VIDEO: Keene Police Prove it’s Business As Usual By Targeting Peaceful Nightcap Event

KPD Officers Tim Richmond and Jake Laporte

KPD Officers Tim Richmond and Jake Laporte, just following orders.

For a dozen weeks, Keene police have ignored the weekly “Nightcap” events that have happened in Central Square, Fridays starting at 11:59pm. I had no reason to continue writing about the events here because they were a success – peaceful people having a quiet party in the Common, unmolested by state aggression.

Until this weekend, when the Keene police attacked in the form of ticketing everyone’s car parked around Central Square. This, while nationwide protests are calling for the defunding or outright abolition of police. In fact, just a dozen or so hours after the police targeted and littered their threats on the cars around the Square, it was filled on Saturday afternoon with hundreds of people protesting the police. Though Keene police’s chief showed up with a sign at the previous Keene Black Lives Matter event and pretended to care, it’s clearly business-as-usual for their agents on the street.

While the nationwide protests are rightfully focusing on the most egregious police abuses like the murder-by-cop or rape-by-cop, a major reason why any goodwill the cops might have had has been whittled away over decades, is their constant harassment and targeting of peaceful people for non-violent, victimless “crimes”. That’s exactly what they did on Friday night, when in search of revenue and obedience, officers Tim Richmond and new guy Jake Laporte showed up at our peaceful party.

When I noticed they had stopped in the street in front of a parked car, I walked over to see what was going on and Jake said something about enforcing a night time parking ordinance. I was not recording the scene just yet and I told him that he could go away and go find something else to do. He made a comment about just doing his job and got back into his police crusier where Tim was in the passenger seat. At that point, though there was still some hope he’d do the right thing and leave, I readied my phone to record video of the scene. Sadly he and Tim got out and began littering on the parked cars around the square.

Later the uniformed monopolists on violence claim they were ordered to enforce some “night time parking” city ordinance that allegedly prohibits parking from 2-6am in the “business district”, which they claimed was Main Street and Central Square. Then, on their last stop around the Square, Leigh, who was visiting from Manchester had gotten into his van right before they rolled up behind him. Because he didn’t leave quick enough, despite being in the process of leaving, the officers pulled up to block him from leaving at all and issued their final $15 ticket before leaving the area. Here’s the video:

Stay tuned here to Free Keene to see what we do with the multiple tickets issued.

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  1. You’d think they’d have learned from the last three parking incidents. I believe Chris won on two parking tickets and then Ian and somebody else saw some parking ticket related cases get dropped immediately following that win. It’s not like any of us would actually pay the $5 tickets even after a judge rules against us. We’ve seen numerous libertarians serve jail time rather than pay court fines.

  2. It all depends on what the meaning of “is”, is. Lol. I am not a lawyer, thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster, and only offer this advice, (my opinion) as something other people might ponder. What is obvious, the State of New Hampshire” does not operate with consent of all those it attempts to govern. Extra points if you and read and comprehend my entire diatribe.

    To wit;

    These tickets could be challenged as “unconstitutional” . It is incumbent on the accuser, “The State of New Hampshire” or “City of Keene” to prove jurisdiction and individual consent of the accused / ticketed that they have the consent of those people they are governing in the present time in history. Individuals from hundreds of years ago, cannot give the consent of individuals today, since consent is bound to individuals affected, otherwise it ceases to be consent. Words have meaning.

    It is also incumbent that the accuser, not violate it’s own Constitution. Which it likely does in this instance if it proceeds absent proof of consent of the ticketed. Both the State of New Hampshire and “City of Keene” fall under the U.S Constitution and New Hampshire Constitution. To violate either or both would mean a rights violation by the City of Keene and possibly the Police Officers involved.

    Directly below is an excerpt from the New Hampshire bill of rights. If the State is violating that article (it is and routinely does) the charges should be dropped. The obvious problem becomes, the State judges itself and essentially any investigation of itself, is done by itself, unless it is appealed to a (bigger pig) the Federal Government. Which is of course a wonderful option that should be considered in this instance.

    Article 1. [Equality of Men; Origin and Object of Government.]. All men are born equally free and independent; Therefore, all government of right originates from the people, is founded in consent, and instituted for the general good.
    June 2, 1784*
    *The date on which each article was proclaimed as having been adopted is given after each article. This is followed by the year in which amendments were adopted and the subject matter of all the amendments.

    If “all men” are born equally free and independent, then no man (person) has more right than any other. If no man has any more right than any other, then each man can only give his OWN consent to something and logically COULD NOT give the consent of another person against that persons consent. If they did, that would negate the idea that “all men are born equally free and independent”. To negate a right, is to violate, take away or usurp a right, which no government person is supposed to do.

    If a person combines his zero right with others who have zero right to do something, the sum will still equal zero, since an aggregate of zeroes, even a million bazillion zeroes is still zero. Therefore, nonexistent rights of an individual or group of individuals cannot be aggregated into any kind of power, right etc that create a right or power for a group beyond that which any individual within the group (The State of New Hampshire or City of Keene) ALREADY possesses. That is logically and mathematically sound. For the State of New Hampshire to claim otherwise they will need to violate basic arithmetic and the first right they claim that individuals in New Hampshire have, that of consent.

    If a group of long dead people formed “The State of New Hampshire” hundreds of years ago, presumably those people all gave their individual consent to that formation to create the organization known as “The State of New Hampshire”. They didn’t but that is the myth that future men (persons) have been bound to the jurisdiction of ‘The State of New Hampshire” .

    So the relevant questions the State must answer, unless it wants to violate the first article of it’s own Constitution is

    1) Can a body of people, all long dead, give the consent of individuals they’ve never met who live hundreds of years in the future? How?

    2) Does the State of NH or “City of Keene” have any evidence that those ticketed, consented to being in the jurisdiction of the State of NH ?

    3) Can a body of people alive today, give the individual consent of other people who DO NOT consent ? How could that be done if “all men are equally free and independent” ?

    Of course, there’s more, but this is enough…for now.

  3. I wonder who ordered them to enforce this

  4. These nationwide “protests” have nothing to do with police brutality and everything to do with dividing people by the color of their skin and using that division to create an anarchy that can be controlled and used to then dismantle the freedoms affirmed by the U.S. Bill of Rights.

    If it was about police brutality then what about Tony Timpa? Why no outrage or protests when he was murdered?

    And if you think you have a place in the BLM’s new world, you do. It’s at the back of the line with a boot on your throat. Don’t be a fool, do your research.

  5. The butcher’s bill keeps going up all the time…

    As the Tyranny we’re suffering under surges and expands, thank you, Ian, for continually fighting for the moral cause of individual Freedom.


    “Preventing the problem is easy, but preventing the problem is going to require a sea change in how ‘government’ does business, and ‘government’ is not going to change how it does business.” -Caitlin Long


  6. Ian’s upset again. You are only happy when you think the police are doing your bidding. When they do their jobs you become upset and trash talk the PD.

    What does issuing traffic tickets have to do with mentioning “murdering cops”?

    People took advantage of the parking situation and the police did their jobs. What else would you expect?

  7. @Jumping Jacks, How is a cop doing his job if he has sworn an oath to uphold a constitution which tells him he only has jurisdiction over individuals who have actually consented to the government the cop gets his pay from ? Wouldn’t that mean the cop ISN’T doing his job if he can’t prove consent exists?

    Shouldn’t the cop have some kind of proof that the people he’s trying to shake down for money have actually consented though ? To proceed against a person who HASN’T consented is kind of rapey isn’t it ?

    “No means no”, no ?

    I’m sure there must be some kind of explanation of what consent means, maybe I missed it? Enlighten me?

  8. Bob C. – Typically those who are shot by police are armed thugs,

  9. @runningwolfkenpo, Oh, thank you for clarifying that.

    I thought the armed thugs were the ones sent to peoples homes when people didn’t consent to paying for “services” they don’t want, such as Police “protection” and government schools.

    A cop was thinking about shooting my dog once, maybe the cop thought my dog was armed and posed a threat to him ?
    I can easily see how a stick in a dogs mouth could be mistaken for a high powered umm, “assault rifle”. Dogs with assault rifles can be quite dangerous, the lack of an opposable thumb does slow criminal armed dogs down though.

  10. Bob C. – Are you going to return your money to the tax payers for the police services your using?

  11. Bob C – Show me in the constitution where it says you can get away with parking laws because you are peaceful people.

    Police offices officers don’t take money. They enforce the laws. If you want he laws changed, you have to vote for the people who think like you do and want the same things you do.

    If you live in America, partake in what America has to offer, lie, social welfare programs, SSI, SSDI, roads, many community programs, parks and lakes, police, fire, ambulance, and so on, you are going to pay taxes to support those entities.

    Those are the facts of life that will ever change.

    Everyone is an arm chair quarterback when referring to the police. It gets sickening. Just like in any position, there will be some rogue police officers. It’s not right, it’s not fair but there you go.

    With so many other pending problems and issues in this world, people focus on the wrong things. It’s unfortunate were are in the middle of a pandemic but to observe the social side of things, people have degraded into control freaks because they feel they don’t have any control over anything that was once available to them before the Covid-19.

    This pandemic with be felt by everyone for years to come. It will be studied for years to come. Hopefully something positive can be created should something like this happen again.

    One can only hope.

  12. Jumping Jacks – The cost of living goes up every year. The budgets will go up as well. Activists want to live this lifestyle but do not expect to pay for it. Sorry, it doesn’t work that way. Did you vote?

  13. @Jumping Jacks,

    It is alleged by government all laws, ordinances, edicts, etc. are supposed to be congruent with the Constitution, if they aren’t and they negate the Constitution they are invalid laws. Unjust, even. Hey, I didn’t make this shit up, it’s right in the magic book!

    The first article of the New Hampshire Constitution is below, clearly it says government is founded in consent, if you haven’t consented, and you are the equal of others and independent, how could another person give your consent for you, if you haven’t consented? Can I give your consent for things you don’t consent to ? How did the ‘State of New Hampshire” get the right to make these laws and claim everyone consented? Can you show me that list or the piece of paper you signed (absent any duress) where you consented ?

    Article 1. [Equality of Men; Origin and Object of Government.]. All men are born equally free and independent; Therefore, all government of right originates from the people, is founded in consent, and instituted for the general good.
    June 2, 1784*
    *The date on which each article was proclaimed as having been adopted is given after each article. This is followed by the year in which amendments were adopted and the subject matter of all the amendments.

  14. Bob C. – This is funny. You call for a budget decrease for the PD. Then you call laws “invalid laws.” These are your words. So what you are saying is the same laws and punishments everyone else would be responsible to. You are an ass for making fun of the Constitution. Consent is an epidemic in America. You are pathetic.

  15. runningwolfkenpo, According to the constitution, which all laws must be congruent with (look it up) , government comes from consent.

    If all men are born equally free, then only you can give your consent. I know sometimes rudimentary concepts can be difficult for you, but try to focus. You see “equally free” has a corollary, that others can’t give your consent for you.

    When did you consent and can you prove “everyone else” did ? I could be an ass, I’m not a consenting ass though.

    What you are implying is equality of oppression is a good thing, when you whine for equal punishment for “everyone”. You are apathetic and inane.

    Not all men were born equally inane though, but I will grant you it does seem like there may be an inanity epidemic. Have you been tested ?

  16. Bob C. – You and Ian’s minions are not anything like our founding fathers. Today is 2020 not 1776. Today is significantly different then back then. Spare me your activist bullshit. You don’t control this conversation. You see this is what activists do. They try to call the shots illegally and control everything. People who don’t believe in them are called names. When someone stands up to them, then all of a sudden they are victims. Look at what your hero Ian Bernard has to say about children and sex with adults. Don’t tell me how activists are like the founding fathers or anyone else. They are pigs and losers.

  17. @runningwolfkenpo, it’s true that today is significantly different than 1776.

    For instance “liberty people” don’t own slaves like some of the founding fathers did and the rate of taxation and level of government interference into every aspect of every day life is much greater today. Can you say “lockdown” ?

    Plus there’s those darn government school indoctrination centers too, funded by threats of home seizure for noncompliant unbelievers. Confiscatory taxation is a euphemism for theft, and theft is wrong even when you can get a gang who is paid with the proceeds of the theft to enforce it. Wouldn’t it better if peaceful people could just say no thanks, when presented with an offer for a service instead of being forced to buy something ? I mean let’s teach kids bullying is bad, right?

    As far as calling shots “illegally”, are you talking about assuming consent of people, when none is actually given ? If you’re concerned about relationships where one party hasn’t consented to it, why aren’t you railing against the default position the government takes when it assumes your consent when none is actually given? (strokes non existent Lysander Spooner beard)

    To be more clear, could you point me to the library of documents where your government keeps the consent forms that “everyone” signed agreeing to be “subjects” ? I’ve looked for it and can’t seem to locate it, maybe they keep it with all those controlled drug schedules they were gonna publish but forgot too? Are you sure that pile of consent documents exists ? If it didn’t would that mean I could give your consent for you, even if you don’t agree to it or would I need to be a “founding father” and own slaves to do that ?

  18. runningwolfkenpo says – I agree with you. There will always be those who think they deserve a free ride at the expense of others.

  19. Bob C. – You freekeeners are all arm-chair quarterbacks. I can live my life without breaking laws and going to court all the time. I am around my children and family. I don’t have to worry about going to prison. I have been living my life to the fullest. I have a great family, a college degree, and a job that is safe from the lockdown. I am a productive member of society and a upstanding member of our community. I have a full rich life. I have short and long term goals. What do you idiot freekeeners have?

  20. Jumping Jacks – This does not concern me. You are not a doer. I am smart enough not to do this stupid stuff and end up in jail all the time. Freekeeners choose their life path and I choose mine. Activists like them can’t accept the fact that they are usually wrong on so many levels that they have to create this later ego to justify their failures. The judges and PD that have dealt with these goober activists have given them so many chances. They have not done anything to elevate themselves. I speak my mind but I don’t have to worry about being arrested because I don’t act like them.

  21. aren’t you arm-chair quaterbacking Ian?
    Why should the cops ticket people who are parking at night and not in anyone’s way?
    Do you know that BobC has requested police services and must therefor pay for them.

  22. Russell Kanning – This does not concern me. My tax money has to pay for his time in jail or prison. He will get free medical care at my expense. He can go to college at my expense. When or if he gets out of prison, in his old age he will apply for SSI even though he didn’t contribute dime one due to his inability to work a descent job because of his criminal record. He will receive food stamps and housing that someone else should have received. My friends aren’t high society. They are productive members of society unlike Ian and his minions.

  23. who will get jail time?
    you are presuming a whole lot of steps will occur
    sounds like you have a problem with a bunch of government programs …. why is that our fault?
    who says any of us will ask for any of those bennies?

  24. Russell Kanning – Call it what you will. I disagree with what he is doing and he continues to get into trouble. He and his idiot freekeeners have never laid out a plan showing short and long term goals. We need more like him so we have less like him. Just how is all his goofy activism working for him? This joker is nothing like Gandhi. You keep on worshiping this activist, I’m sure you will go far. ha. ha. ha.

  25. Jumping jacks: ” arm chair quarterback” Your a fucking moron. What do you think Ian was doing when he was out protesting the cops? What do you think he was doing when he went to fight the ticket? What do you think has been doing every time he has run for office? What do you think he is doing every night of the week speaking out against the police? Certainly this is more than just saying shit on the internet unlike you ian actually takes defending our supposed rights seriously and attempting to fix the system. He acts on his beliefs. You jacks are the pathetic loser. I’m so glad you don’t live in NH any more.

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