Porcfest ForkFest Day Eight – Retrospective

Porcfest and ForkFest attendees share their perspectives on the event. How was it for vendors? How did this year differ from past years? What was better, what was worse?

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  1. Congratulations for quite possibly spreading the Covid-19 virus. The number of cases are ever increasing and since people like you think you are above everyone else, you more than likely have spread the virus even more.

  2. Again Jacks, who cares? The virus has already gone viral. Get it Jacks? πŸ˜‰

    Live free or die baby.

  3. Wow, Jumping Jacks. It’s really sweet that you care so much about your fellow man coming down with the sniffles. Hey, what’s your opinion on circumcision, as well? I’ll bet you’re all for it, right?

  4. Intrigare – Obviously you are totally oblivious to what’s going on in the USA at this time.

  5. Uh huh. Obviously. Hey, you’re not circumcized, are you Jacks?

  6. Idk Jacks I just see people going about their business in public everywhere, some wearing masks and most not. and here you are complaining about one event held out in the woods of New Hampshire.

    If anyone is out of touch here, it must be you sir.

  7. Jacks: While I think you are nuts I sympathize with your general concern of spreading this virus unnecessarily and do think there are genuine risks, but this is an outdoor event with substantially lower risk than going to pick up groceries, attending church, going to a theater and pretty much any other event where people go in numbers and are inside. Reducing ones risk is a good idea, but it doesn’t mean we need to shut everything down. Wear a mask if you are concerned. Don’t go outside if you are concerned or at risk. A few crazy lunatics won’t matter. The US health care system isn’t event doing the things that they should be doing to minimize the threat. Why? Government.

  8. kk – There have been many outdoor events in which people have contracted the virus. They have closed the beaches in Florida and California. Just because it was an outdoor event doesn’t mean people were not exposing themselves to the corona virus. In California, if yo are caught without wearing a mask, you are subject to a $300.00 fine. Is that something you and the freekeeners want to have happen? How about mandatory stay at home orders? The laws can change quickly and become quite constrictive especially if people are going to do what they want and stop using their heads.

  9. Oh Jacks,

    Again, repeating fake news isn’t going to help your argument.

    Have you been to California during the Pandemic? I have. Let me tell you in Los Angeles you can hardly tell there is a pandemic going on. Roads are congested, trains and buses are full. The beaches still crowded even when technically closed. There may be mask laws in effect but they’re not enforced. How could they? The compliance rate is so low and there is already so much anti-police sentiment here what with blm and all.

    Its a joke no matter how you look at it. You might say “its not a joke, people are dying!”. People always die Jacks. Its a fact of life. Our time here is very limited so what’s important is what we do with it. Ian understands that. I hope you do too.

  10. Intrigare – You choose to be ignorant. Afraid to face reality/ Therefore you are part of the problem, not the solution.

  11. Aw Jacks don’t be salty. Come on we’re all friends here. It looks like we have plenty of time together, so might as well make the most of it πŸ˜‰

  12. Well said Intrigare πŸ™‚

  13. Jacks: No one said you can’t get infected outside. What was said is the risk is probably lower from what we’ve seen. Obviously if you have larger groups in closer contact with each other outside the virus will more easily spread. That wasn’t forkfest or porcfest. We’re talking a 1000 people max and not everybody was all that close to one another. I’m not a fan of rebelling for the sake of rebelling because the government lied to everyone. But it’s your blind support of what was wrong- advocating the use of violence to enforce these restrictions that caused the problem in the first place… the problem being your political heroes turned this into a political issue. Masks *probably* work and we could reasonably anticipate that they probably would early on yet you undermined peoples willingness to listen through advocating of violence and lies about the effectiveness of masks. The other side then spouted bullshit about how it wasn’t an issue despite the fact there is evidence to suggest it is probably an issue even though the answer isn’t 100% and probably won’t be. The risk is potentially great, and the steps needed to stop it probably not that great (wear masks), though the risk is possibly even probably lessening by the day to some degree (imminent death) although still possibly significant for EVERYONE (breathing issues, but it is still unclear to what extent given how much time has passed, but right now it appears that significant breathing issues remain in people who have recovered, though depending on whether this is permanent or more like the flu where it may just take 2-3 months to resolve fully could be more or less significant). I do think people should wear masks and take precautions, but I’m not willing to use violence to achieve these political and moral objectives. People can take whatever degree of precaution they so feel comfortable with. Make the wrong choice? Well, you probably have mostly yourself, or maybe the people around you to blame. If you are sufficiently concerned lock your doors, stock up, and don’t leave the house. But don’t expect anybody else to cover your living expenses either and that applies to people, governments, corporations, and all alike.

  14. Pull your head out of your ass, Jumping Jacks. We’ve been lied to by journalists and bureaucrats for months now and our lives have been turned upside down over what amounts to the sniffles. All the libtards who helped carry out this hoax need to fucking hang. Pronto.

  15. kk – If you look on the internet, you will see states like Arizona, Georgia, Florida, etc… Have closed their beaches and are now closing restaurants, bars, and so on.

    It’s only a matter of time when the second wave of the virus strikes the north east and such. There are cities who have enacted laws that you have to wear a mask. If you go out without one, you can be stopped by police and issued a $300.00 fine. All because some people have decided not to follow commonsense. Events like Porcfest etc.. entices people to act foolish and medical recommendations are thrown out the window.

    Yes, people live through the covid-19 infection. A significant portion of elderly, children, and immune suppressed people are facing a much higher potential of serious if not fatal results. Also, the virus has killed many people who do not have preexisting health problems.

    Scientist are also looking at the very real chance the virus could mutate into something more resistant to treatment.

    Those are the facts right now. Foolish people are burdening the rest of society by doing stupid things and throwing caution to the wind.

    Individuals who decide to respond to me mostly write “me” statements along with inappropriate words. That is a true sign those people are the cause and not the solution.

  16. Wow, Jumping Jacks. I’ll tell you what, there’s really nothing more exciting to me than coming here and reading your posts. You’re a scholar and a sage.

    Too bad you’re also a p u s s y. You should probably try and remedy that. The revolution’s coming, and commies don’t take well to p u s s i e s.

    Anyway, while you’ve been continuing to be part of the problem by gobbling up all these conspiracy theories about “pandemics” from anyone with a microphone, those of us with any sense are ignoring you assholes and telling you where you can cram your $300 fines. How do you like ‘dem apples, shit-for-brains?




  17. “Yes, people live through the covid-19 infection.”

    80% people who are infected don’t even have symptoms, Jacks. Don’t you consider that significant?

    “A significant portion of elderly, children, and immune suppressed people are facing a much higher potential of serious if not fatal results.”

    It’s mostly been the elderly, Jacks. Ask Governors Andrew Cuomo and Tom Wolf about that. They’ve killed more grandmas than anyone in history.

    “Also, the virus has killed many people who do not have preexisting health problems.”

    If by “many” you mean “almost no one,” than you’re right about that.

    “Scientist (sic) are also looking at the very real chance the virus could mutate into something more resistant to treatment.”

    Which scientists are you talking about, Jacks? Certainly not the ones like you who lie and say they pay thousands of dollars for PDR subscriptions that are free for everyone else with internet access, right?

    “Individuals who decide to respond to me mostly write β€œme” statements along with inappropriate words. That is a true sign those people are the cause and not the solution.”

    Right Jacks. We’re the selfish ones for not wanting unnecessary economic hardship for hundreds of millions of people for what amounts to the sniffles.

  18. Silvia DeSitter – Why don’t you go down and get tested. Prove everyone wrong. Should you test positive or will in the future, be sure to let us all know what it’s like having the worst virus you have ever had in your life.

    Obviously you are truly misinformed and ignorant.

  19. Mmm hmm. Obviously.

    Anyway, Jacks, I have been tested. It was positive, by the way. Never had any symptoms whatsoever. Funny, huh?

    Don’t forget to let everyone here know how sorry you are for trying to blame us for all of this year’s grandma deaths, ok munchkin?

  20. Silvia DeSitter – Shame on you for saying you tested positive for Covid-19. You have not been tested because you are lying. If you were tested positive, they would be keeping an eye on you and you would be in your house until things tested differently. Don’t be stupid or say stuff like that.

    If you were around other people and they got sick and have read what you wrote, you would be locked down in your home.

    Your bullshit never ends.

  21. Uh huh. Wow, Jacks. You signal your virtue like a pro, don’t you? I’ll bet you were wagging your finger while you were typing that.

    Anyway, according to the CDC, 37,258,821 Americans are reported to have been screened for coronavirus. It’s not really a stretch to believe that I was one of them, now is it? Use those doctoral candidate smarts for once, munchkin.


  22. Wasn’t it Jacks who was saying when this pandemic began that if we catch covid, he hopes we don’t seek the services of medical professionals? Welp Jacks it looks like you got your wish πŸ˜€

    Anyway Jacks, it seems you’re not paying as much attention to fake news as I thought. Even fake news is saying now that most who don’t catch coronavirus don’t get sick…

    Careful Jacks, keep heading down that path and you may find yourself a full fledged free thinker, who is tired of others telling him how to think and act. You’re already in the right place for it.

  23. most who catch*

  24. Silvia DeSitter – I don’t believe you were one of them. I don’t believe you tested positive. You are lying as you always do. You are the typical troll.

  25. I don’t think so, Intrigare. Jacks is a demented creature who is just doing what he always does – discarding particulars that can be used to counter his belief that people need to be controlled and liberty is an aspiration sought only by narcissists and selfish people.

  26. Wow. You really put me in my place there, Jacks. I don’t know how I’m ever going to recover from such a ferocious verbal bashing.

    Anyway, how’s that ridiculously expensive PDR subscription working out for you this year? With the way the economy’s looking, you should probably start finding ways to save money. You wouldn’t want to have to close up shop and leave your patients hanging, now would you? Hey, how about signing up for that free online version like Intrigare did? What a bargain, huh?

  27. Lol. Look at that Silvia, it looks like Jacks is about to self destruct. “I don’t believe you! You’re lying!” Lol. I suppose he simply cannot tolerate the idea that you may have had a positive covid test. He really isn’t taking that well.

    Why do you think that is, Silvia? Glad to see you’re still kickin’ by the way.

  28. Thanks, Intrigare.

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