Over Ten People Exercise Right to Assemble at NH State House in Violation of Governor’s Order

Right to Assemble Event

Over a Dozen Heroically Attended the Right to Assemble Event Today, April 1st in Concord

Donning masks from “V for Vendetta”, more than a dozen activists gathered at the New Hampshire state house in Concord today in violation of “HIS EXCELLENCY” governor Chris Sununu’s “order” banning assembly of over ten people. Not only did the police who passed by the event today use their discretion and ignore the event, one Concord police officer even waved to the group, suggesting that he also supported the human right to assemble. While responses from passing motorists varied, the majority were positive, including thumbs-ups, honks, and waves. Negative responses included middle fingers, shaking heads, a thumbs-down, and verbal “quarantine shaming”. Of course, any protest for any topic always elicits negative responses and this one was not unusual.

Curiously, the only media who bothered to attend was an independent videographer who interviewed me and NH republican primary challenger to the incumbent governor Sununu, “Nobody“. After standing by Main Street for over an hour holding signs like, “Social Distancing is Fear, Not Love” and “Assembly is a Human Right”, we took a group photo by the statue of General John Stark. Stark is known for creating the saying from which New Hampshire selected its state motto:

Live Free Or Die; Death Is Not The Worst Of Evils.


Stark is likely rolling in his grave now with Sununu following obediently along with other tyrannical state governors and issuing approximately two dozen emergency orders in the last few weeks, destroying the freedom to do business and the freedom to assemble. While Sununu has not gone as far as some of his counterparts, he is nonetheless presiding over a tremendous increase in authoritarianism as well as economic destruction.

Right to Assemble - Street Protest

Protestors hold signs and socialize next to Concord’s Main Street.

Thankfully, Sununu won’t be unchallenged in this year’s election. “Nobody” of Keene has thrown his hat into the ring as Sununu’s thus-far lone republican primary challenger for governor. Here’s a recent Boston Globe story that features Nobody and mentioned today’s event at the state house.

Activists joined Nobody from across New Hampshire and even as far away as Western Massachusetts to hold signs and violate “social distancing” rules that are driving people nationwide to suicide from lack of human contact and job losses. Recent news has shown suicide hotline calls are well above normal levels in many places across the United States.

There may indeed be a nasty virus out there. How much worse it is than the flu, which kills tens of thousands in the United States each year, remains to be seen. Fearmongering media and politicians benefit when they ramp up fear in the population. However, the decision on how to handle possible risks in life should be up to the individual, not lying, power-seeking politicians and bureaucrats. Freedom is better than safety or the illusion of safety, especially when the cost is your liberty. Once the government goons take more freedom, don’t expect to ever get it back.

That said, many motorists in Concord seem to be on the side of freedom, and there were a surprising amount of people on the roads, getting life done. Kudos to the police for ignoring the peaceful event. The next Nobody-led assembly event in Concord is the annual 4:20 cannabis smoke out on 4/20, and for the only time – in 2020. Hope to see you there! Nobody’s campaign website is ElectNobody.com.

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  1. “Not the worst of evils” but conformity for conformity’s sake is certainly up there. It makes the worst possible.

  2. Yea, I think our future governor Nobody actually said it best last week: ““Frankly, if it weren’t for the governor’s order, I wouldn’t go to Concord, I’d just stay hunkered down in my house. I’m more scared of the government than the virus.”

    It’s better to lose 200,000 people to a virus than surrender to fear and risk loss of our freedom. We’ve lost so much of it from 9/11 and numerous other scaremongering. This protest wasn’t about the virus, but the risk to our freedoms by obeying orders from liars, thieves, murders, and kidnappers (your government).

    If the powers that be actually gave two shits about you they wouldn’t have waited so long to react. They wouldn’t have lied to you about the threat. They wouldn’t be telling you that masks won’t protect you when the trust is that the government gone and fucked up. The government interfered with and continues to interfere with the free market and that is the real reason you can’t get the personal protective equipment you need.

    My aunt will likely die from this virus- as an immune compromised individual whose already unable to breath through no fault of her own- and it’s you who bow down to the fear propagated by bureaucrats and government apologists that are to blame. My parents are at risk as well, but lets not redirect the blame from those actually responsible for this tragedy that is coming from those who are responsible to those who merely protest what shouldn’t have happened.

    Hunker down? Sure. But shun those who are putting there lives on the line to protect your freedom? Hell no. You guys are my heroes.

  3. Why are you people so fuckin stupid risk your life and the lives of others I truly hope you are the ones who die

  4. @ Intelligent, You’re still free to have your own thoughts and even to express them (well, mostly). I truly hope you never lose THAT right, even when you say really mean things about people who aren’t hurting you.

    As far as risking lives, far more people will die in alcohol related deaths in the USA this year than will die in NH from this virus. It’s also very likely due to being “ordered” not to work and to self quarantine in home prisons many people will consume MORE alcohol this year than ever before. So it’s very likely alcohol related deaths will rise in 2020.

    Coincidentally most States have a heavy tax on alcohol, sounds kinda ghoulish that States would profit on something that is a known killer on the one hand and then add a tax on top on the other, eh ? Almost like they’re sending a mixed message.

    Along those lines I wonder if the REVENUE from the NH State run liquor stores will hit a record in 2020? I bet the State sells around one billion dollars worth of the hooch this year!

    What a wonderful thing this convenient virus will be for State liquor sales!

    Perhaps you could stop by and grab a bottle or three and support the brave men and women who are protecting you from all those scary freedoms that might show up in the oddest of places. Speaking of that, do you think it would be ironic and even a little tragically funny if these brave protesters had been arrested, incarcerated and forced to make license plates that proclaim “live free or die” on every one of them ?

    Would that be cruel and unusual punishment or does that one not count anymore either?

  5. I’d be willing to bet there isn’t a veteran Amongst you

  6. Geez Steve, I don’t think you’d win that bet.

    I think some of them have actually served time as political prisoners in the “war on drugs” and are now doing double duty in this “war on freedom”. I’d like to thank them for their service!

    Tell us about your adventures in protecting freedoms, did you roll thru a stop sign once, maybe didn’t use a capital letter at the beginning of your last name in defiance of Government force funded schools ? Guarded the secret unpublished NH controlled drug schedule with your life? Whatever it was, I’m sure you served with bravery to secure freedom !

  7. This article is poorly-written & decisive motivated reasoning at best. This is not liberty, this is fanfic masquerading as news. I’d say you should be ashamed of yourselves but it is a valid point that you are allowed to post this tripe; apparently “HIS EXCELLENCY” hasn’t gotten around to stopping that.

    Not everything is a conspiracy, but that’s what you’d expect someone deeply rooted in conspiracy denial to say.

    Best of luck, friends. I truly hope, for the sake of yourselves and the folks with whom you interact, that you continue to call for the end of tyranny from physically distant places. Please, yell longer and louder at least 6ft from each other.

  8. I find these people to be incredibly ignorant!! I get they want their freedom but who are they to compromise the health of others that may be out just to take care of their necessities and then are possibly going home to their children or spouse with cancer or parents with weakened immune systems. Who are these people to decide that it’s just a flu. Listen to the professionals people their not the government their individuals that risk their own lives everyday batteling against this pandemic!! Stop being selfish douchebags and think about what’s best for our not just our state but our country!

  9. To Steve Defecator: if you’re a veteran, what were you fighting for? Citizens voluntarily join in any legitimate act in defense of the Republic. But it is mercenaries who are employed in maintaining empires. Our nation has not lawfully defined a single military engagement since WWII worthy of voluntary involvement. Again, if you’re a veteran, what were you fighting for? Freedom, or Money? “Ye cannot serve God and Mammon.”

  10. To every thing there is a season… this is the season to fight the virus! Are so many people really lacking in restraint and control that they can’t help with stopping the spread? This great county is founded on Freedom and Bravery. There are times when being brave and strong means restraining your freedom until the battle is over. Soldiers’ sacrifice their freedoms to train for battle and to fight for our freedom. We need to do the same. Soldier on and sacrifice a little! It will go a long way.

  11. Michael Roland, you sing the song of slavery with such tone-deaf alacrity you cannot even hear its discordance. But to who have ‘ears to hear,’ an attack on liberty anywhere is an attack on liberty EVERYWHERE. You have been fed a tale, and you have obediently chewed and swallowed it, that there is ‘danger’ all about us and, for now, we need a little ‘temporary security’ for which we gladly, happily, obediently sacrifice essential, inalienable liberty. “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.” Apparently, when 50,000 of your your countrymen perished this past winter from a ‘seasonal flu,’ their death inspired in your no similar concern over the ‘danger,’ because you were not told by your masters that there was a danger, but now you are and you march in step to Herr Sununu’s decree. What else do you need to be protected from? Perhaps, since your life is more important than your soul, you should stay under permanent house arrest. “There is a lion in the streets!”

  12. Congratulations. You just have proven activists are not for the American people but for themselves. You had 12 people out of the 50 or more you were saying would show. Now that you have jeopardized your health and the health of others, Why does it take an anvil to fall on your heads before you see the big picture? Your rights don’t trump mine or anyone else’s rights not to be put in harms way.

    Sununu is running unopposed. To actually think RNP has any kind of commonsense, education, experience to be governor is hilarious. He doesn’t have a chance. He has proven that he doesn’t have the people’s best interest in mind. You think you are getting positive coverage from these stunts but you aren’t. Have you been reading your message board? Even your own people are calling you an idiot for doing these stunts..

    So what are you going to do when the governor enforces a stay at home order? You know, one that will cause you to be arrested or fined if you violate the order much like what is happening in Florida right now. It’s also an order people can live with. All it will cause is a tiny bit of discomfort if any at all.

    What are you going to do should this pandemic extend over the summer. There won’t be any pork fest, or fork fest or what ever else fest you freekeeners have.

    There will always be people like you and your freekeeners. But people like you eventually go away a lot faster then you think. You are already losing people to fight for your cause. If any of your sickly, heavy smoking, pot smoking and other drug use freekeeners get covid-19, you are going to suffer in a very bad way. You will become a statistic one way or another.

    Grow up before you pass something on that you could have controlled by not doing necessary stunts like this.

  13. Thank you TS for your input. I can tell you I will spend much time thinking about what you have said.

  14. This is a ridiculous topic. I know if I were a governor I wouldn’t want someone invading my statehouse then posting pictures on my web site. The whole picture / movie thing has been a problem ever since cell phones were able to take pictures. It got worse when they became able to shoot video. Students shoot pics of tests ect.. Schools won’t allow students phones to be on during classroom time. It’s not like there whole life would be over if they couldn’t text or pic someone.

  15. Forgot to add, There is no way Rich Paul will win. Give it up it wasn’t even close. HE’s already talking about dropping out. He hasn’t done anything for anyone.

  16. forgot to add, There’s are videos out there where Dave Ridleys are carrying a side arm into metropolitan areas. There are very few stories out there of a open carry owner shoots someone legally in a time of crisis. I am all for open carry. It’s just people who carry need to be the educators. Unfortunately this time in America people want a quick fix to crime and they look at gun carriers as criminals.

  17. Rich Paul couldn’t win an election if he was running unopposed.

  18. Forgot to add. I’m all for the first amendment but I find it very hard to believe that holding signs is that useful. If people would carry signs appropriately, then the anti sign people wouldn’t have much to stand on. Every time some knuckle head goes into a metropolitan area holding signs that just puts another feather in the hat of anti sign people showing how violent sign owners are. People need to use their brains instead of their egos.

  19. how is the MAN gonna know who’s sticking it to them, if they have masks on! I know you guys have stickittothemaneosis but!

  20. Over the summer, Jumping Jacks? Not being able to enjoy summer festivals will be the least of our problems if a third of the workforce is still forbidden to work by then.

  21. The situation is easy to fix. ID each individual who takes part in these gatherings. IF or when they require medical assistance or cause others to become infected, deny their insurance payments and stick them with the bill. If they are “lucky enough to be hospitalized” be sure they are last in line for ventilators etc.

  22. Nobody, surveilling the populace. Ahh, the sweet savor of liberty. Maybe we should “ID” each individual who purchases donuts and deny them insurance payments when they have a heart attack. That’s good, let’s encourage all the sheeple to rat out their neighbors for nutritional violations, climate violations, diversity violations. You can’t make this stuff up.

  23. nobody – I believe most freekeeners don’t have medical insurance or they get it from the government. If or when they get sick, it will be the American tax payer who will be picking up the bill. They don’t own much of anything so even if the hospitals or clinics were to go after them for payment, they don’t have much to sell.

    Ventilators or a first come for served basis. There may not be a ventilator for them. If it comes down to it, the person who can be saved will get the ventilator. So if you have someone who abuses drugs and alcohol, smokes, has a poor health record will not get a ventilator vs someone with out all the health risk factors.

  24. the only virus i got is….drum roll plz……….STICKITTOTHEMANEOSIS!!!

  25. And if you didn’t see that movie, you’re nowhere….man

  26. i Wonder if nowhere man and nobody had a baby what would come out?

  27. I didn’t realize there were so many Anons in NH?? Hmmm.

  28. what’s anon

  29. That list of people you wish to refuse care to isn’t anywhere near long enough, Jumping Jacks. Surely you can do better?

  30. It will be very interesting to see what happens this summer. If mandatory stay at home laws are still in effect, there will be no porc fest or fork fest, There won’t be any real get togethers where you plan to harm the community of Keene. Some of you may still be “well” and many won’t. Most you won’t get a stimulus check from the government because you have faked your way through not paying taxes etc…….. Yeah, it will be very interesting to see what’s coming down the road.

  31. @Jumping Jacks “if mandatory stay at home orders are still in effect…”

    What will you do if mandatory vaccination orders are enacted ? Will you willingly comply?

    Go along with forcing your unwilling neighbors? Are you confident you won’t be injected with some kind of dog rabies placebo?

    In an almost similar scenario, while being hosted at a fine “Correctional facility” for crimes of gardening, I had an opportunity to get a glimpse of mandated “government health care”.

    If I recall correctly, all prisoners were to be tested for something before being placed into general population to prevent the spread of disease. I think it may have been TB. Well after about 9 days in population, I was summoned to accompany a guard to go and see the nurse for my “intake test”. Upon explaining to the dull and somewhat vapid prison nurse that the efficacy of testing at that juncture was about nil, since I’d already been in population for 9 days, she looked bewildered.

    She tried to explain to me, “we have to do the test anyway” to maintain the records. Ahem.

  32. @Bob C, Crimes of gardening! Ah, wit!! The oxygen of life. I remember, whilst also being held captive, the strange irony of knowing that when all the world was clamoring for secure, gated communities, guaranteed adequate housing and universal health care, there, all the while, I had achieved, albeit involuntarily, what all the world seemed longing for. They said it would be paradise. In my experience, not so much. But, on those rare occasions, to rare encounter amongst my fellows, a genuinely facile mind was like cool water to a thirsty soul.

  33. @ TS Rohnevarg

    It’s my belief, good things which come from voluntary human interactions, have far fewer negative and/or unintended consequences than involuntary mandates from psychopathic people claiming non existent authority.

    This giant Milgram experiment we’re all participants in right now, is going to be a litmus test for humanity.

    I have no intention of forcing others to do anything, simply because it’s the wrong thing to do.

    I have no intention of participating in “second hand” forcing of others to do things either, which is pretty much how they’ve herded people along in the past, but that time is almost over. Not that they’ll abandon social shaming and similar behavior reinforcement tactics.

    More overt “new and improved” obedience training has already commenced. But, ” at least the liquor stores are still open”

  34. You should be careful what you wish for, Jacks. The people who’ll be coming out on top of this won’t really have that much use for people like yourself. I’m sure you’ll be licking their boots just enthusiastically as you’re doing now, though. Good luck with that.

  35. Bob C – “What will you do if mandatory vaccination orders are enacted ? Will you willingly comply?”

    At this time, there is no vaccination for covid-19 and i doubt there ever will. If there were a vaccine, you bet I would get it. in the mean time, we don’t know enough about the human immune system to create a drug or vaccine to clear a virus. If you had the cure for Corvid-19, you would have the cure for HIV, AIDS, and the common cold. We would have no more virus related illnesses.

    “Go along with forcing your unwilling neighbors? Are you confident you won’t be injected with some kind of dog rabies placebo”?

    How could I enforce my neighbors to stay at home? I have nothing to do that. I can assure you that they have been and will continue to do so, stay home.

    “In an almost similar scenario, while being hosted at a fine “Correctional facility” for crimes of gardening, I had an opportunity to get a glimpse of mandated “government health care”.

    How is being in jail similar to this pandemic? Is “gardening” the new slang for marijuana plants? When you are in jail, you are treated by a nurse. It isn’t a hotel or spa. That nurse is responsible for how ever many inmates there are’s health. You are not going to get the latest health care. If you are too sick, you will be taken to the hospital.

    “If I recall correctly, all prisoners were to be tested for something before being placed into general population to prevent the spread of disease. I think it may have been TB”.

    Yes, you are correct. It was TB “tuberculosis” and head lice.

    I don’t know what happened between you and the nurse but it is policy they test you. With drug addicts in jail the risk of infecting people with TB is very real. If you tested positive. It doesn’t mean you have TB, it means you were exposed to TB at some time. They would put you on a med called I n H. Not free of nasty side effects.

    I can only recommend not to break the law and you won’t have to know the health system of a jail or prison.

  36. Silvia DeSitter – “The people who’ll be coming out on top of this won’t really have that much use for people like yourself.”

    “People like yourself. What exactly are you talking about? You make no sense.

  37. You seem to think that you’re exceptional and will somehow remain unaffected by all of the freedoms we’re about to lose. You’re not nearly as extraordinary as you think you are, Jacks.

  38. @jumping jacks,

    If there were a law, government edict or “executive order” to forcibly vaccinate people or forcibly confine people without due process, which makes them “illegal laws” would you still encourage people to obey them? Return runaway slaves if the law demanded it ? Tell on your neighbors if they get within 6 feet of you? Whine if somebody steps on the “stay the fuck back red tape” at the grocery store checkout line?

    Being in jail is similar to a pandemic in this way, the victims in both instances are having their choices forcibly removed by people who imagine they have authority that other people don’t have. That’s a logical fail. Authority to use offensive force doesn’t exist, since it cannot be aggregated from a group of individuals none of whom had that authority over others in the first place.

    Also, in both instances, a pandemic and a victimless “criminal” in a jail, people who haven’t harmed others, are forced under threat of violence for noncompliance to be incarcerated. In both instances, jail (as I described) and forced home confinement, other people dictate your movements and grant themselves authority to use offensive force, which is wrong.

    I can only recommend that good people continue to break bad laws and disobey edicts which arise from a use of offensive force by exercising their right of conscience. Laws which violate a right are not supposed to be legally enforceable. Uh huh.

  39. And you morons will probably go and spread it to innocent people now. Why can’t we have a virus that just instantly strikes down lolbertarian flubros?

  40. @commonsense

    Respect your war vets, you puss-oozing, zit-smeared doughclown. What do you do all day besides play computer games and ensure that you can’t ever build up a sperm count greater than your shoe size?

    On second thought, keep doing that. It’ll save me the trouble of smacking you upside the head with a can of peaches and FedEx-ing your worthless carcass to NAMBLA.

  41. @ Cliff Yablonsky- If you’re such a freedom advocate, why did you serve in the military where everything you do is regimented? And don’t give me this I was drafted bullshit. You could’ve ran to another area as a dodger if you truly loved your freedom. Anyhow find a new and better gimmick, you are tiresome and repetitive as fuck. And yes, I’ll fight you anyplace, anytime. You name it and I’ll be there.

  42. The assembles of yaweh

  43. Did anyone ever hear of the assemblies of Yahweh.. Besides me

  44. Connor Fleming? Hey faggot, aren’t you that creep I saw on “Cops” last week getting arrested at a chapel for trying to marry five ferrets? It’s illegal to marry ferrets, you asshole. And why did you have a can of Crisco in a wig as your “best man?” On second thought, I don’t want to know.

    Anyway, knowing that they let blue-haired, tranny clusterfucks like you adopt kids now makes me want to pour Genesee Cream Ales down my throat until I pass out. That’s not why I fought the VC while waist deep in rice paddies.

  45. Just more gutter trash from the Daily Mirror, zx81. Fake news about covid-19 can be just as dangerous as the virus itself.

  46. @ Cliff- You seem real hung up on everybody’s sexual peccadilloes; Why is that? Real libertarians don’t care what one does, or doesn’t do with their genitalia as long as it is consensual. Also you neglected to answer my question about why you served. Did you forget to or was your only military experience come from playing with little green army men toys when you were a little Yablonsky window licker?

    Tell ya what, meet me in the empty Kohl’s parking lot at 3 PM tomorrow, Sunday April 5th. We’ll throw hands and when it’s over I’ll buy you whatever pink fizzy lady cocktail you want and serenade you with a kazoo performance of Ballad Of The Green Berets – just to show that there’s no hard feelings.

  47. Hahaha, ferret-fucker. The only thing you sweat-sopped butter trolls ever “throw hands” on is all-night Pac-Man marathons and cake-eating contests. What’s your record since last Wednesday, chuckwagon? 281 to 1 against cakes?

    Anyway, I’ve got your number. You won’t stop with ferrets. Eventually you’ll move on to dogs, cats, parakeets, farm animals, and the next thing you know that Greta Thunberg chick is President of the World dropping bombs on all our American electric power plants. Then it’s lights out and I can’t watch the Steelers on TV anymore. You think that’s why I was in Nam fighting for my country, libtard? Buy American you little rat bastard.

  48. There are few still alive in this world that I would “protect” by mask or distance. The vast majority of sheeple care no more about their Vit D and zinc levels than the consequences of surrendering precious freedom for ephemeral security. Likewise their diet (which includes “delicious” processed food and sugar), these serfs rely on others to compensate for their being disease magnets. Like the 400 pounder wanting public funding for replacement knees/hips or the alcoholics new livers, I reject all calls for pity/charity and tell them to lie in the beds they themselves made. Connor Fleming, commonsense and jumping jacks, you don’t belong here, instead a burned-out bros “meeting”. My comment that opened this discussion still pertains. Big hello to Bob C.

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