Mass Civil Disobedience Expected Saturday, Noon at NH State House – Gubernatorial Candidate “Nobody” Slated to Speak

Right to Assemble Event this Saturday at Noon at the State HouseIt’s been a couple of weeks since the first freedom to assemble event at the New Hampshire state house garnered fifteen protestors. This week I received a flyer graphic that has been shared on social media by an organization called “Health Freedom NH” who has announced they will be holding an event to protest the prison-like lockdowns under which the good people of New Hampshire have been suffering for weeks.

According to the flyer and the event on Facebook, the gathering is taking place at the New Hampshire state house in Concord from noon to 2pm this Saturday the 18th of April.

“Nobody”, the lone 2020 republican challenger to incumbent NH governor Chris Sununu is slated to speak at Saturday’s event.

Bring your signs, bring your friends who aren’t scared, and stand up for freedom. It’s your right to take a risk, your right to assemble, and your right to run your business how you want. See you there!

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  1. Look at you, Susan! Demanding more fascism? Who would’ve thought?

    Look around, numbskull. Americans are having lockdown protests across the country. What’s that telling you? If Americans had any confidence that the government’s response to this virus was thoroughly rooted in “science,” they wouldn’t be protesting against their policy decisions in the numbers that they are.

    But they don’t have that confidence. And for good reason. When states like MI ban joint replacement surgeries but encourages abortions and lotto ticket sales, you know there’s more than “science” going on. No epidemiologist recommended that. And neither did Donald Trump. These are leftist policies. Policies people like you support. And they’re actually hurting people. Expect more protests before all this is over, Susan.

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