My Nose Is My Mask! #BreatheFreeAndLive

This man spoke at church recently. He said your nose is part of your immune system and that breathing through your nose is healthy. Listen to his full statement:

Breathe Free And Live!

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  1. Thanks. Very interesting.

  2. Hunter!

  3. Science is very empowering. Please wear a mask, stay away from others and don’t gather. Be smart. This is temporary but if you get the virus is life altering with severe neurological and organ failures for the rest of your life. Hospitals are treating as many recovering from symptoms for the last 8 months as new covid patients. Do you want you or your children to suffer for the rest of their lives? Many don’t show any symptoms when infected. Do you want to be the one who infects others? children doctors teachers restaurant workders. Do you want to be the one who infects many? wear a mask.

  4. Im going out on a limb here, i know, but I think the people who died had noses

  5. This is the biggest bunch of garbage I have seen yet. No wonder we have a pandemic that isn’t getting better.

    The nose itself is not part of the immune system. It’s way in the back of the nasopharyngeal sinus mucosa and tonsils that try to filter out particulate and possible dangerous matter from reaching the lungs. Those glands sample the air, they can’t stop or screen out any one virus.

    Your body’s immune system with lymphocytes (T cells) white blood cells, MAST cells, etc… do the majority fighting off infections. And then associating the DNA of a virus so you do not get the same infection twice. Sometimes that doesn’t work.

    The nitrogen oxide he is referring to only helps to dilate or restrict blood vessels. It helps with oxygenation. Not immune responses nor is it a disinfectant.

    He talks about hyperventilation. The reason why you get the tingling in your extremities is because you are blowing off the CO2 that is in your lungs. Your body becomes alkalotic and cause blood vessels to constrict. That is why you get tingles like that. Even when you throw up a few times, the acid that leaves the body brings down the CO2 levels in your body causing the same thing.

    He has made so many errors in this video. If you follow them, no doubt you will increase your chances of becoming infected with corona virus. He just wants to sell shirts.

    He borders on the criminal side of covid-19

  6. Susan Moran.

    Right now we’re 240+ days into the original 15 days we were told would be needed to “flatten the curve.” So much for temporary measures, huh shit-for-brains? Why don’t you just say what you really mean, Susan? That what you really want is expensive Democrat policies forced upon the rest of us in order to overregulate every aspect of our lives.

  7. Well you may think you’re king but the virus will get you too! This is not political-this is a health crisis. You can spin your numbers and twist the facts to fit your own scenario. Science and facts are out there if you care to take a look but if not hide in your bubble and continue the hate that you are enjoying. I have a bird to cook and friends to call to tell them I love them and trust that I won’t think about your hatred and demented thoughts today.

  8. Fuck, Susan. Really? The virus is gonna get me, too? How menacing!

    Anyway, shit-for-brains, it’s not like I’m the only one pointing out the obvious. Haven’t you noticed that even the politicians peddling this horseshit aren’t afraid of getting sick? So why are you? I have a theory about that. Want to hear it, sweetheart?

  9. None of this is political, Susan? Geez, what a relief! Now we can all forget about the fact that comrades Joe and Hillary were expressing exactly the opposite sentiments 6 months ago, hmm?

  10. The nose has boogers…. as a child that was pointed out to me… as a adult child…i heard that boogers are pose2 be filters… perhaps this is what he’s trying to say or something

  11. ok… here’s a question; all this info is super and appreciated, … the thing is i can’t just go around through my nose 24/7 … this just seems impractical also it’s theoretical… i mean a few people might do it but the masses won’t… and that’s why the masks are mandated because the masses won’t..

  12. It’s official then. David is an admitted mouth breather.

  13. People, and all animals, breath through their nose and primarily their mouths. Otherwise killers could just block your nose to kill you.. You are just being goofy

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