Vermin Supreme Wins New Hampshire LP Primary!

Vermin Supreme Defeats Other LP Presidential Candidates

Vermin Supreme Wins LPNH Primary Vote!

With nearly 60% of the vote, Vermin Supreme is victorious in a closed primary vote held by the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire! The entertaining, longtime satirical candidate has run for President of the United States under both the republican and democrat parties over the year and this time has thrown his boot in the Libertarian party’s primary ring for their 2020 nomination.

Supreme has spent a lot of time campaigning in New Hampshire, including an epic, armed pony march on Concord’s state house last month. His New Hampshire campaign manager and national chief strategist, Richard Manzo said this about his decisive win in an exclusive interview for Free Keene, “I think this is very much a proof of concept, that recruiting younger members to the LP is possible with the right messenger. I think the young people we recruited to the party tipped the scales in Vermin’s favor.”

For the last three presidential elections, the national Libertarian Party has put forward terrible presidential candidates. Bob Barr, the former republican congressman, was their embarrassing choice in 2008. The national LP’s selection in 2012 and 2016, former republican governor of New Mexico Gary Johnson, was barely an improvement on Barr. These choices were bad enough because they propagate the mistaken idea that libertarians are somehow right-wing. However, if Barr or Johnson actually had embraced the non-aggression principle and were communicating it during their campaigns, I could forgive them. At least they would have been on-message. They weren’t.

The national Libertarians were abandoning their adherence to principle in favor of hoping these former republican candidates could get them more votes. I saw this happening over the years and actually resigned from the national party prior to their nomination of Barr in 2008.

Vermin Supreme for President

Vermin Supreme for President

At least the New Hampshire Libertarian Party has stuck closer to principle over the years. In 2016, NH and VT’s libertarian parties were the only ones in the whole United States to back presidential candidates who actually were worth nominating, like Darryl W Perry and John McAfee.

Today at their annual convention in Concord, the LPNH tallied up the votes that were mailed in by their membership in a closed party presidential primary. Using ranked choice voting, 44 of their 110 members cast votes in the primary, with 26 of the 44 voters choosing Vermin Supreme. That’s over 59%! It was a decisive victory.

Maybe there’s hope for the national Libertarian Party, as even the satirical Supreme is a better presidential nominee than former republicans, simply for the entertainment factor alone. However, it wouldn’t surprise me if they choose another former republican governor, this time Bill Weld, as their nominee. In 2016, Weld was given their vice-presidential nomination and went on to promote Hillary Clinton during his campaign appearances. The only time Weld ever addressed the non-aggression principle during his campaign was when I asked him about it at his appearance at Keene’s Central Square.

Good luck, Vermin. In a world where LP members appreciated good satire and had a sense of humor, you’d win nationally. Sadly, I don’t expect to see that happen. Kudos to LPNH’s members for sending a message to national with their nomination.

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  1. Wow, the so-called “Libertarian” Party of New Hamphire electing a clearly opportunist joke candidate as their presidential nom. What a disgrace.

  2. I can’t say that I agree with this at all. Vermin Supreme is a Court Jester/performance artist. He has hopped parties multiple times, and is obviously just craving attention. I question whether he is even really a libertarian or not, but even if he is, he is not somebody who is going to be someone who does a good job of educating and inspiring the public about the concept of liberty, like Harry Browne and Rob Paul did. He’s also not like nominating a libertarian who is a comedian, like Doug Stanhope or Dave Smith, which I would not oppose. He’s more like a circus clown, or a sideshow freak. I doubt the public would learn anything about libertarianism from Vermin Supreme, and nominating him woukd just make the Libertarian Party look foolish. Right now, the contest ought to be considered between the actual libertarian Libertarians who have been running for the nomination. Adam Kokesh, Jacob Hornberger, Arvin Vohara, Jo Jorgensen, and Dan Behrman (I would and Kim Ruff, but she just dropped out).

    I favor Adam Kokesh out of the list of declared candidates, because he is a strong libertarian with a long track record of hardcore activism, he’s got the most name recognition and largest following of any of the actual libertarian Libertarians running, and he has done the most campaigning for the nomination, plus he does more outreach to people who are not (yet) libertarians than all of the other candidates combined.

    The only way I could see myself voting for Vermin Supreme would be if it came down to him, and some controlled opposition shill for the ruling establishment, like Lincoln Chafee or Bill Weld, or somebody else like that, which would be a pretty sad choice to make.

    Nominating Vermin Supreme is not “cool” or “edgy” or “sticking it to the man,” it is just stupid.

  3. What a joke. Some unknown group of libertarians votes for him and freekeene flips out. Come on Ian, don’t you have better things to write about? This is like celebrating a kindergarten vote for milk monitor only the candidate is wearing a rubber boot on his head. Yeah, he’ll go far in politics.

  4. The Libertarian Party needs someone who can educate and inspire, and with an actual track record for doing so, like Harry Browne or Ron Paul, not some attention seeking, opportunistic sideshow freak with a boot on his head. I bet I know the mentality of the people who voted for him at the LP of NH Convention. They either think they are being funny, or that they are making a mockery of the political process. The only thing they are making a mockery of is themselves. This is yet another example of why the Libertarian Party and movement is not more successful.

  5. This should up the cred of the LP , and show em that the LP really should have a seat at the table!

  6. I think he’s great but the LP wants to be taken seriously. This says the LP is a joke.
    Just say stop saying you want to be taken seriously!
    Because that is bull crap.
    Either that or you’re so damned immature that you don’t know how silly you are. Lol

  7. I’d vote for him and love the guy BUT, I’M NOT THE LIBERTARIAN PARTY OF NEW HAMPSHIRE.

  8. Just don’t act like you want to sit at the big boy table, that’s all

  9. Wat about hornburger or Kokesh?

  10. Vermin is a great candidate. He demonstrates exactly what libertarians think of the polical situation. There is no hope of winning so lighten up. What matters is not what happens today politicaly. What matters is you attract people who get the system is a farce to the state. What better way than to put forth a joker? Its only going to matter once you have enough movers to the state to matter at the level of politics he’s running at. We can get elected at the house and people who want to do a serious run should focus there. Not president.

  11. kk, what you said is not what the majority of people get from Vermin Supreme. He has been at this game of running for office for years, and he has done nothing to educate or inspire people about the principles of liberty. Most people do not look at Vermin Supreme and see him as showing how the political system is a farce, they see him as some goofball with a boot on his head that is running for President. He is good for a brief chuckle, and that is about it.

  12. They probably voted for him because he was there….I think he was in the room

  13. @Andy. Andy, really, it’s okay.

  14. It just confirms what alot of people think anyway; that libertarians are a joke. 🙂 It’s unfortunate for libertarians who’d prefer not to be thought of that way. I guess they can bail, and be Dems and Repubs

  15. It reaffirms the immaturity that libertarians are. At least the ones putting out media stuff

  16. Looks like “didn’t send in a ballot” and “NOTA” won …. just like in the normal elections. That is a good sign.
    I like how this vote went. At least he is anti-war. 🙂
    I am surprised Darryl didn’t do better in NH.
    I just joined the LP, but I don’t know when/where I will vote next.

  17. I guess. Some people aspire to be a contender! This is, imho, is a resignation, and declaration, that the LP is a political gadfly. I’m just yappin, idk… Do the LP want to be taken seriously? The answer with this , is no.

  18. @ David, the Libertarian Party is sort of a self evident oxymoron. If you want to take liberty seriously, you don’t try to shape yourself into an Elephant or an Ass.

    We need to elect Vermin. Okay let me rephrase that, we need to elect Vermin Supreme, so no more vermin gets elected.

    Vermin is not “a contender”, he’s the next President, get used to it. What do you have against rubber boots anyway?

  19. I posted this on facebook today; alas, it was too long for twitter.

    The Libertarian Party of New Hampshire recently held a “ranked choice” preference vote for 2020 presidential nominee; but the results show only that they don’t know how to count a “ranked choice” ballot. “According to the party’s announcement, 44 votes were cast…. Of those, 26 voted for Vermin Supreme. The next highest was 22 voting for Kim Ruff. Jo Jorgensen got 17 votes, Dan “Taxation is Theft” Behrman got 13. Jacob Hornberger got 9, NOTA got 13 (which stands for None of the Above), Sam Robb got 8 votes, Arvin Vohra got 6, Mark Whitney got 6, Lincoln Chafee got 4, and then 16 got under 10 percent of the votes and weren’t listed.” That makes 144 votes, or 100 more than were cast. It looks like the scrutineers simply counted every ranking filled out for a candidate – first choice, second choice, last choice, whatever – as one vote.

  20. Bob, I get that you aren’t a serious libertarian. Some people want to repeal laws in Concord, and it would help if they could be taken seriously and not be a mockery. Guess what Bob those laws that get repealed by those people that are trying to do it in Concord, benefit you. That is actual work for liberty in reality on the ground, daily life, liberty, so these boots that you’re in love with are counter to that are fighting against that….people in the thread have already said it and I’m in 10 different ways in your ears just aren’t open to it I guess Bob.

  21. If the LPNH wants to embrace the immature, clown image. Guess what? Peop!e working in concord to repeal laws and etc wont like it. People who WANT more liberty, won’t like it.
    Guess what else?
    You are working AGAINST liberty.
    Because you want to be a clownish immature joke.
    Get a clue Bob.

  22. @ David, a clue for you.

    A man is no less a slave because he is allowed to chose a new master once in a term of years –

    Lysander Spooner (not a clown…had cool beard too)

  23. Bob , you can pontificate, on your butt all you want.
    Some people are trying to actually do things to increase liberty. For you!
    What are YOU doing besides trying to impede those people?
    Guess who helped end the death penalty in NH?… People you are mocking and impeding.
    It’s ok if you want to be immature, just don’t impead the grown ups that are working for your liberty

  24. Geez David, now I’m confused, maybe you could address my concerns and point out which parts are in error?

    If some people are trying to increase liberty, why are they asking somebody else for
    permission to do so ? Isn’t that inherently contradictory? Or is their some kind of “bureau of liberty” that I can fill out an application to and send in a couple bucks a year and get an “official copy” stating that I do in fact now, “have liberty” ?

    I think when you use the term “liberty” in the political realm, you would be more accurate if you had used “granted privilege” .

    Death penalty? Not really a cop or a President can feel threatened and shoot you pretty much anytime he wants to, and get away with it.

    So, are you saying if Trump determines I’m a terrorist, he can’t kill me as long as I have one foot in NH…and then I can scale the Golden Dome of the Capitol building in Concord like King Kong and stick my tongue out at him cuz there’s no death penalty in NH? Well, that’s a relief.

    I’m leaving people alone and respecting their right to peacefully self determine. That’s what I’m doing. How does that impede liberty?

    “The constitution has either authorized such a government as we have had or been powerless to prevent it” – Lysander Spooner

  25. You are just full of shit that’s all Bob.
    You goofy platitudes are that. Bye ,. I’d rather watch paint dry

  26. I’d talk to you if you acted like you were living on planet Earth. You can pretend that you don’t live on planet Earth and your pretend land will get run over by rampant statism.
    I’m not interested in teaching 101 to someone who pretends he doesn’t know 101..
    Come down to planet Earth. But I’m done . Real people in reality are making efforts to stop rampant aggression.
    YOU are in the peanut gallery

  27. Careful David, inhaling those paint fumes.

    Besides, if there was a NH controlled drug schedule erm “lawfuly enacted”, paint fumes would probably be on it.

  28. I always huffed paint in the 1860s and look how manly my beard became ! – Lysander Spooner

  29. Get over Lysander Spooner… That quote just said obvious shit… Like “the sun is shining” and you act like it’s the best thing since sliced bread.

  30. Also you are the one that’s stoned 24/7… I don’t even drink smoke or anything so… Just because you’re a stoner…

  31. I posted my own article on the LPNH primary today; it’s up there on Google News along with Ian’s.

    Strange Doings in New Hampshire
    In the New Hampshire Libertarian primary, a flawed voting system led to the selection of a flawed – possibly the most flawed – candidate.

  32. I’m amused that people are up that Vermin Supreme is running as a joke candidate given it’s all we get from the Democrat and Republican parties. Serious candidates don’t get elected. Only liars, jokers, and nut jobs get elected. Do I need remind you who ran last time around and then remind you who got elected? Taking the election less seriously might actually result in libertarians having a better chance at getting someone elected for the presidency than running the same old tired Republican candidates who while maybe seriously running for the libertarian party presidency won’t get elected anyway. Hint: When you are a Republican running for a libertarian seat it just means you wouldn’t popular enough to run as a Republican so WTF would libertarians vote for such a candidate. It’s self defeating. Even if you “win” you lose.

  33. @David, don’t be so mean or I’m gonna ask Vermin to give you a lame pony with intestinal distress.

    If you take care of your endocannabinoid system properly, you too, could have an awesome beard – Lysander Stoner

  34. kk – “I’m amused that people are up that Vermin Supreme is running as a joke candidate given it’s all we get from the Democrat and Republican parties. Serious candidates don’t get elected. Only liars, jokers, and nut jobs get elected.”

    Are you talking about my comments on Supreme? Are you seriously trying to sell me on the idea that running a joke or a nut job will attract enough votes away from the R’s and D’s to elect the next president? Do you really think that’s the key to success? That Gary Johnson would be in the White House today, if only he’d worn a rubber boot for a hat?

  35. George Dance:

    “Are you seriously trying to sell me on the idea that running a joke or a nut job will attract enough votes away from the R’s and D’s to elect the next president?”

    Hell no. I don’t think it matters what presidential candidate the libertarians run. Republican, democrat, libertarian, etc. I would however say that it wouldn’t surprise me if a joke candidate had a better chance of getting elected than any of the three types of candidate who might run under the libertarian flat however. The difference between 1 and 2 votes when you have 500 total votes does not make for a difference in the outcome of an election.

    “Do you really think that’s the key to success?”

    I don’t consider getting an additional voter or two success considering that it makes no difference in the outcome. What makes a difference is attracting a few more people to NH whom already get that the system is a joke and we have no hope at the national level. Where we have a chance of changing things is at the local level. If you moved to NH and don’t get that you don’t understand the whole point of the migration movement. We NEVER had a chance to get elected at even the local level when libertarians are spread out. We still have no chance at the national level. We do however have a chance at the local level with a migration movement. Thus for NH libertarians to put up a joke candidate just demonstrates that libertarians actually get that it’s a joke to think we have any chance of getting people elected to the presidency. People do take the local elections seriously and I’m on board with that. I vote every opportunity I get even though I do realize even locally in Keene it has no real impact (yet). It’s not about today though. It’s about tomorrow. You have to demonstrate that there are people working toward change even if major change isn’t immediately possible before you’ll get others to realize that with more movers actual change can be had. It may not be today, it may not be tomorrow, but as the FSP says: “we are working to reduce the size and scope of government in order to achieve Liberty in Our Lifetime.” where lifetime is the key word. We don’t have liberty today. We might not have it tomorrow. But hopefully we will achieve it in the next 40 to 100 years.

    “That Gary Johnson would be in the White House today, if only he’d worn a rubber boot for a hat?”

    Of course not.

  36. ok Bob c..i don’t know what the mean part was…. you brought up the party about mind alerting did…so it can’t be that…and…your tone was condescending…I’m clueless about the mean part

  37. *Mind altering drugs… Fucking Android sucks shit

  38. David: Try LineageOS

  39. Ian might not post it, all because of me saying he would

  40. I wouldn’t assume that Ian will or won’t cover it here, but he already covered it on FTL. Mark Edge also did.

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