Underground New Year’s Eve Party “QUARANKEENE Space Disco” Raises Over $1,100 for Charity

Tonight, New Year’s Eve, while government goons are threatening people and telling them to stay home, over one hundred revelers are together in a secret venue in the Keene area for “QUARANKEENE Space Disco”! Organizers of the party say it will feature now-prohibited activities like karaoke and dancing. Featuring multiple live DJs, delicious food, good times, and all donations at the door will be given to the NH Liberty Defense Fund. The Liberty Defense Fund is of course accepting cryptocurrency as well as Goldbacks. Here’s the official event flyer:

QUARANKEENE Space Disco 2020

QUARANKEENE Space Disco 2020

Event co-organizer “Soundwave” said, “2020 has been a soul-crushing year for people across the planet. With lame-ass stay-at-home ‘dance parties’, drive-in concerts with zero crowd energy, and inhumane mask mandates, people have been unable to sing, dance, and connect with other humans. We’re not afraid of a virus that doesn’t show symptoms in the supermajority of the people it infects and kills a small fraction of the elderly, obese people who do actually show symptoms. This whole COVID thing has been a massive excuse to expand government control over people’s lives and transfer more wealth to the elite, while destroying small businesses. We decided the best thing we could do to fight this insanity is to throw a killer party.”

Indeed, tonight’s venue is a previously successful Keene-area restaurant that was closed permanently early on in 2020. The courageous venue owner, Malaise Lindenfeld, is also one of the plaintiffs in the federal lawsuit against the statewide mask mandate as well as the City of Keene’s mandate. Lindenfeld said, “Our most basic freedoms have been coopted by politicians who forget that they serve at our pleasure and not the other way around. If each of us were to take a stand and say “I will not comply”, it will go a long way towards the fight against tyranny.”

QUARANKEENE is the latest in a series of Space Disco parties that began in August 2019, co-founded by DJ Capital Interest. The goal is to eventually throw an epic party in space, but until then build excitement by throwing space-themed parties here on Earth. DJ Capital Interest explained, “The Space Disco is literally going to outer space. Our life mission is to open the solar system’s first discotheque outside of Earth’s atmosphere by joining forces with the world’s leading space and party companies.” Regarding tonight’s party, DJ Capital Interest said, “Space Disco Summer 2020 was by far the best dance club in the country and Space Disco NYE 2020/21 is shaping up to be the best Winter dance club, thanks to so many independent thinkers concentrated in New Hampshire.”

UPDATE: The party raised over $1100 in cash plus a bunch of Goldbacks, a few ounces of silver, and multiple different cryptocurrencies for the Liberty Defense Fund! It was a smashing success.

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  1. Awesome party! Save our freedom! Down with Sununu.

  2. Ian is telling uneducated stories again.

    “We’re not afraid of a virus that doesn’t show symptoms in the supermajority of the people it infects and kills a small fraction of the elderly, obese people who do actually show symptoms”.

    Confirmed cases in the USA – 20,026,400 Deaths In the USA – 3.2 millions. Not all the data is in for 2020 so those numbers could go much higher.. Those stats are significant. It isn’t just obese people and the elderly who get the virus, it’s children, athletes, business owners, activists, and the list goes on and on.

    This so called “federal lawsuit” regarding the wearing of masks will not go anywhere. Those were executive orders.

    “This whole COVID thing has been a massive excuse to expand government control over people’s lives and transfer more wealth to the elite, while destroying small businesses”.

    More Ian rhetoric and propaganda. You are really out in left field aren’t you. In other words, you are lying..

    The current numbers of covid positive cases in Cheshire county is 1263. I would be willing to bet those numbers will continue to climb and quite possibly you Ian and your buddies could be part of those statistics before long. We will have to wait and see.

    I’m sure when the first round of covid vaccines come out for everyone, you and your hypocrite freekeeners will be first in line.

  3. I love how people like Jumping Jacks just do not know what is really happening around them. Sad. I will pray for you.

  4. Jumping Jacks: If 1% of the population has died it’s almost certain that I’d know somebody whose died. How many people do you know? Can you think of even a single person who has died? I know hundreds of people. There should be at least a few that have passed away that I’d have heard about if 1% of the population has already died. I can’t even think of anybody that I know whose been infected let alone died. I know one person who works at a hospital who have seen a handful of her collogues infected. None have died. I did get tested when I came down sick and tested negative. I don’t know how much more afraid of this we’re suppose to be… but it’s seeming like a big huge economic disaster that had no basis. I was all on board with this being a potential disaster, but at some point you have to admit that a disaster from the virus itself hasn’t panned out. An economic disaster on the other hand? Sure. But that should be easy to end. Just stop with the insanity. You can continue to wear your mask and wash your hands and you can even choose not to go into work if you want. However don’t expect the rest of us to stay home from work and lose our houses and food security because you are afraid of a virus that hasn’t caused the damage originally feared.

  5. COVID-19 is a big fat hairy lie. Wake up dummies! It’s influenza a mixed with a little b. We won’t get fooled again!

  6. jim – Two of my cousins have died from the covid virus. I work in health care. I have had a few of my patients die from covid.

    The mortality rate is not always going to be nominal. It’s what happens after you have recovered from the coronavirus. Long term or permanent damage to your lungs, heart, kidneys, liver, metabolism, immune system, and the list goes on. Why would anyone want to chance that?

    I suggest you look at what’s happening in other states like California, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, just to name a few. A lot of people shared the same doubts you have and most of them have caught the corona virus. Many of the ICU beds are taken up. Some hospitals have had to put patients on other floors that require a nurse to have experience in ICU medicine. These same trends are working their way northward.

    Honestly, I am glad you got tested and it was negative. When the covid vaccines role out to the public, are you going to be standing in line to get it?

  7. Jumping Jacks, did your cousins wear masks ?
    When the covid vaccines roll out to the public, are you in favor of people being forcibly vaccinated ?

    I can tell you and any government peeping toms that read this website, I won’t be taking a vaccine willingly unless / until I deem it in my best interest. I reason if all “men” (people) have equal rights and I have no right to forcibly vaccinate anybody than nobody has the right to forcibly vaccinate me. To reason otherwise, would be unreasonable and illogical wouldn’t it ?

  8. Bob C – ” did your cousins wear masks ?” Yes they did. They were very healthy people.

    As far as the vaccination goes, I can’t fault anyone who doesn’t want to have it. I told my employees they don’t have to take the vaccine if they don’t want to. They all did including myself.

    At this time, I seriously doubt anyone would force anyone to take this vaccine. There are people out there who are allergic to some of the ingredients in the vaccination.

    Even though I took the vaccine, I still have some reservations about it. I think the vaccine was made to quickly. Typical flu vaccines take 1 – 2 years to develop and this one was out in a few months. Typical flu vaccines are always one year behind.

    I still can’t figure out how China, England, USA have developed these vaccinations so quickly. I’ll let the conspiracy nuts figure that one out.

  9. There isn’t any conspiracy at work here, Jacks. The vaccines were developed quickly because the US government stayed out of the way for once. You see, munchkin, regulations lead to long waits and bad service. But cut out all the red tape and SURPRISE! The payoff is immediate. See how this works? Ha ha ha. Just joking, big guy. I know you don’t.

  10. When the idiots finally see that corona aka “Covid-19” was really complete lies, will their egos be healthy enough to admit they got fooled?

  11. Two whole cousins, Jumping Jacks? Geez. Well that’s a real bummer. Hey, what did they do for a living, anyway? I’ll bet they were real important fellas just like you are. There isn’t a bum to be found in your family tree, right big guy?

  12. Disregarding accuracy again Jumping Jacks? Your covid death figure is about 10x higher than the CDC’s.
    Viruses killing people is nothing new. No reason to keep sounding the alarm bells like they do all day on TV.

  13. Today, 1-03-21 1319 people have tested positive for the coronavirus in Cheshire County. A significant increase.

  14. I wish people living in NH would realize that so far we have been spared, but current reports indicate that is changing. My congratulations to the pompous organizers of this event for helping to spread such a devastating virus. You should be ashamed of yourselves!

  15. @Disgusted

    I encourage you to turn the TV off and look around to see what’s really going on. Its quite liberating.

  16. So just between us, what did those two cousins of yours really die of, Jacks? My money’s on “shot accidentally by a drunken deer hunter,” but a lot of the guys here are betting on “food poisoning from expired cans of beans.” Oh, and of course there’re those guys who’re refusing to bet on anything at all because they think you made the whole thing up. But who cares what they think, right munchkin?

    Anyway, you think you can clear this up for us and let us in on what really happened? Your secret’s safe with us, big guy. I mean, there’s only about 5 or 6 of us freekeeners who really read this thing anyway, right?

  17. @Jumping Jacks “As far as the vaccination goes, I can’t fault anyone who doesn’t want to have it.”

    Oh really? You mean you won’t be on this site chastising everyone who chooses not to get vaccinated, for causing deaths? :O Who are you and what did you do with Jumping Jacks?

    Sylvia, it seems Jacks after all this time may be learning to throw curve balls. Careful not to lose that new handbag of yours, that’s all I can say.

  18. I got boaks and a huge collectin of dsa manuals and 3 degrees that disagree with you. You are WRONG! this virus is real. I prove it. The hospitals people diing and you do nothing but laugh at me.

  19. Yeah, Intrigare. Jacks is all over the place these days. It’s really been weirding me out, tbh. Anyway, I doubt it’s anything worth worrying about. He probably just has low blood sugar. I hear that’s a real common ailment amongst Ph.D. candidates.

  20. More childish responses. I wouldn’t expect anything different. freekeeners and anyone associated with them have proven their ignorance and stupidity time and time again.

    I thought free speech is is a right utilized by everyone. I guess it doesn’t apply to everyone on this forum. Childish name calling and fake names show a lack of intelligence and creativity. Your inappropriate statements fall on deaf ears. You prefer drama and trolling to actually saying anything intelligent or backing up your BS with real concrete evidence.

  21. There’s the Jacks I know 🙂

    But his hissy still seems a bit off. Something missing yet I can’t quite put my finger on it. Like Joe Biden.

    Silvia what do you think?

  22. Jacks is a lot like a Christ figure, isn’t he Intrigare? You know, kind of like the guy described in John 3:16?

    Hey, what do you think Jacks’ next sermon on the mount will be about? The number of ‘vid cases in Cheshire County, perhaps? I’m betting that next number’s going to be a significant increase from the last one. Can’t wait to find out.

  23. I still would like to know where got the 3.2mil US covid death figure. Man that’s more than 2x the population of New Hampshire. No wonder he’s so rattled.

  24. Pshaw. What’s a few million covid deaths between friends, right Intrigare?

    Anyway, your guess is as good as mine, but do you think it’s possible that the butt Jacks pulls his stats out of is running off the old Dominion Voting Systems software? That could explain away a lot of the counting errors we’re seeing here. Dang, it’s too bad we don’t have a tough cookie on the team like Sidney Powell to look into this messy shit for us, huh? 😉

  25. I’m sort of wondering how many vaccine deaths there will be.

    I mean if a person dies WITH covid and that counts as a covid death, wouldn’t it be fair to calculate “vaccine deaths” the same way ?

  26. Bob C – I agree. I wonder how many deaths will be attributed to the vaccine. I honestly do not believe there will be many. A lot of allergies are because of the protein molecules in the injection. Many vaccines are made from eggs and people who are allergic to eggs can’t take certain vaccines.

    There are two fold questions, The vaccine of choice right now requires two injections. People could have a severe allergic reaction to the second vaccination and not the first. Who knows.

  27. Huh. Bob’s underlying sentiment just went completely over your head, didn’t it munchkin? Perhaps you’d like a do over?

  28. Today in Cheshire county there are 1404 people who have tested positive for the coronavirus.

  29. Just wondering if there will be a vaccine for the vaccine?

  30. Cha-ching! Evening, Jacks. Found this on Facebook while I was getting my nails done. Thanks for your help in paying for that, by the way.


    Anyway, what a punch to the gut that is, huh big guy? Geez. I’m surprised Facebook allowed this one to stay up for so long. I’ll bet those fact checkers weren’t canucks, huh? Ha ha ha. Get it, munchkin? It’s funny because it’s racist.

  31. Silvia,

    So you mean its not just Ian and his minions who think we’re being lied to about covid? Facinating. See that Jacks? I knew you spent all these years trolling here not just because of Ian’s political views. It must be because you love us but just don’t know how to show it yet 🙂

    Oh and Silvia, please don’t forget to share the wealth.

  32. Bob C,
    And if someone dies after a positive covid test, but they were previously vaccinated, would the death be attributed to covid, the vaccine, or the true cause of death? *head explodes*

  33. 🙂

  34. Interesting point Intrigare.

    Makes me wonder if someone who had a positive covid test is shot resisting a mandatory 2nd vaccination , does their death get added to “gun homicides”, covid or vaccines ?

  35. The posting of the video is from July 31st 2020. All the data was not in and people were speculating. It is not relevant to today’s covid testing.

    Today in Cheshire county, 1421 people have tested positive for covid-19

  36. So they were speculating, huh? Geez. Well thanks for clearing that up, big guy.

    Anyway, I guess that means that the FDA, the WHO, and Pope Saint Fauci the Great (may he live forever) were still engaging in speculation all the way up to a few days ago, huh munchkin? Well that’s not very sciencey at all, now is it? I think someone should complain to whoever’s in charge.




  37. All of those articles are speculations. No one said that it was for sure. The same things were brought up about the HIV tests People used to use the Western Blot Test which could possibly give a false positive if you had the common cold. Nothing is 100% sure. The number of infections and deaths around the world speak volumes.

  38. Mmm okay Jumping Jacks… Except “the number of infections and deaths around the world” are… you guessed it… speculation also.

    So if everyone is speculating, then how did you determine which side of the issue is the “uneducated” one? Does Pope Saint Fauci the Great really have that big of an influence on you? Or do you just say that about every article here no matter what it says?

  39. Geez, Jacks. I really liked how you dangled that “western blot” horseshit there to show off your doctoral candidate street-cred to us common people. Very sexy, big guy.

    Anyway, I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this before, but did you know that the ‘rona has a 99.98% recovery rate?

    Hey! Wait a minute! That’s pretty close to being 100% sure about something, isn’t it? Gee. Seems like keeping healthy people from earning a living and making them wear masks everywhere was quite an overreaction on you guys’ part, huh?

    See where I’m going with this, munchkin? Just kidding. I know you don’t.

  40. Today in Cheshire county, 1435 people have tested positive for covid-19. That’s +14 from yesterday by the way.

    I would be willing to bet those numbers will continue to climb until spring and quite possibly beyond and you hypocrite freekeeners and activists could be part of those statistics before then. It should be interesting to see where this ongoing pandemic leads us.

    Wear a mask and read this article and educate yourself fools.


  41. Well, one thing I’m pretty confident in is that I neither been infected nor died from this virus or series thereof and I’m not overly concerned about it at this point. If I’ve survived this long and so as most of Cheshire county it’s almost certain that I can safely ignore it for some time to come. Maybe I will get vaccinated, but I’ll take a wait and see approach particularly given that they may be trying to force vaccinate unwilling participants. The use of violence to solve problems, even if it will solve them, is not justifiable due to mere risk. There are risks to life and risk in and of itself is a poor reason to ban / require / etc anything. It’s violence being used on otherwise peaceful people and that is wrong whether those people are right/wrong/doing what is best for society or themselves/or just plain crazy. You should have a right to be batshit insane be it you are an anti-vaxor or Jumping Jacks. So long as you are not utilizing violence (or at least against those who don’t agree to it, ie I’m not looking to outlaw boxing or BDSM) or genuinely threatening others you should be left alone.

  42. Mmm yes there are more negative tests in Cheshire county each day also… So what’s the point?

  43. Intrigare – “So what’s the point?” Those are your words. The point is there have been many indoor events in which people have contracted the virus. People are exposing themselves to the corona virus everywhere. Is that something you and the freekeeners want to have happen? I thought so. You choose to be ignorant. Afraid to face reality? I thought so too. Therefore you are part of the problem, not the solution. Those are the facts right now. Foolish freekeeners and activists are burdening the rest of society by doing stupid things, throwing caution to the wind, and ect.. Educate yourself.



  44. runningawaykenpo:

    Mmm yeah I’d rather see indoor events and social gatherings continue. Thanks though.

  45. You are welcome. Wear your mask. It is not worth the risk.

  46. kk – Never say never.You have the same chances of catching the virus as anyone else.

    Today in Cheshire county, there are currently 1435 people who have tested positive for the coronavirus.

  47. No you don’t, Jacks. Not by a long shot. At least a third testing positive remain asymptomatic and the chances of requiring hospitalization are orders of magnitude lower for people under 50 years of age. What’s the deal with you, anyway munchkin? You fancy yourself a doctoral candidate, yet you can’t even read a simple chart?


  48. I suggest you go back and re-read the article. If people are going to run around without masks, they have a much higher chance of contracting covid then those who don’t.

    If you are out in public all the time even with a mask, you have a higher chance of contracting the virus.

    All your article is saying is the younger someone is (18-29) are going to do better then those who are much older.

    I honestly don’t know where you think you are going with this. You copied everything from an article you do not understand.

    As of today, there are 1494 people in Cheshire county who have tested positive for the covid virus. It doesn’t sound like the babbling and raving has helped your case one bit.

  49. But Jacks, you were just telling us that kk has the SAME chances of catching the virus as anyone else. Now you’re saying he doesn’t? Sheesh. Which is it, munchkin? You seem totally confused. Are you sure you know what you’re talking about? Maybe you should go and look at that data again? You know, just to be sure?


    Anyway munchkin, did you know that none of the experts in charge really have any idea what the actual infection rate is? That’s because PCR screening doesn’t test for intact viruses. Combine that with the fact that a large portion of those testing positive have remained asymptomatic, and you can see how useless that “case” data really is.

    So this really only leaves us one metric left: the hospitalization rate. But guess what? Those numbers are only a small fraction of “cases,” and can’t be used by people like YOU to scare US. We’re just too smart for you, Jacks. You hate us for it, don’tcha?

  50. Yeah Jacks should let MSM handle all the fear porn. To me he just seems like he needs a snuggle 🙂

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