“Nobody” Files First in NH Republican Gubernatorial Primary

It’s official. New Hampshire voters will for the first time be able to cast a vote for Nobody for governor. Sick of Sununu and his insanely destructive “stay at home” lockdown where he tries to micromanage everyone’s businesses? Do you wish New Hampshire was actually a live-free-or-die place instead of an insane authoritarian medical state? Nobody should be your candidate of choice during the September primary.

Here’s footage of Nobody filing first for the republican primary gubernatorial election for 2020 and his answers to why he’s running and how differently he’d handle the COVID-19 situation from the tyrant-King Sununu:

Vist ElectNobody.com and vote for Nobody on the republican primary ballot on September 8th, 2020. Remember, if you’re registered as undeclared you can declare as republican when you go to vote, cast your ballot, then undeclare again as you leave the room.

You can connect with Nobody via his campaign website, Telegram chat, and Forum.

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  1. You call Sununu’s decisions insane? What would you call RNP’s decisions? RNP is a felon illegal drug using imbecile. He can’t even clean himself up when claiming to run for office.

    His ideas are insane and from the far side. He would put NH back into the dark ages. He has never done anything for the community he lives in.

    On the up side, comedy does seem to be his thing. It’s always a laugh to see him doing anything.

  2. @Jumping Jacks, I’m sorry but I think you’re wrong on the imbecile part and insane ideas part.

    I’d venture Nobody has a high i.q. and if he could ensure an alternative to free ponies, maybe free burros or something, he’d be the perfect Governor. I mean think about it, a stimulus package that gifts a free ass. Who doesn’t like free ass?

  3. Ass men only make up a fifth of all voters, Somebody. I could go for some big sopping wet breasts myself for a change. Any candidate who supports giving me that for free has my vote.

  4. Somebody – I disagree. I have never seen RNP do anything that was for the community he lives in or put intelligence in his actions.

    His running for governor is a goof and a publicity stunt. freekeeners enjoy publicity and limelight. If they don’t get it in moderate doses, they will create an outlandish stunt to show people they are here.

  5. Nobody looks like he stinks and doesn’t know how to wipe his ass properly.

  6. JumpingJacks – I think RNP showed lots of courage with the 4:20 in the park thing years ago. I think he knows you own you and he owns himself. That’s a good foundation for community.

    I also appreciate that he’d pardon victimless crime “criminals” , which would reduce your tax burden and be a step towards ending the Police State. It’s also the right thing to do for those unfortunate people the state has victimized. I watched the video and liked his thoughts on the virus thing and the declaration of independence too.

    Nobody is just who need for Governor! I see a landslide, Sununu should start packing.

  7. George Felton.

    Hey dickbag. All the comic book stores are closed, so what’re you doing for fun these days? Sculpting a “girlfriend” made completely out of cake frosting? I should drown you in my pool, but the scum from your greasy body would probably just clog up the skimmer.

  8. Push Sununu to face the libertarian candidates in a televised debate.

  9. Sununu will not debate, he’s too “royal blood line” to lower himself to debating a Nobody or a Libertarian.

    He is a “serious” politician and doesn’t “have time” to make a mockery of his wise and noble service to the people he serves.

    He’s being groomed as a possible Presidential actor in the future and just needs a few gray hairs to show up, before he goes too bald to complete the wise and even tempered Presidential ensemble. It’s almost time for an even tempered President who will be like the dad on leave it to beaver, who will reinvigorate family values and the missionary position with the lights turned off!

    He has a long family line of public servants and only wants to serve his servants and sell them lots of alcohol, because servers serve alcohol and alcohol is good to serve, if it gives the self serving State revenue.

    Besides, without alcohol sales we couldn’t fund the illegal unwarranted DWI police gang stops and the alcohol prevention programs so desperately needed. Wisdom, balanced budgets, and drinking responsibly!

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