Trump Rally in Manchester Draws Crowd, Free Ross Supporters

I attended my first ever Trump Rally. This one took place Friday, August 28, 2020, the day after the Republican Convention commenced. I went with the goal of talking with as many people as possible about Ross Ulbricht and asking them to please sign the petition to Free Ross from prison. Trump has pardoned many political prisoners, and Ross deserves to be free. He is serving a double-life sentence (plus 40 years) with NO PAROLE for a first-time, non-violent drug offense. That’s C-R-A-Z-Y!

This is the full, uncut video from everything my camera captured today. Because of the Free State Project, there were 6 people from around the state who showed up on less than 24 hours notice to be there to support Ross. Amazingly, only one came from Manchester — the city where the event took place and the city with the most Free State Project participants. Sign the petition and let Trump know that Ross should be free!

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  1. So about 5 people hoping the president would free a known criminal who will be in jail more than likely for the rest of his life.

    Ross is in prison because he put himself there. He knew the risks of what he was doing and chose a path allowing drug deals and other scum to sell their products on his website.

    Why didn’t he have his website on the regular internet instead of the dark web? More than likely because he knew he would be selling illegal items and possibly contract killings for hire.

    Trump doesn’t even know who Ross is. There are far more pressing issues then some criminal in prison where he needs to be.

    If there were any hope of Ross getting out, it would have been dealt with already.

  2. Oh Jacks,

    None of what you said changes the fact that it is incredibly wrong to throw someone into a cage for the rest of his life for something that amounts to nothing more than a victimless crime.

    If you had followed the link Derrick had shared, you would have found that over 350,000 have signed the petition to free Ross.

    Maybe check out the facts before sticking your foot in your mouth (again)? Just a thought Jacks… You what they say… A zebra can’t change its stripes 😉

  3. Jumping Jacks – Intrigare is so full of shit. The many voices in his head are going crazy. He makes no sense. It sounds like his conscience is fighting the lies he tells everyone. Most amusing.

  4. It’s amazing how these sickos feel the need to kipnap and hold peaceful people just to get there jollies off. Release him already and stop showing your true colors.

  5. 350k holly crap. That’s a lot of signatures. I knew Ross was famous and I figure trump has had to have read something in the paper about him and the Silk Road… but fuck. 350,000 is close to being a pretty significant percentage of US population considering he’s just one guy. For perspective that’s 1/3 the population of New Hampshire!

  6. Let’s play “actual definitions” .

    A criminal is a person that violates other people or their justly acquired property. A criminal gang is made up of people that make and enforce those laws. An idiot is a person who can’t tell the difference between an actual crime and a statutory victimless crime. Hope that helps.

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