Straddling Two Worlds | Smiling Faces or Concealed Faces

My partner Steven and I walk through the streets of Portsmouth, New Hampshire after a unique experience attempting to dine out.

Documenting a walk through downtown Portsmouth on a Wednesday afternoon, June 3, 2020. Some people are wearing masks because they are required to by dictate of Chris Sununu. He will shut down the businesses if they don’t comply. But it’s really depressing to me to see people like this and to be required to do it myself to enter certain businesses. I want to live life! I understand life has risks, and I am willing to take this one.

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  1. What is this? If people want to wear masks then they will. Businesses follow the rules to keep open. The pandemic isn’t over as of yet.

  2. You can shove your “pandemic” horseshit where the sun don’t shine, Jumping Jacks. The bad thing about coronavirus has never been the virus itself. It’s the fact that we’ve had to spend the last few months being held captive by ghoulish egoists like yourself who can never stop wagging their manicured fingers at anyone wanting to go back to their normal lives.

  3. @Jumping Jacks, you’re half right. If people want to wear masks, let them.

    If people DON’T want to wear masks, don’t force them to.

    If people want to shop at Fear Fear Fear Market, let them. If other people want to shop at I’m not a sheep market, let them. Each get what they want.

    If people, want to close their shop and self quarantine let them. Don’t use violent threats to force others too though while keeping your liquor store open and calling yourself “His Excellency” (que sounds of Imperial trumpets) the Grand Poobah of the “Live free or die” State. Snicker.

    If you don’t have freedom of choice, you aren’t free. If you aren’t free, somebody else owns you.

  4. Bob C – I understand what you are saying but when people are going to be close together for example in a Dr. office, Dentist office, store, etc… and those places have a policy for people to mask up, big deal. They are private businesses. They can set what ever policies they want. No one is threatening anyone.

    Do you know anyone who has been “threatened” for not wearing a mask? Have you seen a covid-19 patient die? It’s a horrible death. Why risk it?

  5. @Jumping Jacks,

    All orders from a State come with a threat for noncompliance, that’s why they call them orders rather than suggestions. Yes, I know people who have been threatened for not wearing a mask.

    I have not seen a cv19 patient die. I have seen freedom die though and that bothers me.

  6. Jacks hasn’t seen anyone die from it either, Bob. Like most assholes, Jacks thinks telling people awful things like that makes him appear good-natured and humane. That way his opinions will be more worthy of consideration and respect.

  7. Oh, and Jacks? I guess you haven’t heard, have you? Even your celebrated torch-bearer Anthony Fauci has admitted that the protection masks offer us is unsettled at best. Turns out he mostly just wants us wearing them because they symbolize our obedience to the authorities. Wow. What a swell guy he is. I can see why you love your shackles so much.

  8. Bob C – How many people do you know of that have been arrested for not wearing a mask? How about around your community? The pandemic isn’t over as of yet. It may not be over for a long time. In 1918 the pandemic ended and then struck again a year later.

    I certainly hope the wearing of masks becomes obsolete soon.

  9. They don’t have a purpose already, stupid.

    The non-sick are being forced to wear masks for the purposes of signalling their virtue to the sick-in-the head members of the population.

    Think about that. The sane must be forced to accept anything that makes the insane feel better. No matter how much it actually harms hundreds of millions of people.

  10. The masks don’t bother me. The 6 ft thing doesn’t bother me. The government utilizing violence to achieve an objective on the other hand (orders, enforcement, etc) does. Businesses and the governor should be leading by example by wearing masks, keeping six ft apart, not getting on TV with a sign language person and telling people whats going on. I have no issue with the governor giving advice, but he should at least be demonstrating what he’s preaching to an unimpeachable degree. Politicians who have lied about whats happening have undermined peoples perception of reality. The virus is real, not some hoax. The question isn’t whether or not it is real. It’s to what extent we should be worried about it and what actions are reasonable for people to take. I don’t always wear a mask, but I do make the effort to reduce my interaction with others, particularly those whom are clearly doing the same. I respect other people and I think that is all anybody should be doing. If you don’t like the masks and don’t believe there is a risk businesses shouldn’t be prohibited from catering to non-mask wearers even if it is against the advice of the majority of people who understand the threat, up to the point it which we currently understand it anyway.

    I think the reaction of those calling this a hoax are letting others twist and distract from the real issues. It doesn’t matter if this virus is “real”. What should be at issue is the violence that is being perpetrated by government in the name of the virus thereof. If we focus on the virus being real or not it will just undermine the argument and divide people who believe that the violent actions of government on peaceful people are wrong no matter whether the intention of government is good or not.

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