Is Keene Mayor Kendall Lane a Racist? – Shocking Video

Last year, you may recall that on Christmas Eve the Keene, NH city manager called an owner of the then-not-yet-opened-for-business “Pho Keene Great” to deliver threats over their name, calling it “offensive and non appropriate”. The story went viral, much to the city gang’s dismay, and they backed down, granted Pho Keene Great their sign permit and allowed them to open their doors.

One year later from their threats against a local Asian cuisine restaurant, I’ve got a Christmas gift for the City of Keene gang – the video they didn’t want you to see where multi-term mayor Kendall Lane reveals his racist view about New Hampshire’s low crime rate:

The clip is from a just-released documentary called “Young Guns“, from a Keene State College student, Reece Dunn who was visiting from the UK. Anonymous sources inside the college informed me that when this video premiered at the Monadnock Film Festival in 2018, there was immediate action from the people calling themselves “the City of Keene” to squash it inside the college. However, the college couldn’t do much as Dunn had already left and returned back to the UK. Dunn ultimately decided to release his student film publicly on YouTube this holiday season. The short documentary is about a young man from a total gun prohibition state exploring a place where there is very little restriction on gun ownership.

In the process, Dunn ended up talking to Lane about growing up with the New Hampshire gun culture and ultimately asks Lane why New Hampshire’s violent crime rate is so low. Lane says, “I have theories about why New Hampshire is particularly safe…” then pauses a while before stuttering and stumbling and then finally says, “part of the reason New Hampshire is so safe is because quite honestly it, the state is 98% white. The state is very homogeneous. There’s not a lot of diversity in New Hampshire.”

Only advocates of peace are allowed to blog at

Only advocates of peace are allowed to blog at

It’s a shocking statement from the same mayor who gave a speech at an anti-racism candlelight vigil in late August of 2017 after Keene resident Christopher Cantwell made international news for being a leader of the Charlottesville, Virgina white nationalist “Unite the Right” protests.

Lane’s ridiculous statement in Dunn’s documentary can be interpreted in a couple of different ways. He could believe that white people are more peaceful than people of other skin colors or he could believe that people of different races living nearby each other and mixing together leads to more violence. Whatever the interpretation, the beliefs he expressed sound a lot like Chris Cantwell’s white nationalist views that Lane appeared to speak against just two years ago.

Lane is wrong for the same reasons Cantwell is wrong. The racists can drag up their statistics and studies all they want to prove their claims about various groups of people, but to libertarians it is the individual who matters. Individuals from different parts of the country and world come here regardless of skin color, perhaps because they value the freedom they can have here. In particular, the freedom to defend one’s self, family, and community with whatever weapons one chooses.

New Hampshire attracts people who value freedom and the freedom to self-defense without having to beg for a government permission slip first is the reason we have more peace and dramatically less violence than other places. Even though New Hampshire has a state gang, they are less oppressive than other states in the area of gun ownership, and so we have less violent crime as a result.

Lane chose to not run for re-election this year and will end his term in January when he’ll be replaced by mayor-elect George Hansel. Hopefully this video will end any chances of Lane trying to run for other political offices. Meanwhile, Lane should stop listening to Chris Cantwell’s radio show and reconsider his dated, collectivist, racist views.

Merry Christmas!

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  1. It’s a shocking lack of nuance from Mayor Lane even if is a statistically well-founded hypothesis on his part. I can’t say from just this video though, whether he collectivizes people or is simply trying to be concise.

  2. This states: “Lane should stop listening to Chris Cantwell’s radio show”…but there is allusion or link showing that Mayor Lane did listen to cantwell’s radio show, before that statement. Also,as usual, Ian denounces cantwell while out of the other side of his mouth, he also is his biggest promoter: there’s a picture of cantwell and a link to Chris cantwell’s radio show.
    As regards mayor Lanes statement: I don’t believe mayor Lane is a racist : he’s done a lot of diversity encouragement, for Keene, while he’s been in office. If he was a racist why would he do that? I just don’t think his theory is correct; I think the simple answer is that if people who are criminals don’t come to New Hampshire we won’t have crime also people are spaced apart that helps a lot. Further, I moved from Boston and there’s less of a tolerance for for stealing and criminal behavior in Keene it’s not acceptable behavior, so that’s a social component. Anyway that’s my spiel and I’m sticking to it. Longer than usual.

  3. I the part regarding Pho Keene Great… Is suppose to show that the resistance, to that restaurant, may have been because of underlying racism. I think there resistance was what they said it was lol, the double meaning imho

  4. Funny everyone owns agun and yet theres no violence, isnt it? Mr london has gun restrictions but terrorist attacks on a regular basis…should probably throw that one into your senior thesis. But you’ll push racism and inclusion. Only on the asterisk that you cant have diversity of thought. Good luck to you and your journey of misery and lies.

  5. Richard, everyone doesn’t have a gun.At all.
    I don’t know who “Mr London” is, maybe you mean that England has attacks. It could be because geography makes it easier to attack London.

  6. Yes Mayor Lane is a “racist”. Anyone who notices certain statistical facts is a “racist”. So be aware: Don’t “notice things” or you may be a “racist”!

  7. Jim Smith… He didn’t just notice statistical things… The racist part is attributing the cause and effect …

  8. Okay, I’m nitpicking…

    I don’t know if the Mayor is a racist, but he is, perhaps unwittingly, part of a gang willing to commit violent criminal acts. That would make him either a willful or an ignorant criminal.

    “Violent crime” as a legal term is purposefully misleading and flagrantly contextual. Therefore, the present way of tabulating, “violent crimes” is incomplete .

    To wit, when most people use the term, “violent crime”, it usually only refers to violations of statute by the peasant class and doesn’t include violent state actions which would be crimes if “regular people” committed them. Such as, legalized state extortion, state protectionism of it’s own forcibly held monopolies (liquor store monopolies, dispute arbitration monopoly etc.), cop thuggery, theft of individual rights via “majority vote” and a host of other criminal, but magically state sanctified acts.

    So, again, in reality, if a threat or practice of violence to an otherwise peaceful person is the proper definition of “a violent crime”, the actual “crime rate” is much higher.

    Legally redefining the meanings of words to sanctify criminal behavior by a class of privileged people while also granting them legal immunity for violent actions….is a real crime. If those acts were tabulated, people would realize the extent of the criminality they endure.

    Extra points if you made it this far. Lol.

  9. I believe Ian is trying to grasp at straws. To be fair, Mr. Lane’s remarks could be misunderstood to be racist. I believe Mr. Lane’s remarks were not trying to be racist. He really doesn’t go into specifics with a concrete statement. Looking at the percentage of different ethnic groups of people, yes, New Hampshire is 98% white. Of course I do not believe that a larger white population necessarily means less crime.

    I believe Ian took liberties to try and blow this all out of proportion because he has a vendetta towards the Keene city council members, especially towards Mr. Lane which makes this article slanted and bias.

    This article reminds me of Al Sharpton. Sharpton only went to college for two years before dropping out of college. He doesn’t have a degree to back up his lack of intelligence. He is notoriously famous for inflaming situations to create racist confrontations. Sharpton has been called on his statements and opinions and even successfully sued for them. It could happen to you Ian with your creative, biased, articles on a public form could start something you don’t want to happen.

    Ian, to compare your rantings in this article to Chris Cantwell is ridiculous. Cantwell has stated multiple times his racist views and they were very clear statements. You are focusing your anger and your reactionary statements into a confusing and inflaming article with very little proof to back it up except for a two minute video.

    I believe you should take the video as it is. Technically he didn’t make a racist statement, he voiced his opinions with little data to back it up. You Ian twisted as much of it around to bring out raw emotion with the freekeeners. Yes, NH hasn’t had a mass shooting as of yet. To go on record and imply the state never will have such a thing are dangerous words.

    I don’t believe it’s the amount of guns in people’s hands that keep big city crimes from happening. There are still shootings, and other violence that happen in NH. I believe it is the city councils and law making entities that help keep the violence down. It is also attributed to people’s ties and financial ties to their homes. The low major crimes are also attributed to the cost of living, low unemployment, and access to health care to name a few. Unfortunately, New Hampshire has significant higher rapes then many other states. 92% of NH homicides and suicides are domestic violence crimes.

    Here is a link to back my statements up:

    Ian I hope someday you will post a less biased article that doesn’t cry wolf without all the facts.

  10. Where’s the lie? I say Lane is correct, but as noted the butt hurt pc police will disagree.

  11. Steven not only “butt hurt etc yada yada people” will disagree with you; sensible, normal people will too!

  12. Idky he’d say that…it’s disappointing…maybe he thinks that crime is between races…but it isn’t…He’s a lawyer and his brother is a judge…his dad was in law too.. so one would think…idk…Too bad it wasn’t such a short snippet

  13. Jacks: “Mr. Lane’s remarks could be misunderstood to be racist. I believe Mr. Lane’s remarks were not trying to be racist. ”

    There is no misunderstanding here jacks. Whether he thinks he was being racist or not he was in fact being racist. You guys are missing the point. It wasn’t this statistic that was racist. I’ve pointed out that NH is mostly white myself, but not with the implication that its why there is less crime when there is no basis for that implication. It was this implication of the statistic and the reason for a lower crime rate in New Hampshire without any evidence to even suggest its race related or connected with authenticity or race that made it racist. No doubt that it’s more likely greater freedom, prosperity, and less regulation (lower costs of living) relative to other states that makes the state a safer place.

    It’s not hard to make “connections”, but that doesn’t explain cause and effect, which is why this is pure racism.

    Since you guys don’t understand this let me quote what that means:

    “Cause and effect is a relationship between events or things, where one is the result of the other or others. ”

    It’s more likely a combination of factors that has led to areas of color having higher crime rates rather than it having anything to do with race in any direct way. I don’t doubt that racism has resulted in higher rates of crime by people of color on the other hand. When you only arrest black people you will ultimately see a higher rate of crime among black people. Racism, environment, opportunity, education, unemployment, a willingness to migrate, connections to others, and other factors have a greater impact of crime than the color of ones skin. However that said it’s also not unlikely that being black in a white empowered world can be an inhibiting factor to success. Just like being gay. Or being young. Or being fat. Or being poor. Or being ugly. The reality is some groups are more hindered than others because of bigotry.

  14. kk – Your remarks are yours, Some people will take what he said as racist. Some will not. I believe what he said is not racist but there could have been a better way of saying it.

    Your style of writing has changed. I can see you plagiarized most of your statements from an article found on the net. There really is nothing said here that is your own thoughts. Responding to them would be a waste of my time because the real author is not answering my questions.

  15. To the anonymous guy who said “Idiot” and threw out a link…It’s that a response to someone or a answer till something? …Or just you acting like you are the final word here…Um…you found a link with stats …AND?

  16. I have seen Mayor Lane at numerous local events and he always speaks up for oppressed groups of people and minorities. I have never seen a hint of bigotry from him. As Warlord points out, he was just recognizing a clear statistical fact. Several states have never had an Active Shooter including New Hampshire, Maine, Alaska, Wyoming, and Montana. These are all white, rural states with very high levels of gun ownership. Mayor Lane seemed to know this and was uncomfortable saying it, but he was just trying to answer a question honestly. Similarly, it would be unrealistic to pretend that men and young people aren’t more likely to commit murders than women or old people . As a white male, I know that I wouldn’t commit a murder and most blacks obviously feel the same way. But, Mayor Lane was just answering a question about statistics. He probably could have chosen his words better.

  17. Mayor Lane could have just as easily offered up some other statistic as a explanation, like maybe, that NH doesn’t have a big city, and that New Hampshire people may have more space for themselves hence don’t bug each other as much

  18. Whatever, boomer

  19. That’s telling em Jazzy!

  20. Wow Jacks, you really knocked it out of the park with that one! I mean calling kk a plagiarist of all things? How savage! He’ll never be able to top that!

  21. Free Keene is a joke, it’s been a joke for years.

    It’s such an obvious truth that NH (as well as Vermont and Maine) are the safest places because of the 98% white population. The fools pushing this “racist” narrative are just as bad as the SJW’s who want to brainwash little kids and mutilate their genitals. Sick people. Libertarianism is over and Ian Freeman and co. killed it.

  22. Adapt, I know you can’t do what I’m about to ask but, here goes : Show the cause ,white people, and the effect: safeness. Please,Id really like to see how white people caused safeness.
    You said it so show me please

  23. I’m going to postulate that TREES are the cause of safeness…I have as much scientific experimentation as you do “Adapt”

  24. so my conclusion is just as valid…maybe mie is more valid…because trees are never aggressive… white people are the kings of aggression

  25. Ian, how exactly is he wrong? Blacks are 13% of the population, but 52%ish of violent crime. Let’s control for income. Blacks over $85,000 commit twice as many homicides per capita as whites under $10,000, and 7.5 times as many as whites over $85,000.

    Mark edge at least got it “that TRUE stement, is racist”. Maybe talk it over with him.

    As for untrue statements, if people are coming here for liberty, why are anti liberty people and bills coming up so much? A few years ago, income and sales tax would get you laughed out of office here. Now, they’re being seriously discussed by the Democrats. Certainly People ARE moving here for liberty, but most people aren’t. They’re moving here because it’s not as clogged and expensive as NYC area.

  26. The reason for high crime rates amoung blacks …It is the result of historical and current segregation and oppression. Things are better but there is still strides to go. There are people in this thread that want to keep the blacks out! Well guess what, people who are kept out of decent housing and a chance to make a living sometimes do crime. So those that say “keep them out” could look in the mirror

  27. in short: racial segregation created crime. Racial segrigation is not the solution to crime

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