Dancing with a Boombox Posse thru Portsmouth on a Friday night

People were out and craving some good energy from happy people. We brought the music. People moved to the beat as we walked through the streets.

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  1. “People moved to the beat”? I think you left that part out of the video. I do applaud your efforts to bring good energy into the streets

  2. Jumping Jacks. If Steven is find out there is beat easy to dance to, then look at so many peoples flagrant disobedience to Karen.

    Now Boris eat late lunch. For lunch is borscht and boil potato. Boris like.

  3. Oh, Jacks. Everyone knows Republicans can’t dance. Young Derrick is quite a Trump supporter.

  4. CGK. In other news, communist Ruth Bader Ginsberg and baiter of race John Lewis be seen drive around town in hearse. Is sad, no?

  5. Oh my, Jumping Jacks just applauded Derrick. Wow I knew you weren’t a lost cause Jacks, I knew it.

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