’s insanity. Yet that is what you are advocating and the rare sane person with any self respect advocates against.

  15. “Do you honestly believe there won’t be problems at Ian’s forkfest because of no leadership”

    It’s not Ian’s Forkfest. Lots of people are promoting the event, ruining mailing lists, setting up calendars, and other communications channels. The BIGGEST promoter of Forkfest wasn’t Ian either. Ian has written a few Freekeene blog posts and that is about it.

    The people responsible for a drug overdose are the same as those responsible for getting the anti-drug laws passed. There may be some responsibility on the person taking said drugs. Even if you can argue Ian was an event organizer there wouldn’t be any liability here. Ian never promoted drug use in any of the stories he’s written up. At least not that I can recall. He has advocated for the freedom thereof though. What you do with your freedom is not Ian’s responsibility or anybody else’s for that matter.

    “Just think of what would happen if one of the those in attendance over doses and worse suffers serious injury or death. Ian would be held responsible.”

    No he wouldn’t. If anybody was held responsible it would almost certainly be the campground. The FSP wasn’t held responsible for that guy jumping in the fire. The FSP’s insurance wouldn’t cover it either because the guy wasn’t authorized to be at the event in the first place. The resulting incident though did likely force the campground to build a fire pit and its not unlikely that the campground’s insurance was the cause. Which suggests that maybe just maybe it would be the campground’s insurance which would be liable or cover an incident of that nature should anybody be held liable to whatever degree there is liability for operating a campground.

  16. Jacks has quite a quite a knack at making things up, now doesn’t he kk?

  17. no ones in charge so its ripe for survival of the fittest hostile takeover…jim jones charismatic leader control freak takeover….all they need is some dude in a hari Krishna robe tellin them to relinquish all their worldly possessions…then in will be , “no one but the maharaja yogi propaganda is all and nothing at the same time” “he is our nothing and everything, at once, thus this world is not”

  18. David: How do you take over something that doesn’t exist? Why would anybody obey you? There is no power beyond whatever event you run at Forkfest. If somebody went in and bought up the campground like the FSP does for Forkfest then we’d simply “schedule” Forkfest for another period where it was open to the public. Forkfest doesn’t even have an official date. It’s whatever people decide it is. There were people who stay’d post-Porcfest last year. That wasn’t the consensus and it was small, but the point is people are free to make the event for any date and its up to each to decide to attend or not. Thus far all the major outlets publicizing the event have gone with the Jun 29th – Jul 5th date.

  19. If it doesnt exist…probably you should inform your boyfriend Ian so he can stop advertising it

  20. ok u aren’t Ians gf…but it does exist though

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