Best NH BLM Speech So Far: Keene Native Alani Besson

At the rally in Central Square on June 13th, Alani Besson, a Keene native, calls out the Keene police and Cheshire sheriff for pandering to the first Keene BLM event and delivers the best speech thus far in all the New Hampshire Black Lives Matter events I’ve attended.

Thank you to Dave Kirkpatrick from “November and Beyond” for the video!

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  1. Idk Ian. Racism is a white problem, yes, but its also an every race problem. I think Derrick touched on this on his last post.

    Tough for this speech to resonate with for example someone who was bullied by their peers not for being black, but for being a “gringo.” Get what I mean?

  2. She looks Spanish, anyone looking at her would think that, they would not go to black. She sited “micro aggressions” she didn’t site any racism examples to her self..Maybe they did hate her [if they did] because she’s a bitch and a bully..both of which she admitted…

  3. Would any agreement or support the cops did be pandering? Anyone knows I’m critical of the coppers: Cops go to larger events, even ones that are against them, mostly because large groups can block traffic, and large groups can wind up fighting with people. Yes it is true that the cops can also be the CAUSE of disruptions and conflicts there too, aka they escalate rather than de-escalate.. Mostly it is hoped that they just have to stand around. Cameras are a revolution in fixing copper bad behavior.

  4. Bullying is a problem all over America and is not confined to the color of your skin. All teenagers feel like she did. To blame your problems about your adolescence to racial profiling is bogus. Unfortunately children can be very cruel and very honest. If they haven’t experienced someone who looks different then they do, naturally things are going to be said.

    It sounds like you continue to blame your problems because of the low population of black people in your schools. There is nothing that can be done about that and it isn’t fair to point out “white people” as your thorn in the foot. Your family moved to a predominately white community. What did you expect.

    Again, to blame your fears and insecurities on white people is wrong. BLM continues to promote this attitude because they want people to view them as victims.

    No one can change how you feel or experienced but make sure it’s what really happened.

  5. Oh Jacks,

    Just when I think you might make a coherent point, you go and stick your own foot in your mouth. You never disappoint, eh Jacks?

    You can’t seem to decide whether racial profiling is bogus, or whether its to be expected. Which is it, Jacks?

    And your first sentence, that bullying is a problem. Does that include cyber bullying Jacks? You know the best and first way to address a problem Jacks is make sure you’re not doing it yourself πŸ˜‰ It looks like some self-reflection is in order my friend.

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  11. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwnnnnnn…. Oh I’m sorry is that a microaggression?

  12. >Integrals
    Well well well. Another white MFer with white f****** privilege. Birds of a feather perpetuate whiteness together dont they? Ill tell you what. You donate to Black Lives Matter and Ill consider giving you a discount on reparations to Wakanda. And none of that bitcoin crap. Cold hard cash. Surrender white people. Black lives matter.

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  24. Integrals – Your post with the picture is very inappropriate and racist. I do believe it violates Ian’s list of things that will get you kicked off or out of freekeene.

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  26. kloontaklintay – I didn’t give up anyone. I don’t want to get into a war of words with you. I found the picture extremely offensive and perpetuating a stereotype.

    Have a great day

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    News flash. Black lives matter is 80% white. We need you useful idiots to usher in Wakanda. So surrender white poeple.

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  41. As someone who actually grew up around black people for the vast majority of my life… in Mobile, AL. Im here to tell yall that racism comes just as much from black people as it does from white people or any other race. I dealt with it firsthand my entire life… yet I dont blame all black people for a racist few. There is going to be assholes in every group of people. Thats just how it goes. And blm is a joke. It is nothing more than the kkk, but for black people and white people that feel like they have to virtue signal yet most of the time havent even spent much time in the black community. I support neither movements.

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