Woops! NH Police Forgot to Expunge Records

A year ago, I filed to annul my record. 5 arrests and 16 charges would be wiped away with $100 and some time filling out paperwork. Okay, not bad. Then there was a final charge of something like another $100 to the NH State Police for them to go into their system and make the changes that the judge ordered. And they did. Except they missed some.

Fast forward to today, and I opened up a letter from the NH State Police with the results from my criminal history check. Again I paid $25 to the police for them to run my name through their records and report back to me what they have in their system. If all was correct, I expected to receive a letter saying, “You have no records.”

But that’s not what happened.

Instead, I saw a record of one arrest and two charges. Uh oh! How could this have happened? They erased all the other charges except for these? I have the documents to prove these charges were annulled, but they are still showing up in the criminal history database. What do I do now?

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  1. Still tying to get that CCW. Maybe those charges cannot be expunged.

    Again, you did this to yourself. You went on that childish “crime spree” and almost ended up serving a long time in jail or prison.

    Criminals like you don’t need to carry weapons. I think the state of NH has pointed that out to you a couple of times.

  2. This is not at all shocking. You should AT THE VERY LEAST be able to get your 25$ back for having to employ yourself as their bosses and check up on them… This is a super helpful video. This pisses ME off and im not even the one doing it…Again its not a shocker that they do this..And accountability is a joke. I applaud your even temperedness. I’ve done this too but never checked up on them like you did. I wonder what mine says. lol

  3. id show it to the clerk of court…idk if a phone call would work.it might…good luck. 🙂

  4. Hmm mmm. That’s nice, Jacks.

    Anyway, the thing is Derrick J already can carry a firearm concealed. And NH’s authorities can do absolutely nothing about it. NH is a constitutional carry state after all. No licenses required. Wondrous, isn’t it?

  5. I don’t know why Ian puts up with me, but I am more than likely one of his auditors of this forum. – Derrick wouldn’t be trying so hard to expunge his record for CCW.

  6. Even if it’s expunged… Canada, my understanding, can still see it and weighs it when considering entry into Canada.. Thats it’s what I heard

  7. “Derrick wouldn’t be trying so hard to expunge his record for CCW.”

    Uh huh. That’s nice, Jacks.

    Anyway, my point still stands. Derrick J can carry a firearm, concealed or otherwise, whenever he wants to. He’s only seeking a CCW permit for reciprocity purposes. He’ll get one. Portsmouth’s finest wouldn’t want to get into trouble for breaking the law, now would they?

  8. The address shown is your address at the time of arrest.

  9. ‘Derrick J can carry a firearm, concealed or otherwise, whenever he wants to.’

    Oh my…

    No answer, Jumping Jacks? now how will you teach Derrick J his lesson about his victimless crime spree years ago?

  10. @Intrigare, you are right, but all charges were remanded to Superior Court as part of a global plea deal. All charges and arrests were ordered to be annulled and expunged from my record by the judge who reviewed my petition for annulment.

    I paid the money to the NH State Police to have the records corrected. They seem to have made an innocent mistake and missed some (there were a lot). I called them up and they confirmed that the record should have been expunged and that my record now accurately shows no arrests, no charges, ever.

    Video on that coming to Free Keene in a few hours.

  11. Here’s another tidbit: I BELIEVE . If you were arrested but not charged, that is still on your record. Also if you are charged and found “not guilty”or not found guilty. You can get those expunged without a waiting period and there is no charge. But, make no mistake, they ARE ON YOUR RECORD.
    I’ve often though that there is a case for libel there

  12. Hail Horton! ( the play button on the video above is under your nose like a mustache )

  13. Yea- whats disgusting is that if you are arrested and they drop the charges you still have an arrest record and if you want them to expunge that arrest record you have to pay them money! I even won a lawsuit against the city of Manchester for their wrongdoing and yet somehow I’m suppose to *pay them* to expunge the record. wtf is with that? I refuse to do so. There is going to have to be a darn good reason for me to file to have the arrest record expunged before I will pay them 2 cents.

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