VIDEO: Activists Protest at NH Governor’s House for First Time Ever

Protestors in front of NH governor's home.

Protestors in front of NH governor’s home for the first time ever.

As originally announced here at Free Keene, approximately one hundred people gathered Sunday afternoon at New Hampshire’s “governor” Chris Sununu’s house at 71 Hemlock Ct. in Newfields, NH. Many had been pushed over their limit by his recent statewide mask mandate, but it wasn’t just about him trying to tell people what to wear, it was also about ruining businesses and destroying jobs and lives with his “emergency orders”.

Sununu’s edicts have invaded our homes and businesses, so now we’re invading his. It’s been a long time coming and today was a lot of fun as we joined together from across NH. Sununu’s gubernatorial primary challenger, Nobody, was in attendance and purchased hundreds of dollars worth of pizza for the crowd on the cold, late-fall afternoon. Ten-year-old Lucas, who earlier had been calling out Sununu on a megaphone, grabbed a pizza and attempted to walk it up the driveway to offer it to the multiple state police officers that had been assigned to protect “HIS EXCELLENCY”. They told him to leave the property, as is shown in this highlights video by Vincent Moore from Shire Free Media:

Also, when the Domino’s driver pulled up, he had on a mask but removed it and smiled as he received plenty of cash tips from the excited attendees. It was a great day for us, but probably not for Sununu as he hid inside his home like the cowardly, sniveling politician he is.

Despite sending out a press release to mainstream media, only one reporter showed up from Seacoast Online and she published a pretty fairly written story.

For more longform coverage, check out the full two hour livestream from Breaking the Flaw here:

Protests at Sununu’s home are expected to continue regularly until he rescinds his tyrannical “orders”. Stay tuned here to Free Keene for the latest.

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  1. I applaud the effort, but man, it’s hard to watch the video with the right wing nutters present and holding government flags who you know would just as well take away other rights and freedoms the first chance they got. Then adding ignorant opinions on COVID-19 doesn’t help make the videos any more palatable. Focus on the violence, focus on the statistics, focus on the absurdity of the lock-down given the mild impact of the disease compared to other common diseases of more significance killing people every year, but stop making shit up. Avoid the pro-government republican trump people. They’re not any better than the left. I hear enough lies from the left. I support ending the mandates and want them to return whatever freedoms we had while preserving my freedom to wear a mask if I so choose. I don’t wear one usually- but I darn well will decide that for myself.

  2. I see State Rep Anne Copp there also

  3. Thanks to those who stood up for freedom of choice. Is this planned for next week ?

  4. Seriously. Just wear the mask. You have had absolutely none of your so called freedoms denied. Talk about drama Don’t want to wear the masks? Then stay home. How about you all go find yourself some other cause to fight that may actually help your fellow man. Go volunteer at a soup kitchen and stop wasting time.

  5. Virginia, who owns your body?

  6. So what did you accomplish? Wearing masks do not affect businesses. I’m sure all 16 of you were really scary to the governor. How far from the governor’s home were you? 1/4 mile? It looks like he has a private drive.

    The sad thing is you could do so much more instead of running around like a bunch of fools spouting off uneducated platitudes.

    I’m sure the 10 year old who offered pizza to the officers was coached. I seriously doubt the police said anything like you said they did.

    Who was the Dominos’ delivery driver? DeMezzo? If the boss finds out what he did, he could be reprimanded or worse. The tips from you people will go as severance pay. Did you pay him in bitcoin? lol

    It’s one thing for you people to throw caution to the wind with potential covid infections but to bring children into this because their parents are idiots is pathetic at best. What are children going to do for your campaign? I know if they get sick there will be serious consequences to the child more than likely for the rest of their lives or worse. The parents will be held responsible.

    Did you even see the governor? Doubt it.

  7. Bob C – This isn’t a matter of “who owns your body”. Wearing masks has nothing to do with civil rights. It’s an obligation not only to yourself family and friends, but to your community.

    It unfortunately has come down to mandatory mask wearing because a few know it all’s have made the pandemic much worse by blowing off mandates and states opening certain facilities to early. Unless you live under a rock, covid infection rates are going through the roof in America. We have one of the highest if not the highest infection rate in the world.

  8. Considering that Exeter Hospital is overflowing with COVID cases it’ll be interesting to see how many of these dingbats wind up lying on the heliport hoping for a ventilator. “Stupid is as stupid does.”

  9. Our governor of Nevada just ordered us to wear masks while OUTSIDE as well! Funny when I break the law I go to jail but he whom we the people elected to represent us just ignores the constitution and makes up any laws he chooses. I have never worn a mask and am curious to see if the police will arrest me now as I jog or ride my bike. I surely do not understand all the sheeple that will do any silly thing they are asked to do and many have given up their businesses and life savings too. What happened to land of the free home of the brave?

  10. Jen – Mandatory mask wearing does not violate your rights in any manner, shape, or form. Until you see someone die from covid or even suffer from it, then you will understand. A cousin I grew up with who was in perfect health died two weeks ago from covid. At his request, there was no funeral do to the covid-19.

    Eventually it will hit home like everything else. States like Nevada, California, Arizona, Florida….. relaxed their mask wearing requirements and within weeks, people began testing positive for corona virus in the thousands upon thousands. How you can state your rights are more important then anyone else’s, is absurd. I have a right given all the information that is out there about covid, to live in my community without some person going off on a vendetta o not wearing a mask and possibly infecting someone.

    Just wear the mask. It’s not that hard.

  11. Jumping Jacks, I believe you have a right to decide whether or not you will wear a mask or not. I believe property owners / business owners have a right to decide what their mask policy will be. That way you don’t have to shop at places that scare you and people who don’t give a flying fuck about the scary “pandemic” can shop where they are welcome. Mutual respect and freedom of choice. Everybody wins. “Co-exist”.

    Of course most business owners are complying with Governor Sununu not because they prefer too, it’s because defying their master is something that has been bred out of this generation of human livestock. Plus the state will ultimately revoke their license and has granted themselves the power to shoot business people for continued noncompliance. At the end of every State law, rule, or order is a possible death sentence for noncompliance. Prove me wrong.

    Sununu or any other power hungry tyrant has no right and never did have and never will have any right to dictate what people will do with their own body or their own property. In fact, he’s just an ordinary person as far as rights go. He has no more rights than you or me and neither of us has a right to tell other people what to do with their own body or property.

    Government is an opinion with a gun. Interestingly, that’s not my opinion, it’s a self evident fact. Again, prove me wrong.

  12. I’m sorry about your cousin, Jumping Jacks. But why do you believe it was COVID that killed him?

  13. KK with that attitude you’ll never make any new converts. These people are ready for a new message. I will continue reaching out at both Trump and BLM rallies, and anywhere else there are disaffected people who are mad at the government gang.

  14. Bob, weekly 2pm protests on Sunday.

  15. Thanks Ian. I do like pizza.

  16. This attack on Governor Sununu is ridiculous. Nobody likes wearing masks. But, Governor Sununu has handled he Pandemic in a far more reasonable and measured way than most other Governors. His popularity was proven in November when he won re-election by a 2-1 margin even though Biden won New Hampshire and Democrats won the U.S. Senate and U.S. Congressional seats. Sununu even won the vote in ultra liberal Keene.

    This Free Keene over-reaction reminds me of the Free Keeners going crazy about city employees enforcing the parking regulations. What was completely lacking in that nonsense was recognition of the fact that every other City in America and New Hampshire was doing exactly the same thing.

    Governor Sununu is simply doing his job and he is doing it in a far less onerous way than most other Governors. Covid cases are spiking and he is trying to take small steps so that all of our New Hampshire businesses can stay open.

  17. Live free or die, you can’t vote a nonexistent thing into being though.

    If the NH Constitution got anything right it said, “all men (people) are born equally free and independent” etc. If that’s the case no person has any more or any less right to decide how they will run their OWN life and no person has any right to decide what others will do with their own body and property.

    If you “believe in government” your first task to remain consistent would be to point to where Sununu gets his magical powers from…can you show me?

    Where would Sununu or any of the other “even worse than Sununu” Governor tyrants get the right to order people around if all men are equal? Are you saying Sununu somehow has more rights than you do ? Where do they come from and how would you not have those same rights, which of course would empower you to decline Sununu’s orders, if “all men are born equal” ?

  18. So, Ian is holding Trump sign… interesting

  19. ok, i didn’t see that; that’s a lie, don’t try to ferritt it out…i didn’t watch the whole 2 hour plus video.. who sprung for the pizza?

  20. Bob C – I understand your beliefs. There is nothing wrong with that. But state governors are using the most current information from the CDC and recommendations of the White House to make these decisions. There are also an abundant of law makers that say wearing a mask does not affect your rights.

    This is a matter of what you want for the future. Do you want more people to get sick and some even die or do you want to contain this virus and slow it’s progress? Masks have been proven to be effective along with staying 6′ away from others.

    With everything shutting down or being restricted, What are you really accomplishing by not wearing a mask. The taxes in states for purchase of goods is way down. Why would the government want that.

  21. Voose Lagina – First off this article was posted back in May of 2020. The height of the covid virus. Your article is outdated and nonreliable.

  22. His Excellency – Thank you for the condolences. He was tested. He had all the symptoms of covid and his health declined quickly. He was put on a ventilator within a day of being admitted to the hospital. He died three days later.

  23. Bob-Governments have many rights. Some are big, like the Draft. Others are smaller, like stoplights or speed limits or “don’t walk” signs. There are zoning laws and gun laws and countless ordinances. You can’t make noise in certain Towns past a certain time. Restaurants must close at a certain time. And there are taxes. Your arguments don’t sound very well thought out. People order us around all of the time. Legally, and, usually, for a good reason.

  24. “First off this article was posted back in May of 2020. The height of the covid virus. Your article is outdated and nonreliable.”

    Um, Jacks? We’re talking about mask mandates, remember? Neither of those boys died from covid. It was reported that both of them died from sudden cardiac arrest, presumably brought on because they were forced to wear masks during rigorous exercise. Please try and keep up, munchkin.

    Oh, and munchkin? It looks to me like all that cocaine you’re snorting has fooled you once again into believing you had a “gotcha” moment. Maybe you should consider laying off the booger sugar and switching to Sanka, huh?

  25. LFoD.

    Governments don’t have “rights,” shit-for-brains, they have “powers” which are supposed to be defined and authorized by the Constitution.

  26. “Being a stop sign is a right ! (pause for mouth inhalation)

    oh yeah!!?? \Well…I self identify as a traffic light, it’s my right” – Live free or die

  27. So BIG BROTHER sprung for the pizza! aka the pizza was attained by coercion and threats of reprisals. And yet monsuier Freeman fortified himself w it, interesting. You are what you eat you know,..aka mosuier Freeman.. is now made of coercion… OH THE HUMANITY!

  28. Optics could be better. All the yelling and anger — Not good. May I suggest singing? Laughing? Being “fed up” is a losing position. It means you are getting worn down. Making light shows you are comfortable and in a strong position. Hard to imagine anyone being persuaded to support whatever is happening this video. Seems like a net negative that the event was recorded and published to the net — let alone happened. Screaming into the wind. The pizza was nice and happy. +1 for that. But the megaphones were not happy.

  29. Sununu is a complete loser who cares not one bit about we the people,We need to remove him

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