Porcfest ForkFest Day Four – Pirate Luau Happy Hour

Day Four of Porcfest + ForkFest was fun! I started out by leading a 90-minute restorative yoga series under the shade of a tree in Anypay City. Some nice people joined us.

Jim Babb hosted a Happy Hour, as is tradition. I brought a speaker with some fun groovy music. Lots of people were there from all walks of life. Middle-aged and married moms and dads, young single girls and guys, older folks, a tranny in black lacy lingerie, and virile young men with scruff on their faces and armored plates on their chests. People wore Hawaiian garb. Lots had big guns and were brimming with ammo and radio equipment.

The spirit of the party was one of levity and fun. A surprising number of the men wore bright colors and short shorts.

At night, the Astra Lounge in Anypay City was lit and thumping tunes for passers-by who shook their hips to the beat. Some people ventured in to dance and explore the cool space we created. I walked around playing music from a speaker and selling tickets. We ended the night around 11pm so we could get some sleep before the next day’s Space Disco party.

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  1. Activists do not like police or military personnel. Why do people wear military clothes and tote around military style weapons?

    They look absolutely ridiculous and unstable.

  2. Some are former military.

    Your point is well taken, there is a problem of optics.

    It is mostly done in an ironic way… The Big Igloo patch, for example.

    Most of the gun polishers I have know are peaceful people. They Just are demonstrating their rights.

  3. You look like a moron jacks. The people with weapons are at least demonstrating resistance to thugs who routinely commit violence on there own fucking people and even more so on others outside the states.

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