VIDEO: Concord Police VS Parents at Playground

Concord police have ignored groups of protestors at the state house but are more than happy to target a small group of parents at a local playground, when called to scene by a local cowardly snitch. Thankfully, this is New Hampshire and the parents, as yet unidentified in this video originally posted to social media, give the police hell in response! If only more people pushed back like this against government gangsters.

The parents rightfully call the police “NAZIs” and “robots” and get the costumed people to admit that someone had called and snitched on the families for being at the playground. As you might expect, the cops lie to the parents, claiming they have to investigate if called. However, that’s not true as police have discretion and can choose to do nothing. Claiming they are obligated to investigate is a common lie by police to justify harming peaceful people. At the end of the amazing video, the male cop tries to propagandize the parents about COVID-19 and one lady starts coughing – the cops then finally leave – it’s hilarious!

Kudos to these parents for calling out the police and recording video of their thuggish behavior. Thank goodness some people are standing up for freedom here in New Hampshire. Those of us who don’t want to live in fear – as the state and mainstream media are demanding – need to let our voices be heard. I don’t want to live in an insane medical authoritarian nightmare state, what about you?

If you are sick of this shit and want more freedom, come to the state house this Saturday from noon to 2pm in Concord and join the next freedom-to-assemble rally. See you there!

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  1. There are currently 2,899,830 confirmed cases in the world and that only includes those who were tested. Who knows how many have it and haven’t been tested. Covid-19 is very real and it is a pandemic. I work in the health care field. I have seen people die from covid-19. It is very sad to watch while doing everything possible to save them. Now take that 2,000,000 and times it by 10 that is the average people one person would have contact with in a day. Those numbers will obviously double soon after that. Playing games with your life is your business. If you are responsible for infecting anyone, and cause deaths to your family and friends or even strangers, that to will be on you. Your propaganda was taken from some book or media run by activists. Activists are not biased. Libertarians are also not biased so I don’t buy into any of that.

  2. I’m curious if a person is arrested for violating “his excellencies executive order” what the charging complaint will say and how will it be handled by the court system.

    It sure seems like there would be some very interesting legal elasticity triple speak needed to process and convict. Not that there isn’t a decent supply of legal elasticity triple speak available from the secret fountain of spoof guarded closely by people “just doing their job”


  3. This is pathetic. These parents should be ashamed of themselves. Comparing our police to Nazis is NOT okay. They are doing their job, trying to save idiots like these people. Setting a great example for their kids. These parents and the author of this article are the reason why we are going to lose the battle with this pandemic, and/or lose even more time from our normal lives because they can’t follow simple guidelines. So I guess in “Live Free or Die!”, you choose die. Maybe not for you, but for the countless number of people you might unknowingly infect because of your own selfishness. Congrats.

  4. @dancedancerevolution, Police in NH before being able to “just do their jobs” are required to swear an oath to protect (abide by) the Constitution.

    If a law or “executive order” runs contrary to the Constitution, the wise and brave Police Officer is supposed to gallop in on a white horse, fuck the pretty girl (at the end of the movie) and arrest the person(s) responsible for trashing the Constitution and then get a ticker tape parade and bask in the adulation of the saved people they “serve and protect”.

    This will of course occur after the even wiser and braver Judges discover the truth and rule for justice to reign supreme with a magical legal finding, as long as you aren’t wearing a hat in court and bow to them upon command. Their spells won’t work unless you bow, it’s in their self empowering rule book, so you know it’s true!

    If an executive order runs contrary to the Constitution, and a Police Officer enforces the executive order, they could be guilty of violating a persons rights and subject to a lawsuit . You just need some faith, in the “system” that’s how it really really works!.

    Why do you hate cops so much you want them to get sued and to go against their oath to protect the Constitution ? Are you saying cops are just mindless paid mercenaries incapable of discerning when to disobey illegal orders to serve your own selfishness? You should be ashamed of yourself!

  5. No they choose to have some freedom and let their children play which is their choice. Not everyone is a robot to this fuck fuck government who wants everyone to be scared. Do you ppl know that SARS is a form of covid!? They didn’t do this shit for that if you got it you got and same now. No matter what ppl do ppl ARE going to get it. Yes it sucks that ppl are losing their lives to it it’s very sad but ppl die every year from the flu from all kinds of diseases….and those cops… no they aren’t “just doing there job” if ppl wanna go out they can. There wasn’t a bunch of other ppl there it was their little family there hanging out!!!

  6. You can disagree with the clearly unconstitutional order and the police but you don’t have to be an jack hole to the police. Take the time to be civil and perhaps educate them with facts instead of bombarding with questions and trying to intimidate. I agree with what the parents are doing, I do not agree with the disrespect shown to another human being.

  7. Those parents are cowards. Identify yourselves. I support the police 100 percent. They are trying to do their job Covid is real and people are passing away from it. They are not being Nazis. Learn your history

  8. You parents are ignorant! They are doing this for the safety of the public. They are responding to a call and you all are acting like idiots. I hope the next time you are in need of law enforcement, they don’t respond. See how that sits with you. This is a serious illness. Many loved ones have actually died from.

  9. Way to show your children how to respect (disrespect) the law and the fine people whom are to uphold it.
    There comes a time in life (like this) when you need to ask urself. Do I want to be right or do I want to be happy. When wanting to be right come at the cost of the children crying in the background of this video that’s when one should really back down.
    I do however agree, after seeing the protests on Main Street, that there seemed to be a double standard. There were more than 100 people gathering, and not one officer.
    What is good for one and enforced. Should be the same for all.
    As adults we are the ones who set the examples for our children. This is the time when need to have this be the learning / teaching that, we may not like the rules but we need to respect them. We may not like our bosses (the governor’s order or presidential orders), but they are our bosses and we need to respect them. Do you think everyone in the military wants to be in Iraq or other places around the world fighting a fight that they may not agree with? Probably not, but they are there because that’s what they are told to do and they do it. They defend and protect.
    Teach your children to be the change you want to see in the world. Not act like a coward behind a phone posting a video like this. It does NO good in these times.
    Thank you to ALL the front line and first responders who are working hard during this pandemic.

  10. You are pretty good with the name calling Ian. The police do have to investigate when they are called. I understand what the parents are doing but to put children in danger is very irresponsible.

    Before you go off calling the police names and thinking they don’t have to do their jobs, look at yourself. You are so hell bent on proving everyone wrong that you are willing to risk life and limb at the expense of those minions who follow you. It’s all about you and nothing else.

    Calling someone names who was concerned about children being exposed to covid-19 is a pathetic response from you.

    Prove the police officers lied.

  11. These parents are the same people who one sees in the “I’m not driving, I’m traveling” videos on You Tube.

  12. Hey there GnarlyKnob, I’ll see your word smithing and raise you a “taxes aren’t theft” cuz the exempt from consistency and morality “authorities” did it. You gonna call or fold ?

  13. @ Chef Peacock, Atta boy you tell ’em !

    Thank you for your servitude !!

  14. Wow! Impressive display of some smart, New Hampshire minded people. They stood up to the Nazi cops very well. People are buying this scam hook, line and sinker. From the 80% false positives in testing to the money doctors are given for adding “corona” to a freshly dead person’s medical paperwork for money and that’s the new rule. I’d like to thank these folks for giving their children healthy outdoors activities instead of becoming more lazy and sick and weak from perverted government rulings that create dum slavish minded humans. This is what New Hampshire is all about. Freedom is more healthy that licking the boots of small men or women following orders of their masters and so is not buying into the paranoia. Bravo to these peaceful folks! Go away government! Not needed! Not even welcome!

  15. White trash…

  16. What is humorous is the blind enforcement of law. The police officer himself doesn’t have a mask on properly and they expect you to follow there orders. I wouldn’t be going out and using the playgrounds right now, but this is silly. Stop utilizing violence to achieve your political objectives.

  17. Jumping jacks:

    ” You stated “I understand what the parents are doing but to put children in danger is very irresponsible.”

    This isn’t true. The evidence suggests children are more or less immune from the virus. Unless something has changed that I’m unaware of the children might be carriers and so it’s not risk free, but it’s unlikely they’re going to die. It may have some impact on them down the road that we’re not entirely clear on, but to say these parents are putting kids in danger is a but ridicules. I doubt there is a single American who doesn’t put there kid in a car, bus, or some other vehicle and these things are also risky. What level of risk we’re all willing to accept differs and attacking people because of it… well…. your an ass hole.

  18. These parents are disgusting. Why would you teach your children to be disrespectful to law enforcement. Referring to them as Nazis. Really? Are you seriously comparing this situation to that.
    The language being used in front of the children as well as exposing them to a ridiculous confrontation must have been upsetting to them. Clearly
    there is crying from at least 1 child.
    Nice how you dont show your faces. Whoever was coughing should really be ashamed of themselves. You better pray you dont get this virus you bunch of morons

  19. It’s because of people like these “parents” that this Virus will last longer. I’ve never been so utterly disappointed and disgusted by people in and around my community. Coughing like that on your child at the end like this is all a joke? Really? How exactly is that benefiting anyone? Also calling these Officers Nazis? When people do that, it is a complete insult to the people who ACTUALLY suffered under that group of people. I get it, the self isolating is tremendously aggravating, but that’s no excuse to act like a moron and make it worse for everyone, which these people are. Stop being a bunch of cowards and take the precautions to protect not just yourself, but the people around you.

  20. @runningwolfkenpo says;@Rob;@Jessica;@Chef Peacock;@Jumping Jacks;@CantwelllsGnarlyKnob;@Rosie;@Diane;@Brian

    There are 1,787 cases of WuFlu in all of NH. That’s the tenth lowest in the nation. If we need to protect ourselves from anyone right now, it’s from politically ambitious bureaucrats and worthless shitbags like you who can always be counted upon to do their bidding.

  21. “These parents are disgusting. Why would you teach your children to be disrespectful to law enforcement.”

    That’s easy, Diane. Because police are the extortionary element of the criminal governments who employ them.

    “Referring to them as Nazis. Really? Are you seriously comparing this situation to that.”

    Yes, Diane. We are. You libtards employ the term for all sorts of unsuitable things, don’t you? It’s about time someone used the term for a situation where it’s deserved.

    “The language being used in front of the children as well as exposing them to a ridiculous confrontation must have been upsetting to them. Clearly there is crying from at least 1 child.”

    Does it occur to you that they were probably scared of the armed government workers, Diane? They should be. Gangsters can be dangerous. Especially in groups.

    “Nice how you dont show your faces.” (sic)

    Why don’t you post your full name, address, and phone number here yourself, libtard? Worried there might be some repercussions?

    “Whoever was coughing should really be ashamed of themselves.”

    That was fake coughing, Diane. Leave it to a libtard like you to get all outraged about nothing.

    “You better pray you dont get this virus you bunch of morons.” (sic)

    Did you miss the good news, Diane? 80% of those infected don’t develop any symptoms. Oops. Not exactly the apocalypse you’d hoped for, is it sweetheart?

  22. I’m of the mind to do social distancing. Not because of what the gooberment says. If the guberment agrees with me that’s good. To me some stuff just seems like being a contraryian. If people made their move irrellative to what the government does then they’d be freer

  23. Free Staters get out of NH. Go buy an island somewhere and get out of NH.

  24. Social distancing is your life, Crawford, because no one wants to be near you. Especially the young girls you perv on.

  25. You don’t know what you are talking about: You are a fake name saying fake things. 🙂

  26. Rochelle Kelly a Weare NH school board members stars in this. Stay classy Check the Weare Police Facebook page for an excellent response. Stay home

  27. Disgusting to watch these pathetic adults spit on the playground equipment

  28. What a bunch of weak sacks in the comments section. I think some of these folks have lost their minds. I also think they are a clear indication of just how people can act when behind a screen, as well as when governments lie to them, just how easily distracted they are from their natures. The percents language was not nearly as awful as cops obeying unnatural orders. I’m of the opinion that if you follow most of what police say, you really aren’t New Hampshire anyway. I was here before the Free State folks were here and am glad for every one of them and their contributions to keeping us reasonable, autonomous types, moving in a less tyrannical and less indoctrinated flow. I don’t believe these folks in the video were Free Staters, they are truly New Hampshire. Grateful for them I truly am. Sad for some of these weak, mentally owned folks in this comments section.

  29. They are very quick to showcase the police the cowardly hid behind the cameras themselves. The police have a job. These families could be carrying the virus and are putting their hands all over the place. If you want to be a hero and put people on blast, then stand up and be willing to show yourselves. They would be the first people to call the police when someone breaks into their house. Absolute zeros!

  30. Clarence were you the one that coughed at them??

  31. kk – “This isn’t true. The evidence suggests children are more or less immune from the virus”. That is a down right lie. Their immune systems are not as strong as an adults. They are more susceptible to infections and virus’s then adults. Why do you see so many kids getting a cold virus through out the school year.

    As far as the parents go, yea, it must be tough to keep your children at home with no one to play with or can’t just go outside and be a kid. It’s rough on the parents and the children. No one is going to place children in harms way just because “they can”.

    Comparing auto accidents ect… to the covidvirus is a poor analogy. They are two very different entities. A virus is a medical infection. Auto accidents are trauma related.

    The rest of your BS falls by the road side. Of course you have to throw in insults and derogatory statements.

    Grow up

  32. Wiggles – Your words are full of paranoia. No one has organized a coup and no one has created outlandish laws. Chill out. If you are that paranoid maybe take it a step further. Move to Mexico or some other country.

  33. Just like yelling “Fire” in a theatre isn’t a ‘right’, spreading a deadly virus unnecessary is also not a ‘right’.

    I would like to see Darwinism take out the far left and right of our political population but these idiots would take innocent people with them (like the kids crying in the background of this video).

    We need to protect our freedoms, absolutely. But let’s not use commonsense like it’s a limited resource. Be strong, be safe.

  34. We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

    Unless there’s a virus….

  35. Whoever wrote this trash is disgusting. What they did is SICK and DISRESPECTFUL. I know one of the people in the video and shes trash too. Its despicable anyone is defending this brash behavior towards officers just doing their jobs.

  36. “Your words are full of paranoia. No one has organized a coup and no one has created outlandish laws.”

    Don’t be so sure about that, shitbag.

    “Chill out. If you are that paranoid maybe take it a step further. Move to Mexico or some other country.””

    Nah. I’m staying here, retard. Mexico sounds more like your thing. Or maybe even Argentina? I hear nazis like you just love the place.

  37. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.–

    Unless there’s a virus….

  38. What a bunch of wanna be freedom fighters. They should be locked up for child abuse and assault.

  39. These parents come across as ignorant, uneducated, disrespectful, pathetic losers.
    Losers. Harsh term, but I can think of no other. Go ahead, spend at the playground. I can’t imagine them interacting with normal adults. (In any setting e.g. professional / social). The notion that the article applauds their behavior is laughable and shocking at the same time. Zero class. Zero. The content of their POV is almost irrelevant, because the behavior is that of a petulant, illogical, unbalanced toddler.
    The police officers demonstrated remarkable restraint.

  40. If anyone knows these people that were disrespectful to these police officers that are just doing what they’re supposed to, report them to the police department. They should be fined. Any one of them could have the virus and if a sick child is ever exposed to one of them, their immune system is low., Do you know if a lung cancer person gets this virus, the chances of living a normal life of breathing are unlikely. Why do some of you people respect this? No one should be called a Nazi. I wonder what they call everyone else that they don’t like. This isn’t about politics here, its about caring about others.

  41. LFOD603, Joy, and Sue. Eat a dick. All of you. Respectfully. Because the most important reason to get people back to work has nothing to do with jobs or the economy. It’s to get virtue signalling retards like yourselves the fuck off social media.

  42. You people are misinformed. The constitution does not give you the right to put other people in danger by spreading a disease. Also, all public spaces are under some form of government whether it be federal, state or municipal. That public space can be closed and deemed off limits during an emergency situation or time the government feels there is a danger to the public. One of the main jobs of government is to provide for the safety of the people, all people. That means that sometimes, some of us need to be inconvenienced. The people in this video who were harassing the police, need to grow up. I’m surprised the police remained so patient and polite. I would slapped the Karen who was saying “what is your badge number? Perfect. What is your Name?”

  43. “You people are misinformed.”

    No we’re not.

    “The constitution does not give you the right to put other people in danger by spreading a disease.”

    The Constitution doesn’t give us any rights, Dan. We already have them. What it does do is limit the power of the federal government and the states to infringe upon them.

    “One of the main jobs of government is to provide for the safety of the people, all people.”

    Bullshit. When government workers tell you they want to keep you safe, they’re doing so because they want to control you.

    “That means that sometimes, some of us need to be inconvenienced.”

    Also bullshit. Being forbidden to leave your house or earn a living isn’t an inconvenience, Dan. You’re rationalizing tyranny.

    “The people in this video who were harassing the police, need to grow up. I’m surprised the police remained so patient and polite. I would slapped the Karen who was saying “what is your badge number? Perfect. What is your Name?””

    Do you often fantasize about cops slapping people around for asking questions, Dan? Seems like a weird thing to find worthy of admiration.

    By the way, you’re obviously not fully grasping the concept behind the “Karen” meme. The “Karen” in this particular incident is not who you think it is.

  44. “…I have sworn upon the altar of god eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.”

    Unless there’s a virus….

  45. I think it’s very cowardly to fear a hyped up virus when this is more about lies and deceit than caring for a family. Nobody has really died directly from the virus. Absolutely nobody. Who has died are people who are sick with other things. Let’s be real about this. Wearing masks is not saving anyone. It makes you look like some idiot from mAssachewshits. Those people live their tyranny and believe anything their government says to do. Go outside. Live your life. Get a clue.

  46. These people look like idiots. This should be embarrassing. The cops are doing their jobs, and they should understand that this is a pandemic. The easiest thing to do to get everything back to normal is to follow the stay at home order. Harassing these policemen is just embarrassing. They’ll be the first people you call when you have a problem. And comparing this situation to the Holocaust? Disgusting, absolutely embarrassing. Get a clue

  47. Whoever wrote this article should get punched in the throat as hard as these parents. How do you survive such stupidity everyday? I’m honestly embarrassed for you and your willingness to make such an ass of yourself publicly. Way to shit all over the people that are risking their lives everyday to keep you safe. Go eat a tidepod and save us and covid the trouble

  48. These parents are the epitome of fucking dense, these officers are doing their job and aren’t being paid enough to deal with this bullshit, remember who you called nazis next time you “need the authorities help”, fucking clowns

  49. It truly is sad to see how domesticated this country has become. Everyone is just “doing their job” bringing in 1984.

  50. The cops are the ones doing the harassment.

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