Video Premiere: NH gubernatorial candidate “Nobody” gets his machete back from police after illegal arrest.

Last year, Bedford police targeted 2020 Republican candidate for governor of New Hampshire, “Nobody” for felon-in-possession of a weapon charges over a machete they found with other garden tools in the trunk of his car. This, despite the fact that a machete does not qualify as a weapon in New Hampshire unless used, intended, or threatened as such.

After charging him and dropping the charge, not once, but twice, Nobody, who at the time was called by his given name Rich Paul, was finally able to get the robed man at Hillsborough Superior Court North in Manchester to order the police to allow Nobody to pick up his machete.

This video includes the full hearing for the return of the machete and our visit to the police department in Bedford to retrieve it:

Last night at midnight Eastern on the Free Keene YouTube channel, we’re did our first-ever video premiere. Dozens of people including me and Nobody were watching and a bunch of people joined in the live chat, which you can still see on the playback page.

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  1. I’m wondering if giant card board swords could be considered dangerous weapons? I mean, like, “paper cuts” . Ouch!

  2. Just another case of “abuse of power”, Police over stepping a citizens right, AND making a waste of taxpayers time in court! Idiots as usual……

  3. RNP – Got lucky. I can’t believe he is running for governor. He looks like he should be in a “Machete” movie.

    The PD did the investigation the way they should. RNP is a convicted felon and the machete could be used as a weapon. freekeeners are quick to judge but do not accept the consequences of their actions. They, like RNP, choose to blame the PD for their crimes whether it’s civil or not. The activists are the ones who waste tax payer money by taking parking tickets to court. 9 times out of 10 they lose their case and have to pay the fine.

    RNP most likely needs to clean himself up and look presentable if he is going to run for governor. Of course most of the state of NH doesn’t even recognize him as a candidate for governor..

  4. Jumping Jacks. Eat a bag of dicks. Geez, even the whining faggots over at the KPD know that a machete can’t be considered a weapon until it’s being waved in someone’s face. What’s the BPD’s excuse?

    Anyway, Gumbo’s here too. He says hello, by the way. Well, not exactly “hello.” He actually said “Toss off, you narcissistic child-molesting knob-gobbler.” Whoa. That was pretty savage, wasn’t it? It’s hard not to love him, though.

  5. I’m surprised the police have something they stole, back! Did you guys get your obsolete computers back yet?..Fucking state is the biggest crooks of all

  6. *gave

  7. thanks for no delete or edit option Ian^…i guess it wasn’t broke so you hada break it

  8. “RNP is a convicted felon and the machete could be used as a weapon.”

    Jacks: You are an idiot. A lot of things can be used as a weapon. A felony doesn’t make someone dangerous. It just means they were convicted or plead guilty to some arbitrary charge a bunch of goons decided to pass. “Nobody” wasn’t convicted of a violent crime and should not have had his rights violated.

    “They, like RNP, choose to blame the PD for their crimes whether it’s civil or not. ”

    Jacks- you failed at reading comprehension again. He wasn’t convicted of anything and was given the supposed weapon which was NOT a weapon on NH law his machete back. What was disgusting and immoral was they preceded to charge him, drop the charges to avoid accountability, and then dishonorably charged him AGAIN in an attempt to deny him a say at the early stage. They wanted to railroad him into a trial that should never have gotten to that point.

    “The 9 times out of 10 they lose their case and have to pay the fine.”

    Wow jacks- you’re actually ignorant of just what percentage of times people in our community have actually won. It’s a surprising percentage. I won’t pretend like it is 9 out of 10 times- but we did have some major wins in this area. Like when the city sued and lost at EVERY step of the way. Or the trials where Chris and previously Daryl won parking ticket cases. Chris won on TWO tickets in the same trial even!

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