Christopher Cantwell’s Conviction: Caselaw Applies to Everyone, Not Just People You Hate

Hi Special Agent Shayne, or more accurately, hi Shayne’s handler. I expect that Shayne will have to take one of those HR classes on how to not friend request the target or the target’s friends under your real name. To the rest of you who have not ascended from the depths of the Federal Government: I typically avoid reporting on my friends. Because either I’m talking to the internet about them “behind their backs” or I’m getting a story together with the topic of the story, and that’s just bad journalism regardless of how much the corporate media does it. Then it occurred to me that I’m not a journalist; I’m a reporter and a commentator. And generally I don’t know why anyone would care what I think about my friend’s case, but in this case I’ll tell you why you should care.

I know that its technically not case law yet. But I also know that appellate judges don’t give a fuck what I think, and most people reading this won’t get to be appellate judges. What many of you will get to do is be on a jury, and all of you will have the ability to decide whether or not to egg on the State while it is making human sacrifices to appease the masses with the thinly veiled goal of fucking us all with new and exciting legal precedents. You don’t have to like Chris or anyone else, but what you should realize is that case law applies to everyone, not just people you hate. THE STATE IS AWARE OF WHO IS HATED and can use that information to decide who to target when it wants to push something through that would otherwise be widely objected to. Its the opposite side of what the ACLU does when they strategically pick sympathetic plaintiffs or defendants as to have the best chance of creating good caselaw, as they should. There was a cop in Louisiana who got busted with drugs and was successfully able to argue a medical privacy defense, because she was a cop. I personally was able to use this caselaw to get cases dismissed on people who got arrested on the bullshit Sudafed law- whether they were actually cooking meth or whether they just had a family with colds and needed more than one box of Sudafed- because caselaw applies to everyone.

The State itself agrees with me. “Hard cases make bad law” is a saying in the field. Which is one hell of an admission, but there it is. And people will grave dance their way into complete totalitarianism because almost no one can comprehend the difference between hating someone and it being justifiable to take action against someone.

“You wanted in, and now you’re here, driven by hate, consumed by fear.” What does “here” look like? Here are the highlights of things that can and will be applied as precedent in the next case, because they were allowed to happen to Chris. He was denied bail in large part because he is not computer illiterate. They attempted to push through remote video testimony, but they lost that one. CheddarMane, who lives neither in New Hampshire nor within 100 miles of the Federal Courthouse in New Hampshire found himself subpoenaed. So get ready to buy plane tickets every time someone says something mean to you on the internet, even if you want nothing to do with the case. What was and wasn’t said on Radical Agenda up to at least five years ago was a main line of argument from the State. It is in no way relevant, but now anything you’ve ever said on the internet is liable to be put in front of a jury. It will not be as prominent or quite as egregious when they use the new rules of evidence against you, but it will be as harmful. You better hope you live in a district where everyone agrees with you politically, religiously, and socially.

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  1. I hope he wins on appeal. I don’t know what kind of time he is looking at. I’m talking realistically.
    This imho is more bad news, on top of the pile.

  2. I go to #BLM rallys, because i believe strongly, in free speech, which is what cantwell was doing also.
    We are at polar opposite ends of that, but we both get to say it.
    Unless that’s changing now

  3. if the law was to chase down every threat made on the internet.
    they’d need to get way more money and people.

  4. It’s amazing how stupid people are. When you vote guilty in a case like this you are literally putting yourself at risk because something you said now being able to be taken out of context and utilized against you. This isn’t that hard to do given the amount of shit people type. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t a racist as what is said is taken out of context. Maybe it’ll be as search term for a book. But that will get translated into you being a racist. Christopher Cantwell is a racist, but that doesn’t change the fact his so-called threat was taken out of context and wasn’t a genuine threat.

  5. At least no one has to put up with Cantwell’s BS for a while. I hope he brings lots of knee pads and chapstick. So funny. Libertarians are the redheaded step children of the world. A drug addict with no law enforcement experience running for sheriff and a crying nazi getting life in prison for rape. Of course Ian will get a hold of the story and put his spin on it.

  6. your name should be “mark Wolf lies”
    You know there was no rape.

  7. Well, this is not the strongest case that I have ever seen. But, it was the rat Cantwell who brought this on himself by calling the Keene Police and the FBI and also going after that Nazi loser in Missouri. And his behavior, such as posting that he had a gun at the Keene Cinema or posing with a Dylan Roof haircut and the word “Soon”, made everybody feel better with him locked up. He won’t do well in Federal Prison. And he may be heading to a Medium or Maximum Security Facility. His rat behavior towards fellow Nazis will not play well with Aryan Nation and he will obviously not do well with Black or Hispanic Gangs. Unless he goes into protective custody,he will need to fight…a lot.

  8. David d – As usual, you are full of shit. You make everything up as you go. Did your mom give birth to you in a Walmart or were you just conceived there? You people continue to post these excerpts that mean nothing.

    It was made very clear. Cantwell threatened rape. He violated society’s guidelines. He was captured on social media threatening to rape someone’s wife. He is a danger to society. He is a nazi and intentionally broke the law.

    There are always consequences for a person’s actions. He knew what the consequences would be yet he chose to rape someone. He wasn’t responsible and mature enough to follow through with what was required of him. I am sure he will be thinking about that when he makes his prison marriage vows to his cell mate Turk.

  9. This is a joke article. Cantwell is a racist nazi who has a serious criminal record. Now he is convicted of trying to black mail another racist out of money and threatened to rape his wife.

    His convictions have nothing to do with free speech. He deserves what he got and what he will more than likely get when he goes to prison. A bunch of pissed off nazis who will make his life a living hell.

    The article says his bail was denied because he lacked computer skills. He ran a webshow and blog for a long time. He obviously knows how to use a computer.

    Now he has to go to court again because a civil lawsuit is pending. He’s a loser, and a racist. He put himself in the position he is. Let him shoot his mouth off in prison. Then let’s see what is freedom of speech does for him.

  10. Everyone sees that you said it and everyone sees that you backtracked.

  11. David d – Prove that I backtracked. That is a joke statement. Get a degree and work in the field of law so you can appreciate what’s going on. Leave it to freekeene radicals to think they are above everyone else. All they want is there five minutes of fame. What do you really hope to accomplish?

  12. I do not agree with everything Cantwell says, but the case against him was a sham, and him being convicted is a travesty. Regardless of whether you like a person, or agree with a person, it is immoral to lock somebody up on false charges and/or for victimless crimes.

    Remember that this could happen to you some day. First they came for Christopher Cantwell…..

  13. Andy – How was his conviction a sham? All the evidence was there. He put himself where he is and hopefully will be for a very long time.

  14. To Jumping Jacks: Care to read this statement again? “He was denied bail in large part because he is not computer illiterate”.

  15. Cantwell never said he was going to rape anyone’s wife. He said he was going to f@#& his wife, due to this guy harassing him, but he NEVER used the word rape. Considering that he did not know where this guy lived, and considering that months went by and he took no action, this was in no way a credible threat.

    Cantwell was set up, and has falsely prosecuted. You not likely some comments he has made over the years is not relevant.

  16. You all interact with WAY too many Nazis, kinda funny form of libertarianism you got there!

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