Christopher Sununu Runs Away Like A Bitch

Official Governor of New Hampshire, Acting Governor of Massachusetts, Christopher Sununu announced today that he is canceling  his inauguration ceremony because of “armed protestors.”

If the presence of guns scare you, I seriously suggest that you get out of New Hampshire. In fact Massachusetts is a much better fit for Sununu based on his behavior over the past 10 months. Of course he seems to prefer to reap the benefits of a pro gun low tax state, while acting like a far left dictator. There have been protests every week for the past several weeks in the median in front of his house. There have been no physical altercations and no weapons have been brandished. Sununu brought up a trespass, and I don’t know whether or not he was informed of the details by the cops, but it was the absurd type of trespass that appears in extreme libertarian thought experiment hypos. That’s right, a person carelessly stepped one step onto the lockdown governor’s lawn, the horror.

While it is somewhat odd that the person who created the lockdown, still enforces operational- or non operational- restrictions on businesses, and encourages everyone to stay home is having an event in the first place, canceling it because a hand full of people don’t like you strikes me as a bitch move. Yes, people were armed. It’s New Hampshire; everyone is armed. It’s like pointing out that people were wearing shoes.

Sununu and others have taken issue with the fact that protests occurred in front of his house instead of at the closed Statehouse. Saying we shouldn’t attack him and his family. First of all, no one is attacking his children. They are too young to have culpability and they haven’t done anything. People are verbally attacking Sununu because he is a person who is doing things that are gratuitously harmful. He doesn’t have a private soul and a government official soul. He, the only him, put people out of work, shut down businesses, instituted unworkable restrictions for some on reopening, and issued 77 “Emergency Orders.” Sununu, the person, because there is no other Sununu, did not give a single care who’s family was effected or scared when he put them out of work or made it illegal for developing children to socialize. He just went ahead with the lockdown. Now people are angry at Sununu, the person, because there is no other Sununu. Many of them still have extra time on their hands from being underemployed. Having to see angry people is a very mild consequence for the action of instituting a lockdown.

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  1. This is a very pathetic attempt at an article. There is nothing informational about this. His advisors were passing information on to him for the safety of his family and citizens. What’s wrong with that? There are idiots (freekeeners) out there standing at the bottom of his driveway chanting and making stupid remarks all the while calling it a “protest”. Sununu is protecting his family. With the behaviors of people today, It makes sense.

    What’s the big deal, you freekeeners don’t like him and more than likely didn’t vote for him so who cares.

    He was re- elected as governor. Unless you are going to move out of state, live with it.

    By the way, today; 12-30-20 There are 1239 people who have tested positive for the coronavirus.

    The lockdowns were not violating anyone’s rights so those are your words.

  2. I don’t know about you, Jacks, but I was informed. You know what I learned? That Sununu’s a wobbly wusswagon of a governor. Big surprise, huh?

    Regardless, you lockdowners were wrong. Big time. Wanna know why? I know you don’t, but here’s why anyway:


  3. I feel compelled to comment on both the article, authored by Melanie, which, in parts, I agree had an element of the screed about it. For me that was the use of the term, ‘bitch’ to describe cowardly or otherwise less than laudable behavior. This reflects negatively on the female gender. Most of the females I know are courageous and willing to undertake arduous labors and risks to achieve the goals needed to assure the wellbeing of those they love. Additionally, in my direct experience I have seen groups of women stand up for real freedom at risk of their lives and react negatively to denigrating their gender.
    Melanie’s article did provide a useful piece of information on the incident of the Foot on the Grass and clarify the financial impact on the people of NH who do real work for what they are paid, so unlike the Plumbers Helper Class, also known as government officials, agents, and other kinds of employees. (Yes, I know your state legislators are paid very little and deem this to be a positive sign reflecting the value of their assigned work.)
    Politicians, including elected officials, are much like plumbers’ helpers. The plumber’s helper can be a useful tool when it works as expected. When this ceases to be the case you remove it from use and generally obtain a new tool to solve the problem. Mind you, I am not saying you should just recall Sununu, and hold another election for the office. If Sununu was the best you could do strongly consider another approach to this issue.
    It would be useful to dialog on whether you, the real government for New Hampshire, the people, want to have a governor at all. In either case, as a vocal and active number of individuals, you need to persuade more of your fellow members of the real NH government to follow a workable plan for curing the ills reported. It is very difficult to get people to change if the alternative is not clearly laid out and agreed to in advance.
    There is plenty of information available which is not appearing in the MSM, for reasons too well known to repeat here. Sign up for the articles from The Underground by Mark Crispin Miller, Visit News from Underground:
    for a steady feed of reliable information.
    This approach demonstrates the opportunity to leave the office of governor vacant. Remember that not long since, the President of Switzerland had been dead for 11 days before anyone noticed. So, how much gratuitous government do you really want or need?
    The body of persons in NH should long since have begun a dialog on how to solve the present problems without reference to your native plumbers’ helpers.
    Now, about the comment: Jumping Jacks engaged in name calling and clearly holds the individuals he refers to as FreeKeeners with contempt. This may be emotionally satisfying for JJ but it is entirely unproductive.
    Those asked to bear the losses caused by the lockdowns may be entirely unshared by JJ, on this point s/he fails to report. But knowing you have a home and will be able to feed your family weigh heavily with most of humanity and people living in NH are no different.
    But, again, consider the fact that across the country large, corporate businesses are permitted to operate with only the use of masks on those in the store, while small and middle-sized businesses, of which NH has many, are being forced to close and many will not reopen.
    Small and medium-sized businesses elsewhere have taken steps for delivery of purchases, pick-up delivered to the car, pick-up one customer at a time, inside the store with a distance of 6 feet maintained.
    COVID dies after 2 weeks.
    Masks do not work to impede the flow of COVID-19
    The suicide rate may well exceed that of deaths to COVID in the final tally.
    Many will be left without jobs and homeless and so at the mercy of the elements and subject to the constellation of health problems thus caused. Can New Hampshire do better? I believe the people, who are the government can do just that.
    Disasters call us to come together in community and help each other, not to engage in behavior which causes deeper divides which may last a lifetime.

  4. On point article, thanks!

    Very ironic, but not surprising, that Sununu would twist things the way he has. Every one of his “executive orders” , is really legislation and carries a threat of government violence against people who protest or disobey his unconstitutional orders.

    He is the one threatening people. Nice projection, “your Excellency”.

    He’s a Governor, and isn’t supposed to legislate. He, like many other Governor’s has taken a king sized dump on a State constitution. People don’t like that shit. (yes, that was a shitty pun)

    [Art.] 37. [Separation of Powers.] In the government of this State, the three essential powers thereof, to wit, the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial, ought to be kept as separate from, and independent of, each other, as the nature of a free government will admit, or as is consistent with that chain of connection that binds the whole fabric of the Constitution in one indissoluble bond of union and amity.
    June 2, 1784

    People have a right to protest. People have a right to be armed. Governor’s have no right to legislate.

    I appreciate his concern for his family, but of course Sununu is still getting a paycheck isn’t he ? Unlike the families he harmed when he closed down or caused people to lose their businesses.

    Sununu conflated peaceful and orderly (albeit sometimes justifiably angry… are we “allowed” to be angry ? ) protests with somehow being a possible attack on his family. Calling cry baby bullshit on that. Maybe he should resign if he can’t take criticism.

    I’m sure his Democrat or Rino buddies (seems to have alot of them) can hook him up with some kind of fat lobbying job or something. We know he’s gonna need a few more bucks to pay the overtime of all that State cop security he hired as his body guards. I’m sure he wouldn’t ask the people he put out of work to pay for those nice confused State cops who stood shoulder to shoulder trying to intimidate people from exercising their right to air their grievances in front of his house. But, but, social distancing !

    Liquor stores are still open too. Drink up and help pay for the Imperial Castle Guard !!

  5. Melanie (and other friends of liberty): I can supply a few examples of “liberty movement” (or adjacent) folks running or getting roughed up.

    Self defense and actually putting up a “non soy” posture would be a good idea before we start calling him insults. Yes, he has a right to be concerned (and yes, I understand he said it to draw sympathy/create a common enemy).

    We might want to look at our weakest links before we find something like this to stew on.

  6. Jumping Jacks! Not sure where you are getting your information on cases with this stupid plandemic, but if you did some real research you would know that the tests are inaccurate and give a false positive, and what about all the hospitals and clinics that are being paid extra to claim someone has this so called virus… And to top it off our numbers where down when we were not being forced to wear these stupid diapers on our faces and now all of a sudden we are forced to wear the face diaper and the numbers are going crazy… Why isn’t the governor forcing people to eat better??? Why isn’t he banning sodas and closing fast food places??? All the crap that kills our immune systems, and all the stupid chemicals that everyone is being forced to use, all this shit kills your immune system and entail people get sick!!! This Idiot governor needs to get the real facts not some stupid doctor that is being paid by these stupid politician to tell them what they want to hear and turn this state and country into a communist country and dictate our every move… LIVE FREE OR DIE is dead to this state with this dictator in charge!

  7. Karen,

    Oh, Jumping Jacks is just here to attack every article, no matter what it says. Once in a while he’ll throw in links to CDC or mainstream fear mongering as “proof.”. And if that doesn’t work, he’ll remind us that he is a medical center director working on his PhD, and hence we are not qualified to debate him.

    Quite a character isn’t he?

  8. Your a fucking moron Jacks:

    “There are idiots (freekeeners) out there standing at the bottom of his driveway”

    There is no such thing as a freekeener and the people you are referring to were at a couple of these protests. It’s almost an entirely different group of people. A big portion of them are right wing cop sucking conservative trump supporters. The couple liberty-minded people who showed up to a few protests just happen to agree that he’s a fucking idiot and the lock down as ordered by the governor needs to end. Unlike you jacks libertarians don’t just pick a side. They think about the issues for themselves and support whichever protest is pro-freedom.

    “chanting and making stupid remarks all the while calling it a “protest”. Sununu is protecting his family.”

    From what jacks? Sununu wasn’t even home! Ohh you must be talking about the 8-year old boy who actually did go up a little ways onto Sununu’s driveway to offer the cops some pizza before being turned away. Yea, if he’s afraid of an 8-year old in his driveway that scared away by a wave of a hand he’s got bigger mental issues than anybody can help him with and he shouldn’t be governor.

    The other guy with an actual weapon wasn’t brandishing it and nobody knew he even had it including the cops until the police arrested him over non-violent peaceful “protesting” of their illegal infringements.

    In Case No. 2005-0541, State of New Hampshire v. Frank Staples, the court on September 14, 2006, issued the following order:
    The defendant, Frank Staples, appeals his conviction for being a felon in possession of a firearm. He argues that the trial court erred in limiting his cross-examination of “the State’s chief witness.” We affirm.

  10. Sounds as though the Libertarians are close to exercising their NH Bill of Rights 10th Amendment, good. I just wanted to point out that the Progressives are openly defending this Governor, but he did just throw every NH gun owner under the proverbial bus and I imagine the Progressives are enjoying the influence they have in this state’s administration and it’s strong arm Progressive policies.

  11. Karen M Sylvia – “would know that the tests are inaccurate and give a false positive, and what about all the hospitals and clinics that are being paid extra to claim someone has this so called virus”

    Wow I have to thank you for posting the most ridiculous statement of 2020.

    There is always an error every now and then due to protocols not being followed. I tell you what, Why don’t you tell everyone which covid test was false positive.

    As far as clinics raking in money, you couldn’t be further from the truth. The vaccine is free and no one is paid anything. Educate yourself.

  12. Sorry Jacks, but I’m pretty sure the most ridiculous statement of 2020 was “if we all pitch in for fifteen days, we can flatten the curve.” Boy, that one was quite a whopper, huh big guy?

  13. Sorry Jacks, but I’m pretty sure the most ridiculous statement of 2020 was “if we all pitch in for fifteen days, we can flatten the curve.” Boy, that one was quite a whopper, huh big guy?

  14. Hey Melanie, you cunt, show some respect. Something you’ve NEVER earned in your life. What exactly have you accomplished at this point in life? Acting as Queen Troll? HAHAHAHA

  15. Time to get rid of him NH Sununu is one of the cabal. Why else you think we have such horrid drug issues!? Rise!

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