Candlelight Vigil for Victims of Government’s COVID Crackdown on Freedoms – Speech Highlights

Dozens gathered over the weekend in Concord, NH in front of the state house, to mourn the loss of countless businesses and individuals who fell victim to the government gang’s crackdown on freedom in the name of COVID-19. Here are highlights from the speakers at the candlelight vigil:

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  1. Hmmm, State liquor stores never closed. In fact they kept working on more buildings, even with the (smirk) “pandemic”.

  2. More ignorance and a dog and pony show on top. It’s unfortunate businesses had to suffer but there was nothing else that could be done. There were no victims created rom wearing masks.

    With the covid virus making a huge comeback, it’s hard to say what freedoms are going to be taken away from you in the very near future.

  3. You pretend to work in the medical field, right Jacks? Ever heard the expression “killing the patient to save his life.”?

    The only ignorance here is believing that wiping out businesses and freedoms is the appropriate response to _anything_, be it covid or whatever the latest thing we’re told to be scared of.

    People depend on each and every one of those businesses for their livelihood. What if your household’s income suddenly dropped to zero Jacks? At that point would you be more concerned about covid at that point or how to cover your food budget?

  4. Unfortunate? Gee whiz. Thanks, Jacks. It’s really indulgent of you to be expressing your sympathies for us, especially since we’re immature children who are a blight on the community we live in.

    Anyway, you’re spot on. There really is nothing more unlucky than the fact that unelected bureaucrats have blatantly lied to us about a virus that still hasn’t been properly isolated.

    Good thing we have you around to keep reminding us who gave these bullshit artists unchecked power in the first place, right munchkin?

  5. “Mmm yes unfortunate businesses… Their demise was necessary for consolidation of power.

    Covid? Haha fools. Power! Mmm yes power! Mwahahahaha >:D”

    That about right Jacks?

  6. Intrigare – Again and this means what? More whiny rants and raves. You seem to do this every time someone suggests a change. You were the only one complaining about the ‘businesses” issue. I’m more than will to believe you have lost yours along with all your bitcoin. The system isn’t the problem. The problem lies within the communities and the lack of social welfare programs and the fact that many of these programs along with education get axed during budget discussions. People’s morals and values have been corrupted through news media including unqualified “journalists” you find on this form and youtube. All the self entitled people want everything their way without giving back to the communities. Those are libertarians.

  7. Mr, Wolf, when you say “giving back”, you imply the things you mention, “education” et al are voluntarily funded.
    They aren’t. So the words “giving back” are out of context.

    As far as values go, it’s probably not a good thing to forcibly fund your ideas if the person the funds are being extracted from neither desires or uses those things. I think most libertarians would happily “allow” you to pursue your ideas, as long as you weren’t forcing them on other people. Pretty self entitled eh?

  8. Bob C – You continue you spew your brainwashed theories with no effect. I believe the serious head trauma your dad inflicted upon you is clouding your judgment. I have never seen one video in which a freekeener gave back to their community accept in order to get something in return and bathe in the limelight. Your pool side cocktail psychology only shows the limits of your comprehension of this subject. Get educated fool.

  9. Mr. Wolf, now you’re making thirsty.

  10. Mark Wolfbot “Again and this means what? More whiny rants and raves.”

    Yes yes but what I’d really like to know is what do you really think about me? And Bob C? And libertarians?

  11. Intrigare – I’m sure my assessment of you being an inbred, cousin marrying, half man would be right on. So again spare me your pathetic arguments. You know how it is. This little hobby of trying to get people on board with this free keene garbage will never work. If you people actually participated and re-invested in your communities, you would sing a different tune.

  12. Yes yes Mark Wolfbot but what I’d really like to know is what do you think about me? And FreeKeene?

  13. Intrigare – I guarantee if we met in person my assessment of your teeth is correct…. Again, your ignorance is beyond question. Freekeeners actually believe people are going to move to NH from other states just to push the FSP. How are those people going to get jobs or financially support themselves. Obviously they are not. They are all hippies looking for a love in. Way too funny.

  14. Yes Mark Wolfbot but what I’d like to know is what do you think about me? And Freekeeners?

  15. Intrigare – Now you back down and say your words meant something else. Typical activist. But very well put. The people you mentioned are criminals. The only other one I would add is Chris Cantwell.

  16. If people want to die, let them stop showing up for work, and paying the bills, and eating. I want to live! I will continue to work during COVID crackdown irrespective of stupid laws.

  17. kk – This is just another spin off of the blame game. Besides, you need to have a job to show up to work to. So don’t blame the pandemic for your life’s short comings, disappointments, failures and sad existence. I predict this pandemic won’t end any time soon. There are many more viruses like this one.

  18. Mark Wolf:

    “This is just another spin off of the blame game.”


    “Besides, you need to have a job to show up to work to.”

    I do. But if I didn’t I’d learn some new skills and start a business.

    “So don’t blame the pandemic for your life’s short comings, disappointments, failures and sad existence.”

    I haven’t. I’ve blamed stupid people and government.

    “I predict this pandemic won’t end any time soon.”

    I don’t think it matters much when it ends. The response to the virus by government and the masses was dumb. They’re trading a slight risk of death from this virus for death from starvation and economic depression.

    “There are many more viruses like this one.”

    Well, I’m not sure about the ‘like this’ part, but there are certainly other viruses, and some may be more deadly or otherwise disastrous health wise for one reason or another.

  19. kk – It sounds like your argument is full of holes and trolling. Remember, you will have to pay taxes on any earnings you make at your “job”. I doubt you have a job though. Most freekeeners are on SSDI and have been for a long time. Libertarians take but they never give back.

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