Hope Chapel to Challenge Governor’s Order by Holding Real-Life Services in Keene Tomorrow at 11am

Hope Chapel to Violate Governor's Orders

Hope Chapel to Bravely Challenge Governor’s Tyrannical, Illegal Orders

Local longtime liberty-loving pastor Joe Mabe has announced that tomorrow morning at 11am his church, Hope Chapel will be resuming real-life services at 667 Main St. in Keene. Mabe is a vocal critic of the COVID crackdown happening across the New Hampshire and most of the rest of the world and despite “HIS EXCELLENCY” governor Chris Sununu’s “orders” prohibiting people from gathering in groups larger than ten, Mabe will be encouraging his church members and anyone else who would like to join, to come to the special outdoor service.

Mabe told me that if people would like to attend and stay in vehicles they are welcome to, however hugs will be offered and outdoor table seating will be available to those who are not afraid of human contact.

Across the United States, religious leaders have been key in the pushback against the rising medical authoritarian tyranny we’ve been seeing. Kudos to Mabe and the rest of Hope Chapel for standing up for the freedom to assemble. I haven’t been to a Christian church service in many years, but this is an important occasion and I will attend to show solidarity from the Shire Free Church.

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  1. excellent. Is he the first one?

  2. Yea- going out? Sure. Hugs? Stupid. There is revolting against your captors and then there is just plain stupid.

  3. In Texas people are going back to hugs. You are living under an old paradigm.

  4. Excellent news!

    Good people disobeying bad “not laws” . Of course, that could make the concept of “good people disobeying bad laws” all that more appetizing. Get two birds stoned at once!

    Lockdowns are slavish and absurd. No problem with absurd, but slavish!!??

  5. A so called “red neck church”. Very interesting. As Jesus has said, “Where two or more are gathered in my name, I will be there.

    I get the impression this is more of a publicity stunt then a religious meeting. I like the outdoors thing. I wish my church would do that.

  6. You know what else Jesus said? Thou shalt not steal. Remember that when you’re paying your taxes, numbnuts.

  7. Roger the shrubber – Jesus said, pay what is owed to Cesar and pay what is owed to God. In other words, Pay your taxes

  8. Jesus also said “my house will be called the house of prayer, but you have made it a den of thieves.” This is what Jesus really thought of taxes, Jumping Jacks. I can do this all day, by the way. I’d give up if I were you. Trust me, numbnuts, you really don’t want to take a ride on this train.

  9. Roger the shrubber – You are way off the deep end. You said,

    “my house will be called the house of prayer, but you have made it a den of thieves.”

    Jesus was addressing those who were turning the house of the lord, “synagogues” into kind of shopping mall for profiteers. Instead of reserving the house of the lord for prayer and sacrifices to God only.

    ” We see Peter being asked if Jesus paid this tax in Matthew 17:24-27; Jesus had Peter pay the tax for both of them with a shekel found in a fish’s mouth”.

    Jesus’s words in the book of Mathew has nothing to do with tax collection or tax collectors. Educate yourself.


  10. Your source is “Got Questions,” Jumping Jacks? Wow, that’s really funny. My niece uses that when she does her homework for bible school. She’s an 8-year-old, by the way.

    Anyway, Jesus was in opposition to the Temple tax. And his reaction in the Temple grounds was in response to the practice of money changers routinely cheating Temple worshipers. His outrage was also directed to the Sanhedrin who stored that stolen money at the Temple. The Sanhedrin plotted to kill Jesus for this insult.

    Why, you ask? Because the Sanhedrin cooperated with the Romans and the Judean aristocracy. They were unsympathetic to the plight of many Judeans who were in danger of losing their land because of tax debts levied by the Romans and were only interested in using the Temple Tax for their own selfish purposes. An insult that was repaid not long after Jesus’s execution when the debt records in the Temple archives were burned by rioters at the start of the Jewish-Roman war.

    You see, numbnuts, there’s history and then there’s fiction. A “doctoral candidate” like yourself should be able to tell the difference, shouldn’t he?

  11. @Jumping Jacks,

    Jesus anointed ill people with cannabis oil and was an earthly Anarchist.

    Do you think he would obey lockdown orders today or defy them and continue to preach peace etc. to large gatherings of people ?

  12. Roger the shrubberSo, How does any of this relate to your initial statements? You were caught voicing misinformation so you change everything up?

    Everyone one was taxed back then. The tax collectors became the the most hated people because their wages from their excessively high taxes. In other words, they skimmed off the top. If they didn’t they would have no income.

  13. Bob C – Historians aren’t sure he anointed with cannabis oil. But it is an interesting thought.

    “Do you think he would obey lockdown orders today or defy them and continue to preach peace etc. to large gatherings of people ?”

    I believe Jesus would have found other ways to safely do his ministry. He wasn’t on Earth to cause controversy, he was here to preach the good news and word of God. The only real people who thought he was a “rebel” were the pharisees and other church leaders who took Jesus as a direct threat to their power.

  14. Let me get this straight here, Jumping Jacks. So your position is:

    Collecting taxes isn’t stealing because Jesus said it all belonged to Caesar anyway.

    And tax collectors stole a little off the top of what they stole for the Romans because they had to make a living somehow.

    Except they weren’t really stealing because… reasons.

    So make it rain, Judeans.

    Oh, and Good News, everyone, none of this is in any way a crapload of crazy talk.

    Wow. Now that’s pure genius there, numbnuts. By the way, how many shots of firewater did it take for you to come up with all that horseshit anyway? I don’t envy your hangover tomorrow morning, I can tell you that much.

  15. so did anyone go to the meeting?

  16. I went. This is Joe Mabe. It was just a gathering of friends and neighbors done safely. In the Sun. Hugs are not stupid. They are life-giving to depressed and fearful people. Raises your immune system and released healing seratonin. If you need a hug and do not have the zombie making virus with puss coming out of your eyeballs, I’ll give you one. I’ve been tested 3 times and I’m good. Jesus loves all of you! Let’s all love each other with no criticism. Life is too short.

  17. You can’t pass the collection basket at Zoom church. Jesus is fiction and religion is a con.

  18. Roger the shrubber – Again with the name calling? What is your problem. All of this occurred over 2,000 years ago or don’t you understand that.

    Your childish BS truly shows how dumb people act. Keep up the good work troll. You call yourself intelligent but the jury is out on that one.

    You are pathetic at best.

  19. Whoah. It didn’t take you long to forget the original premise of our conservation, did it? Taxation is theft, remember, numbnuts?

    And what are you fussing about, anyway? I did warn you not to take a ride on this train, didn’t I Jumping Jacks?

  20. CGK thinks he’s ahead of the curve because he’s figured out there isn’t a God. In reality he’s just a lowlife scumbag who sifts through my trash cans and steals all the wire coathangers and dead batteries I throw out.

    Usually I just toss a net on him and spray him for ticks. Next time I’m loading the tranquilizer darts with Clorox.


  21. That’s not what you say when Yablowme, Cliff.

  22. Roger the shrubber – As usual you are an uneducated little troll with small dick syndrome. You know nothing about anything.
    You can’t even carry on an intelligent conversation. That must be horrifying for you. You change your name all the time and have become an internet troll. I don’t know why Ian puts up with you but more than likely you are one of his auditors of this forum. Of course he doesn’t follow any of the rules he set out for this forum.

    Reading your rants and raves just show why dumbasses like you are always studied. When someone wants to find a new chromosome that keeps people stupid you are the first to come to mind. That is about all you are worth.

    I’m sure when you were in grammar school, if you went to school, I doubt you wanted to grow up and be a troll but here you are. One of the biggest trolls on this forum. I’ll have an intelligent conversation with you when you become intelligent.

  23. Wow, Jumping Jacks. That off the wall outburst of yours was thoroughly inspiring. Truly it was. And I’m not just saying that because I feel sorry about that brain thing you have or anything.

    Anyway, numbnuts, you’ve missed the point of our conversation entirely. For some reason you’ve come to the conclusion that disobedience or rebellion against a law, be it taxation or whatever other kind of bullshit you want to foist upon the rest of us folks, is entirely immoral. You’re so convinced of this, you’ll even recite contradictory elements in the bible as proof of your convictions.

    A pretty crazy position to be taking, isn’t it Jumping Jacks? Especially once you come across this fine statement from the Apostle Peter: “We must obey God rather than any human authority.” Acts 5:29.

  24. CGK the Dumpster Gnome dives in for a half-eaten cucumber panini and protects +5 from CRABS INFESTATION! Quick! Boost defense against drunk Orc hipster faggots with RAPE WHISTLE +3!

    Fuck, nothing quite like watching a bunch of social justice dorks like yourself LARP across all ethnic gaps and turn the entire world into a bunch of raving lunatics afraid of the sniffles. You all should be dismembered and shoved into a nuclear waste barrel.

    Now go back to protesting pastrami at the Price Chopper deli counter, or whatever the fuck it is you do, you genderfluid simp. The titty bars are all still locked down around town and I’ve got two social security checks burning a hole in my pocket.


  25. You religious nuts jobs are just nuts. Nothing more nothing less. Every time I hear somebody seriously say something about religion and it isn’t tax connected I think “ohh fuck, not another one”. Jacks: You aren’t the only nut job here. Your just adding to the pile of crackpots.

  26. Good to hear it went well. Sunshine and hugs 🙂

  27. So this has been an amusing read! I’d like to get all of you together in a room, give everyone a beer, and record the conversation. It would be way better to watch than anything on Netflix.

  28. I was stuck in a foxhole once back in Nam with a genderfluid libtard just like one of these creeps. Long story short, he or she or whateverthefuck was going on and on about nonbinary cis pronouns or some shit until I took his Cosmopolitan magazine and crammed it so far down his gullet that he’s been shitting ads for douche products ever since. The MPs let me off with a warning because I’m a goddamn war hero.


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