Anti-Mask Protest in Keene, New Hampshire

August 15, 2020 – Keene, NH – Over a hundred people gathered in Central Square in downtown Keene, New Hampshire to protest the Mayor’s threats of fines for those who do not mask their faces. Police drove by, but no citations were issued. The gathering began at 11am and ran until 4pm, and it included speeches by a handful of organizations, both political and non-political. Notably, two of the owners of downtown businesses adjacent to the Central Square protest invited attendees to come and dine at their restaurants with or without masks, openly violating the new town ordinance.

Here is the full video with no cuts or edits. This is everything my camera captured at and around the event (1 hour, 45 minutes), including full interviews:

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  1. Thank you for this video Derrick. Inspiring to see people push back.

  2. Who cares about what you want. This is a public health crisis. All those who are at this “rally” were exposing themselves and those around them to a chance of catching covid-19. Look at what’s happening in Georgia, Mississippi, and other southern states. The epidemic isn’t over. Should you want to act like a fool, then you can deal with the consequences of your actions.

    It’s not your right to infect anyone else. You are so uneducated about covid-19 and that was clearly demonstrated at that rally. Should you get sick, you are puting the Dr.’s, nurses, first responders at risk

    Ian, would you actually report how many people got covid because of attending this rally? By the way, a private business can turn you away if you choose not to wear a mask.

  3. I agree with Jumpin Jacks. Screw you and your health but think about other people.

  4. Jumping Jacks,


    That is all.

  5. Michelle Rose.

    What a fucking surprise. One of Keene’s nosiest blue-haired feminazis is shitting her pants because a handful of NH’s hippies are finally standing up to our great nation’s cabal of fear pornographers. Hey crazy lady, why don’t you go back to taking instagram selfies of yourself drinking dom perignon in your mansion or whatever the fuck it is you do while the real heroes fight for your freedom? You rich college loons make me sick. You should all be locked up in Gitmo and waterboarded until you learn how good you have it.


  6. BTW I travel in and live in the supposedly currently dangerous “southern states”
    there is no virus ravaging the populace here
    When I travel around, it is strange watching how different people are reacting …. even states that used to be more normal get crazy when the government and mass media change “the narrative”. Some places have not gone that crazy ever. Some are mask mad.
    I often am the only unmasked person in a store in Texas now … such a shame.
    Last week people seem tired of the masks and HD and Walmart had a few smiling faces including 2 employees each.

  7. Russell Kanning- “I often am the only unmasked person in a store in Texas now… such a shame”

    Why is it such a shame? You throw caution to the wind while others are trying to protect themselves. I don’t see how you would consider yourself safe.

    You can have sex with a condom and decrease your chances of catching an STD or worse, or you can hope your dick won’t fall of at some point. And all do to a little protection.

    I seriously doubt there were Walmart employees not wearing asks. Unless they were outside or something. Walmart is very hardcore about this pandemic.

  8. Hey Jumping Jacks. I had sex with your wife while double bagging it and still got the clap. So much for your “throwing caution to to the wind” bullshit, huh fuckstick? Christ you’re a shitty pimp. Get your whore on antibiotics before the CDC has to spray the whole fucking town with bromine.

  9. Jumping Jacks’s “This is a public health crisis”: While I was in agreement to a good extent with some of the mask up recommendations early on, and still am not anti-mask, the knowledge we have on the usefulness of the masks and the situation has changed. The state is only now getting around to doing what if it was going to do should have done six plus months ago. I would say many jumped on board the anti-mask position far in advance of there being sufficient evidence to conclude it wasn’t working, but it’s now pretty apparent that while the masks do work, they don’t solve the problem. People whom we were trying to say are not surviving. It’s at best delaying the deaths where governments are 100% on top of enforcement and/or people are otherwise practicing masking up effectively. It’s unfortunate, but the time to mask up for the public at large has largely come and gone. That doesn’t necessarily mean individuals, particularly vulnerable individuals, shouldn’t mask up/stay home/etc, but it’s not going to solve the problems that political camps that are pro-mask are making. A better argument for that would probably be the damage it’s doing to a sizable percentage of the population that has nothing to do with the deaths.

    I am also going to call out the anti-mask side while I’m at it. Calling it a pandemic is also correct, but that is a poor excuse for the mandatory mask ordinances and laws. All a pandemic means is a virus has spread across a region or from one country to many. This happens all the time. It doesn’t at all tell you whether or not the virus is something you need to be concerned about or not. That is entirely dependent on what the impact of that virus is. If it’s killing huge numbers of people then you need to start freaking out. If it’s just cold then not so much. This is not a just a cold. This is more serious than that, but it does not appear to be as serious as the reaction. The reaction by government is causing far worse damage. This over-reaction by the left, and probably at least some of the right is having a disastrous economic impact on us all. Much of this isn’t being seen yet- but it’s coming.

  10. More people were injured or died from Harry Truman’s 2 nuclear terrorist bombings in Japan 75 years ago than have died from covid in the USA, even if you go with the fake inflated covid death numbers.

    “Duck and cover” (if you’re over 60 you’ll remember that one) Never trust the lying bastards.

  11. @kk where is the evidence that masks work to prevent the spread of viruses? And before you answer back with “consensus in the scientific community” and such, let me remind you that this is the same scientific community that tells is man-made climate change is proven, and has always told us (up until a few months ago) that cloth masks DON’T prevent the spread of viruses.

    Now we’re told that the masks block droplets which could contain the virus. Droplets are something that are visible, like mist or spray when someone sneezes. This mist quickly evaporates into vapor (no longer droplets). So you shouldn’t need a cloth mask unless someone sneezes right into your face… How often does that happen even when in a group of people, kk? For me its very rare.

  12. The virus did not create the crisis. The crisis is entirely manufactured. There is no “public health crisis”, this is a political act.

    Going by those actually harmed by the virus, there have been many worse flu seasons and no one had a “crisis” about it.

    Because it wasn’t politically expedient to have a crisis.

  13. I think the masks are cutting off the oxygen to people’s brains… (not to imply they weren’t already amazingly stupid, I mean who dafuq takes health advice from people who’s one and only motive is to profit off their sickness? complete dumbasses that’s who)

  14. kk – You make some good points. All people have at this time are masks, sanitizers, and social distancing. If there were any other weapons in the arsenal, I believe it would have been put out there from the CDC.

    Many people have a false security about this virus. This is not an ordinary flu bug. This virus kills at a far greater rate then other flu. The 1918 flu caused so many deaths because our knowledge of viruses at the time were very limited. You can look how far we have come and there are still a high rate of deaths with covid.

    Intrigare has made a decision that covid doesn’t last long while in the air. That is not correct. It will last up to 3 hrs.

    Here is the proof.

  15. Intrigare – Your comments are a mile of base. You are quick to judge others who want to stay safe and do what they can to remain safe.

    You are completely wrong about the covid virus. It is not a run of the mill virus. This particular virus kills and has long lasting effects on the body then other viruses.

    Paper (mail, tissues, toilet paper, magazines, newspapers, etc.): 3 hours

    • Copper (coins, jewelry, wires, etc.): 4 hours

    • Cardboard (shipping boxes, food packaging, etc.): 24 hours

    • Cloth (bags, bedding, blankets, carpet, hair bands, etc.): 2 days

    • Wood (furniture, tabletops, etc.): 4 days

    • Plastic (light switches, credit cards, food packaging, ATM buttons, etc.): 3-7 days

    • Metal (utensils, keys, pots and pans, door handles, etc.): 5 days

    • Glass (glasses, stemware, windows, mirrors, etc.): 5 days

    • Paper money: 4 days

    • Face masks (exterior): 7 days

    In case you want to shoot your mouth of with the typical BS you know nothing about,

  16. I see Jumping Jacks. Oh by the way Jacks, how ’bout replying to something I actually wrote?

    My main point was that masks stop droplets, and droplets don’t last long in the air (they evaporate.) Have anything to say about that? I have a feeling you don’t, because well, your entire argument is always based on parroting mainstream media, right Jacks?

    No worries Jacks, you’re still the same Jacks we all know and love 😀

  17. Jacks does love his activist web sites, doesn’t he Intrigare?

  18. So Jacks, not to shoot my mouth off with the typical BS I know nothing about, but did you notice that covid-filled loogies last only 4 hours on copper coins yet last as long 5 days on metal keys? Wow. How sciencey. Do you think this might be why the experts are describing covid as being so “novel,” munchkin?

  19. Intrigare – I suggest you re-read your posts. If you had checked out the website I posted you would see the virus can stay in the air for up to 3 hours. Get your facts straight. Why don’t you get educated instead of spewing the same old BS that’s a mile off the truth.

  20. Silvia DeSitter – You are another one of these ignorant little people syndrome hicks. Why don’t you look up what how the scientists came up with those times the virus can last. Educate yourself little fool.

  21. Uh huh. Without a doubt. Anyway Jacks, check this article out. It’s from one of your favorite activist web sites, the New York Times.

    This part was my favorite: “… scientists don’t think surfaces are the main way the virus spreads between people.” Boy. Those journalists and their scientific studies, huh? First they’re telling everyone one thing’s gonna protect you. Then they’re reversing themselves a month later. Then they’re reversing themselves a month after that just for kicks. You never really know what to believe from these jerks, do you munchkin?

  22. The game is afoot, again. Wanna place a bet, Intrigare? You might want to place it quickly. Our friend Jacks here seems pretty upset.

  23. Oh Jacks,

    I did read your article. And yes I did reread mine, just because you asked me to. Now can you reread your articles? Well, I suppose there is no reason to save you from the embarrassment of me pointing out that your article that you offered as “proof” actually supports what I wrote?

    That the virus can survive in an aerosolized state for hours in a controlled environment? Mmm that’s nice Jacks. I know “aerosolized” is a big work so let me break it down for you. Aerosolized = can’t be filtered out by a mask. Does that make sense Jacks? I can make it simpler if needed. Let me know there champ.

  24. @Silvia idk I count one “munchkin.”. I know we can do better than that. Can’t we?

  25. @Silvia err that’s TWO munchkins 🙂

  26. He he, Intrigare. And one “champ,” too. Nice touch, by the way. So now we play the waiting game.

  27. oh ffs, have any of you brain trusts seen what’s been going on in sweden? NO stupid masks, NO insane lockdowns and NO ‘social distancing’. the results: plummeting case counts and only 1 (ONE) covid related death all month. maybe it’s time to admit you’ve been spoon fed a big heaping pile of bs by your so called ‘health experts’…

  28. Racer, yup. Some of us realized it was a hoax as soon as the news began sounding the alarm bells about it and running their 24/7 fear campaign back in March. All this was based on little-to-no info about the virus, which is only slightly less than we have today. But “Bill Gates said!” so that means it must be true right?

    We remember times they’ve done that before and it turned out to be bunk. Like the weapons of mass destruction scare right before the US invaded Iraq. Remember all the media was on board with that one. Why? Because Colin Powell said it? Lol. Yeah some people will believe anything.

  29. Intrigare – There is nothing in your ramblings that pertain to masks except ignorance. You are going to believe what you want but should you get covid, your illness will affect many people you are not aware of. This includes friends, family, Dr.’s, nurses, first responders and anyone else you may have come in contact with. It’s all because of your perpetual ignorance.

  30. Silve DeSitter – Interesting article. I didn’t mention copper and I’m not quite sure what your article is supposed to reference but it was interesting.

    I’ve asked you before not to call me “munchkin”. It’s one thing not to have respect for yourself, it’s another to disrespect those who are willing to have a serious conversation with you.

    if you don’t want to continue this conversation then fine. Just say so.

  31. even mainstream rags are all saying now that asymptomatic spread is very rare but either way a cloth mask isn’t going to stop viral transmission especially the way most people wear them… (and yes Intrigare good point: every single time one of these mainstream narratives gets pushed it turns out to be a big stinking pile of bullshit: from JFK to 911 and beyond)

  32. I think this “jumping jacks” gotta lay off whatever it’s on. You want to live on fear and offendedness help yourself but you got balls making me do it with you. By the way, being called a munchkin is not an insult. Without them Dorthy would’ve been screwed in the Wizard of oz.

  33. Why thank you Jacks.

    Now maybe try rereading your posts and your articles you shared as “proof”? This is only for your benefit my friend. I’ll even give another sneak preview: you did mention copper. :X

  34. Exactly, Racer.

    Exactly, Mystressovmayhem (I see what you did there ;))

    I saw “munchkin” as more of a term of endearment, myself. There are much worse things Silvia could call Jacks for sure.

    I may be stepping out of my league here, but I think Silvia actually kind of likes Jacks. As I do. We’re like a group of kids play fighting and then when we’re done we all go and build a fort together. Hehe

  35. Mmm hmm. Respect for ourselves. Our perpetual ignorance. Little people syndrome hick fools. These are all very fine points, Jacks.

    Anyway, what interested me was the almost five day difference in covid’s surface stability between copper and stainless steel surfaces. While I’m aware that copper and brass surfaces are known to have antibacterial properties (such surfaces have even been approved for use in hospitals), some peer-reviewed studies showing their efficacy against viruses have been challenged due to their irreproducibility. Add the fact that the SFC’s source was a from a letter published by the NEJM and was not an actual peer-reviewed study at all and you can understand my skepticism.

    In short, I’m questioning your source and your unfounded faith in it. An experiment described in a letter is not a peer-reviewed study. Even if that letter is published by the NEJM. Nice try though, munchkin.

  36. It’s true, Intrigare. It’s hard not to love Jacks. That guy has farted in every fort the FSP has ever built.

  37. Silvia, there are more holes in that article than swiss cheese. A pure propaganda piece… Of course it is, Jacks shared it right?

    Did you notice how they throw the word “droplets” around to mean whatever they want it to? Droplets are supposed to be what masks can filter out, but now droplets can mean anything all the way down to 5 microns?

    Changing the meanings of words… Hmmm sounds Orwellian to me.

  38. Silvia,

    Jacks is like Eeore… complaining all day but is still accepted and loved by the group

  39. It’s definitely Orwellian, Intrigare. Defining words subjectively completely defeats the purpose of language as it ends up creating an endless guessing game for everyone involved.

  40. How many more posts in this thread do you think will come from Jacks before he self-destructs, Intrigare? I’m betting it’s gonna be his next one.

  41. If people who don’t wear masks start being refused entry to shopping, resterants etc… Then they will figure it out when they can’t go to the store lol

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